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Why I Blog

Blogging acclimated to be aloof a amusement for me, but recently, it has become my full-time job!

There are so abounding things about this action that accept been allusive and advantageous for me – both in the alpha back we were still aloof accomplishing it for fun and now that we’re accomplishing it “for real.” Here’s why I adulation blogging:

  • learning added about food, cooking, and photography
  • sharing aperitive recipes with added aliment lovers
  • offering applied aliment account that are attainable for any affectionate of cook
  • offering account to advice bodies adore advantageous eating
  • creating assets like my eBook and meal planning system, Accustomed Advantageous
  • helping others start their own blog
  • sharing photography tips in a food photography eBook
  • developing the blog into a source of income (which is now my full-time job – unnnnreal)
  • using a allocation of that assets to support causes abreast and baby to our hearts
  • helping added bloggers get started and abound through Food Blogger Pro

It has been so fun to connect, learn, grow, and allotment through Compression of Yum. Like, accidentally fun and wonderful. I mean, actively – what a crazy ride this has been from the actual alpha of the little amusement aliment blog to now the aliment blog that has become my absolute job. Acknowledgment for abutting us on this journey, you absurd aliment admiring friends! XO