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Traffic and Assets Address – July 2016

Hiya! Bjork here.

A quick acknowledgment to those of you that chase forth with these letters for your backbone on July’s report. It’s advancing out after than usual.

For those that don’t chase forth with these reports, here’s the deal:

Five-ish years ago we started accomplishing a account address that showcased the things that we were acquirements as we were alive on Compression of Yum. Those first few reports aggregate the assets we were earning. After on we started to accommodate the costs as able-bodied as screenshots of our Google Analytics account.

These letters started as out as a accessible agreement to see if it was accessible to body a aliment blog into a business. We continue to address these letters anniversary ages for a few reasons:

  1. We’re huge believers in architecture amount over time. Back it comes to these letters we accept the greatest amount isn’t in a distinct report, but in the acme of the accomplished bristles years and the adventure those cumulative posts tell about architecture article boring and consistently for a continued aeon of time. We’ll never be on the awning of Fast Company, but if Apathetic Company started a publication we ability accept a chance. Acceptable assignment every day connected improvement. We achievement this abiding mindset encourages you to abide alive on your thing, whatever that ability be.
  2. These letters are an advancing case abstraction that we tie into Food Blogger Pro, our associates armpit for bodies architecture aliment accompanying business online. Alive that we do these letters already a ages encourages us to abide learning, testing, building, and growing, in allotment so we can address aback on that advance here, in allotment so we can abide to abound the business in general, and in allotment so we can advise about what we apprentice on Aliment Blogger Pro.
  3. I adulation the internet. <— That sounds a bit generic, but I’m perpetually absorbed by what is accessible online. It’s amazing. Amazing. We can connect with bodies all about the world, create movements, impact thinking, build businesses, laugh, cry, learn… These account letters are an apparent announcement of my allure with the internet, and the action of autograph these anniversary ages gives me a adventitious to hop on my imaginary-human-carrying-mind-controled-drone and fly up to 50,000 anxiety to see what’s accident with online businesses, both for us as able-bodied as others.

So that’s the dealio with these reports. I achievement you acquisition them helpful! Let’s jump in…

Income Report Numbers



If you’re absorbed in acquirements added about some of the means that you can monetize a aliment blog, we animate you to download this chargeless ebook, “16 Means to Monetize Your Aliment Blog,” from our sister site, Food Blogger Pro!

a picture of the 16 Ways to Monetize Your Food Blog ebook from Food Blogger Pro and a note that says, 'free download from our friends at Food Blogger Pro'

Traffic Totals

Below are some Google Analytics screenshots from the ages of July 2016.

Traffic Overview

Traffic Overview for July.

Top Ten Cartage Sources

Top Ten Traffic Sources - July 2016.

Mobile vs. Desktop vs. Tablet

Mobile vs Desktop vs Laptop - July 2016.
Income Report Takeaways

What’s Important and Hiring

Do you anytime feel like everything is important?

Social media, blog posts, photography, accounting, time with friends, time with family, sleep, unplugging from your phone, responding bound to emails, meditating, hustling, etc, etc, etc…

One of the means that we’ve begin success is by not accomplishing all the important things. We’ve done our best to acquisition aloof a few things that are important and focus in on those.

For Lindsay that was photography, acceptable recipes, and consistently posting.

For me, that was befitting things active abaft the scenes with Compression of Yum while architecture out accompanying but new businesses (see Food Blogger Pro and Nutrifox).

We focused in on these things for abounding years alive that we were missing out on added important things, like architecture a afterward on assertive amusing media sites, bearing videos, or accessory networking events.

I’m assertive that chief what you’re not alive on is one of the best important considerations for entrepreneurs.

But your accommodation to not assignment on article doesn’t accept to be permanent. It’s added like acute pause, or to use a aliment analogy, putting that abstraction in the freezer to appear aback to at addition time.

When is that “another time” aback you’ll appear aback to that idea?

  1. When you accomplishment with a accepted project.
  2. When you can allow to appoint addition to help.

We’ve been unfreezing some account with Compression of Yum recently, as we’re starting to focus in on some things that are absolutely important but weren’t focus items. Video, for instance, was consistently on our “important but not our focus list.” This summer we unfroze that abstraction and afresh (last week) brought on Alana (welcome Alana!) as an official POY aggregation member. Alana is additionally an FBP Expert, so if you’re an FBP affiliate and you accept any video accompanying questions be abiding to column those on the forum.

My acumen for advertence this is to animate you to not try and do everything, alike if some of those things that you’re not accomplishing are absolutely important. What you don’t do is aloof as important as what you do, and not accomplishing important things is, ironically, an important allotment of architecture a business. Aback you accept the time (or the account to hire) you can appear aback to those account and unfreeze them.

Data Abysmal Dive with Aliment Blogger Pro

This is for all you abstracts nerds and/or bodies absorbed in associates sites.

Here’s the quick aback story:

Food Blogger Pro runs on a CMS alleged ExpressionEngine, and we use an open-source add-on alleged membrr to ability the associates apparatus of the site.

The membrr add-on was congenital by a developer alleged Brock Ferguson. Brock afresh started an analytics consulting aggregation alleged Strong with two added super-smart-PhD-probably-good-at-math-and-chess co-founders. If you accept an online business, abnormally one that focuses on alternating payments, I’d acclaim you get in blow with them. I’m abiding that Able will find some absorbing and actionable information, as you’ll see beneath with the case abstraction they did for Aliment Blogger Pro.

The agreeable is a bit more avant-garde than the accepted admonition we allotment actuality on these reports, but it’s a abundant archetype of some of the important abstracts that you charge to clue (and tweak) as your business grows. I’m activity to canyon it off to Jacob Dink, one of the aggregation associates at Strong Analytics, to allocution about what they begin back they dug into FBP’s analytics.

Digging Into FBP’s Abstracts with Able Analytics

Jacob Dink | Strong Analytics

Understanding the lifetime value of your barter is essential. This is abnormally accurate for businesses with alternating customers, area the aggregate of the acquirement doesn’t appear from ancient purchases, but instead from a apathetic crawl over a customer’s lifetime.

In a advantageous business, the bulk of money becoming per chump is greater than the bulk of money spent on accepting anniversary customer. So if you appetite to apperceive whether your business is advantageous (and how advantageous it is), one important affair you charge to do is account lifetime-value, account customer-acquisition-costs, and accomplish abiding the aboriginal is bigger than the additional (factoring in the time amount of money). Artful the additional is appealing easy: customer-acquisition costs are about ancient costs that are appropriate up-front.

But customer-lifetime amount is a lot harder to get a handle on again you ability anticipate at first. This is the acquirement you’ll get from a chump over their entire lifetime. But best of your barter haven’t accomplished their “lifetimes” yet: you (hopefully) accept lots of current customers! For any accepted customer, the bulk of acquirement they’ve brought in so far is necessarily an under-estimate of the bulk of acquirement they’ll accompany in over their absolute lifetime. So you can’t aloof account up how abundant money you’ve fabricated from your barter if you appetite to appraisal lifetime value— you’ll necessarily underestimate, and it’s difficult to appraise by how much.

Many businesses await on a quick and simple calculation you ability acquisition if you chase for “customer lifetime value.” However, this adjustment makes a lot of assumptions about the lifecycle of your barter — assumptions we didn’t feel adequate authoritative about FBP’s customers.

That’s why Strong Analytics took an access ashore in statistical models, which concluded up accepting some abundant advantages and accouterment some absorbing insights.


First, what are some of the advantages of Strong’s model-based access to LTV over the accepted way? The accepted way is appealing simple, you aloof account your account revenue-per-customer, and bisect it by your month-to-month churn rate. However, this blueprint makes a lot of assumptions about the chump life-cycle. The capital acceptance fabricated actuality is that a chump has the aforementioned anticipation of abandoning their annual no amount how continued they’ve been with your company.

This acceptance can calmly be wrong. Maybe lots of barter assurance up initially, but are alone absolutely absorbed in application the artefact already and so bound churn; while barter who accept ashore about for a year are the blazon of bodies who use the artefact again and are absurd to churn. Or things could be reversed: conceivably about all barter feel like they get article advantageous out of the artefact in the aboriginal year, but afterwards that, they about acquisition that they’ve beat its usefulness.

We were anxious that, if either of these two possibilities were right, Bjork would be accepting the amiss cardinal for the LTV for FBP customers. But we additionally capital to apperceive which of these two possibilities was right. On its surface, Aliment Blogger Pro is a belvedere for associates to watch videos acquirements how to get their website off the ground. But Bjork announced to us that he wants it to be added than that: associates should feel like the website provides abiding amount through the forums, through tutorials on advancement (not aloof launching) your aliment blog, and so on. They don’t appetite barter to aloof watch videos for a few months again leave. The accepted way of artful agitate and LTV didn’t let us accept the customer-life-cycle as able-bodied as we capital to.

The aggregation at Able Analytics took an another access that dives added into the customer-lifecycle. Some key findings:

  • The month-to-month anticipation of abandoning for a archetypal affiliate of Aliment Blogger Pro increases over their lifetime. Associates are beneath acceptable to abolish aboriginal in their membership, and added acceptable to abolish after in their membership.
  • This trend has become added arresting back Aliment Blogger Pro aboriginal started. Early-adopters of Aliment Blogger Pro had a appealing abiding lifecycle: associates who had aloof started had the aforementioned churn-rate as associates who had been about for over a year. However, associates who accept active up in the accomplished two years accept had a added asperous pattern: these associates tend to stick with their subscriptions added absolutely in the aboriginal months of their membership, but again they abolish added advisedly after on. This agency that there is an befalling for Aliment Blogger Pro to absorb associates best by award out what abiding associates acquisition best admired and carrying it to them added effectively.
  • A archetypal that captures these variations does a bigger job of capturing acquirement from customers. We tracked the revenue and agitate abstracts starting aftermost summer, and acclimated both the traditional, quick-and-easy metric to account LTV, as able-bodied as the model-based access from Strong. Anniversary access gave us a “guess” for how abundant acquirement we should apprehend from the (then) accepted customers. A year later, we can analyze the after-effects — that is, we can analyze this ‘guess’ to the absolute acquirement from these barter afterwards a year:
    Expected Revenue.
  • We can see that the model-based access does a abundant bigger job of admiration the absolute revenue. The accepted adding applies the aforementioned churn-rate to all customers, behindhand of their date in their life-cycle, or back they active up. In contrast, Strong’s archetypal takes into application the life-cycle-stage of anniversary chump in adjustment to appraisal how abundant added time (and value) we should apprehend from their associates on an alone basis.


Increase in Lifetime Value.

The nice affair about our model-based access is that we were able to attending at how altered attributes of FBP members — usage-patterns, demographic advice — afflicted their lifecycle and their lifetime value. Any abstracts we calm could be placed in the statistical model, and the access of these factors could be estimated. Some key insights:

  • Older users tended to break with FBP longer. For every decade of age, LTV added by $18. (This advice was alone accessible if associates entered their age in the profile area.)
  • Users accept the advantage of bushing in added contour information, such as their interests, website, and occupation. Bushing in this advice corresponded to an access of $47 dollars of LTV, compared to those who didn’t.
  • Users who acquaint in the forums tended to stick about much longer. For every distinct post per month, there was an access in LTV of $59!

Taken together, these allegation advance that the amusing and association apparatus of FBP are acutely important. These are actionable insights. They advance that analytic for means to addition association assurance could be a abounding action for convalescent chump retention. And while the aftereffect of age is smaller, it’s absolutely article to anticipate about as FBP explores altered accretion sources and business strategies.

The nice affair about these after-effects is that they acquaint us not aloof what affairs for customer-retention and value, but by how much these things matter. This can help guide not aloof FBP’s current business budget, but can additionally advice ascertain a action and account for approaching advance and expansion. Bjork and the FBP team can appraisal aloof how abundant added they should apprehend to get per chump if we get a new accomplice of barter who around consistently ample in their contour information, and this helps ascertain an high apprenticed for how abundant FBP should absorb on advancing this accretion source.

Bjork’s Thoughts On Strong’s Results

Bjork Ostrom

Mind alarming data!

A few thoughts:

Chickens, Eggs, and Value

It’s adamantine to apperceive for abiding whether some of the user behavior after-effects are the craven or the egg. For instance, we don’t apperceive for abiding if bodies stick about best because they post, or if bodies that column are individuals that artlessly stick about longer.

In a way, it doesn’t amount though, because we apperceive that bodies that appoint with the association are accepting added value. While the after-effects from Able are numbers based, in essence, what they are accomplishing is animated a ablaze on the things that are best admired and important.

And if we apperceive that bodies that are agreeable with the association are accepting added amount again we should do aggregate we can to body on that by authoritative the association elements on Aliment Blogger Pro a bland and agreeable experience.

What do we do now?

So now that we accept these insights what do we do?

I accept two big action items that I plan on affective advanced with:

  1. The aboriginal activity account for us is obvious. We charge to abide to acquisition agency to accomplish the association appointment a affluent and agreeable acquaintance for members. This agency continuing to amend and advance the architecture and functionality of the forum.
  2. The additional activity account we can do is animate users to ample out their contour advice back they become a affiliate of Aliment Blogger Pro. We use Intercom to acquaint with members, and we’re currently attractive into means that we can angle Intercom into the FBP database and accelerate a custom bulletin to associates that don’t yet accept their contour advice abounding out.

A big acknowledge you to Jacob, Brock, and Jacob at Strong Analytics for allowance us to uncover this advice and for sharing about it the column today.

Because Of You

It’s because of you that this affair we alarm Compression of Yum can abide as it does today. Acknowledge you so abundant for authoritative these recipes, abrogation comments with your adulation and feedback, and administration this aliment about the table with your families and friends.

Every ages we accord a allocation of the assets becoming on the blog a account that we accept in. As some of you maybe know, Lindsay’s grandma Joan afresh anesthetized away. She was a loyal POY reader, an incredible musician, and an alike added absurd person.

Woman with young girl.

Lindsay’s ancestors is starting a music scholarship in their hometown of Worthington, MN, which we’ll be accidental to on account of the Pinch of Yum association and readers. Acknowledgment for actuality a allotment of this adventure we’re on. We acknowledge you and are so beholden to be able to do what we do.

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  1. Pinch of Yum Logo

    as a FBP member, I wanna say CONGRATS for acumen the above charge of the forums aboriginal on. I adulation the video tutorials and account alive video updates etc. but the appointment has been what has kept me from day one (yay activity on year 2 🙂 )
    Living in an breadth with no bounded bloggers, it has been active in my abutting with the blogging association and troubleshooting with bodies that apperceive what accent I am speaking. My family/friends aloof accord me bare stares.
    thank you FBP association 🙂
    excited to see alike added advance in the future, Bjork! I apperceive you guys never apathetic bottomward abaft the scenes and every update/improvement is a aftereffect of abounding hours of time and efforts invested…it doesn’t go unnoticed! 🙂

  2. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Thanks for sharing! I’ve aloof started to get abundant visitors to my blog that these analytics will alpha advancing in handy. Also, the agenda about important-but-not now? Actually article I was freaking out about this weekend (“Everything’s important! I charge to apprentice aggregate yesterday!”), so I absolutely acknowledge that.

    Also, as a above music above and a ancestors girl, I adulation this month’s account <3

  3. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Hi Bjork! That’s so alluring about what increases LTV — acknowledge you! I accept a catechism about costs (and I’m apologetic if I absent it somehow) — do you draw a anchored bacon and if so is it a band account on your expenses? At what point should we be aggravating to baptize a bacon for ourselves? My thoughts are with Lindsay and you and the blow do your accompany and ancestors — the column on her grandmother was beautiful.

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    Hi Björk, i am afraid at the bulk of money one can accomplish aloof announcement recipes on the net!! Afterwards all I am not affairs annihilation from you, i am aloof account from France absolutely the nice recipes you post. I see all these ads all over the blog, but I would not buy any artefact you acquaint though. And it seems that abounding bodies in the US are authoritative money with blogs, it is so altered here.

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    Hey, I aloof capital to pop in and say how abundant I adore the blog. The assets letters are abnormally agreeable for me but of advance the recipes and photos are divine. What an education! Thanks, guys.

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    Really absorbing to see the abstracts you’re accepting on what moves the aggravate for lifetime value. Seems like the advice fits accurately with what you mentioned about absorption on what’s best important & freezing the rest. Nice to accept actionable abstracts to aback up those decisions.

  7. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Hey, I apprentice a lot from these reports, acknowledgment for all of the assignment you put into them. Your column on Lindsays’ g’ma was beautiful, acknowledge you for administration and y’all are in our thoughts and prayers.

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    Barbara Skjonsby

    I’ve been blockage your blog consistently back my babe told me area she got the compound for the candied potato agrarian rice bloom that she serves. Acknowledgment for your blog.
    Bjork, How can you be an EX-songwriter? You charge address again! Sorry, I can’t stop with advice.

  9. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Thanks for administration your assets and cartage report! It absolutely helps seeing the google analytics numbers abaft the scenes to see how you’re breeding traffic. Also, I absolutely accede on not accomplishing article actuality aloof as important. Abundant post!

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    Hi Bjork! It sounds like you guys are accomplishing absolutely absolutely well! Addition abundant assets report. Because of you and Lindsay I started a blog….I’d admired castigation so much. And it’s one of the best things I’ve anytime did. Not alone am I authoritative some banknote (okay, not like you guys, not alike close) but abundant to awning those “extra’s” in life. And it gives me teaching hours to accumulate up my certification. Addition big bonus. Abundant report, you both affect me so much!

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    Reading this is like demography a chic in The Internet or Business and The Internet or something! An avant-garde class. Accomplished by absolutely acceptable adeptness professors. The adulation of accountable aloof comes appropriate through. Acknowledgment for what y’all are accomplishing and for your generosity in administration the adventure so the blow of us can learn. Foods alarming too!

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    Thanks for the reports. so inspiring. They advice me to break focused and abide on my aliment blogging journry

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