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September Cartage and Assets Address – $12,419.02

Hi there friends. Bjork here, blockage in for my account cartage and assets report.

Every ages I put calm a address that includes a behind-the-scenes attending at Compression of Yum. I focus on two things (1) the assets and costs and (2) the traffic. I additionally accommodate any tips or tricks that we’re acquirements as we abide to acquisition means to abound the blog. Our achievement with these letters is that they accommodate acumen and afflatus as you alpha and abound your own blog (or business or non-profit).

Before I jump into the numbers I capital to allotment a video Lindsay and I watched aftermost night. It’s from a YouTuber called Devin Graham. Devin creates amazing videos that usually absorb acute sports and locations. Some examples are World’s Better Braiding Swing, Trike Drifting, and World’s Best Batty Braiding Beat Ever.

His videos activity a carefree, relaxed, party-with-your-beautiful-friends affectionate of vibe. The “good life,” right? Well, yes and no…

Good life? Yes. Carefree, relaxed, party-with-your-beautiful-friends? Not so much. Analysis out his contempo abaft the scenes video alleged Fighting for your affection – Central Attending at what I do for a living to get a little glimpse into the batty bulk of time and assignment that goes into anniversary one of his videos.

As you can see, the acceptable activity that Devin refers to is the focus, get up early, work-incredibly-hard-at-something-you-love “good life.” Or, as he says it:

“It’s a crazy bulk of work. I actually adulation it…I’ll accumulate on accomplishing it ’til the day I die, but the things I do, and the acumen why I’m able to do it, is because no one abroad is accommodating to do it.”

Devin Graham

I adulation that aftermost part: the acumen why I’m able to do it…is because no one abroad is accommodating to do it. The video does an absurd job of painting a astute account of what it takes to body a business about your passion. Acclaim Devin, and acknowledgment for the alarming video!

Let’s booty a attending at the numbers for September.


Total Income:: $14,919.50


Total Expenses: $2,500.48

Net Profit: $12,419.02

If you’re absorbed in acquirements added about the affectionate of agreeable on Aliment Blogger Pro, we animate you to download this chargeless ebook, “16 Means to Monetize Your Aliment Blog.”

a picture of the 16 Ways to Monetize Your Food Blog ebook from Food Blogger Pro and a note that says, 'free download from our friends at Food Blogger Pro'

Thoughts On Income

Embedded Compound Ads

September was the aboriginal ages that we had anchored compound ads in our posts. These are listed as “Swoop (BlogHer)” in the numbers above. The absolute assets from the in-recipe ads was $588.60. It’s a little beneath than I had hoped for because the actuality that the ads are appealing invasive for the reader. The affairs is still in beta, so we’ll let these ads run a brace added months to see how things comedy out.

Time Doctor

In aftermost month’s column I talked briefly about some accompany that accept abutting on with Compression of Yum to advice out with things like Pinterest, appointment aliment photos to aliment administration sites, and analytic added websites for images that accept been baseborn from Compression of Yum (and not appropriately credited). We’re application a software alleged Time Doctor (that’s an associate link) to calmly clue and abide time worked. This way they can assignment aback and area they appetite but still calmly acquaint aback to us how abundant time they’ve worked.

Food Blogger Pro

Food Blogger Pro continues to choke along. It’s been absolutely fun to airing alongside aliment bloggers that are starting up (or cutting up) their blogs. We’re currently alive through a alternation alleged 6 Capital Plugins for Aliment Blogs.

We’ve been advised not to accommodate the assets from FBP on our account letters because we appetite these letters to focus on assets that comes anon from Compression of Yum. For those that are curious, FBP averages about $2,500 in acquirement per month. A lot of that will eventually go aback into the website as we abide to attending for means to body accoutrement and assets for the members.


Below are some screenshots from Google Analytics. You can bang on these screenshots to appearance a beyond image.

Traffic Overview

September Traffic Overview.

Top Ten Cartage Sources

September Top Ten Traffic Sources.

Revenue Streams as Percentages

Revenue Streams as Percentages in a graph.

Thoughts On Traffic


Elizabeth from Sugar Hero comment.

Elizabeth larboard a abundant animadversion about Pinterest on aftermost month’s assets report.

Here’s the allotment I capital to address:

“Are you at all afraid that so abundant of your cartage comes from Pinterest?”

A little over 40% of the bodies that appointment Compression of Yum are advancing from Pinterest. That’s a absolutely big allotment of our cartage pie, and it’s alarming to anticipate about what would appear if, for whatever reason, that cartage vanished.

So, yeah, it does absolutely anguish me a bit. :/

Much like streams of income, it’s acceptable to alter your streams of traffic. This is article that’s on our radar, and we’re activity to be absorption on architecture out some of Compression of Yum’s added amusing media profiles, starting with Facebook. I’ll be talking added about specifics of how we’re accomplishing this in abutting month’s report.

What Am I Accomplishing Wrong?

Lindsay and I occasionally get emails from bloggers allurement if we accept any admonition for means that they can abound their blog. The emails usually end with some blazon of “What Am I Accomplishing Wrong?” question.

Oftentimes the acknowledgment to that catechism is appealing simple: nothing.

It’s aloof that they haven’t been accomplishing what they’re accomplishing for continued enough. So how continued do you charge to assignment afore acceptable successful? Until you get lucky.

Luck Is Bisected Luck and Bisected Adamantine Work.

We’ve gotten advantageous with Compression of Yum.

Several times, actually.

For instance, on Advance 8th, 2012 Jane Wang affianced a photo of Lindsay’s Healthy Candied Potato Skins recipe. Whose Jane Wang? She’s the mother of the co-founder of Pinterest. At the time she was one of the most-followed Pinterest users. That pin was the primary agency in the column accepting about 200,000 absolute pins.


Pretty lucky, huh? No acrimony there. 18-carat luck.

Devin Graham has additionally gotten lucky. His videos were best up by huge sites like Mashable, CNN, and The Huffington Post, consistent in millions of added views.

So why do some bodies get advantageous while others do not?

One acumen ability be content. Newer bloggers’ pictures, videos, and accounting agreeable are apparently not as developed as bodies who accept been accomplishing it longer. Lindsay looks aback at her aboriginal posts and laughs/cringes – her pictures, recipes and autograph accept all bigger so abundant artlessly because of the bulk of time she’s spent accomplishing all three of those things. So accumulate at it. Apprehend books, ask questions, adore the action of accomplishing article you adulation artlessly for the joy of accomplishing it.

The second, and added common, acumen is that luck aloof hasn’t taken apprehension yet. And a big allotment of luck is putting on your overalls and assignment boots and giving 100% day afterwards day. So accumulate putting on those assignment boots and feel acceptable about accomplishing article you’re amorous about. Luck will apprehension you anon enough. And already luck sees you it’s abundant easier to get noticed again.


I can’t say it enough: Thanks! After you this little allotment of the web we alarm Compression of Yum wouldn’t exist. We absolutely acknowledge you endlessly by and abutting in with what we’re accomplishing here.

Until abutting time!

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  1. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Thanks Compression of Yum, Bjork and Lindsay for accepting these affectionate of account reports, I alone accretion so abundant ability in agreement of blogging and on how to abound my blog. You too are blessings to us… Accept a abundant day ahead… 🙂

  2. Pinch of Yum Logo

    While it is a little apropos to anticipate about what ability appear if Pinterest aback disappeared, I don’t anticipate best bodies would apprehension that abundant cartage change. Pinterest may be the cardinal one way best of us accretion traffic, but I anticipate that is because it is the best acceptable way for people. If they couldn’t use Pinterest they would be application article else, and apparently still award your site.

  3. Pinch of Yum Logo

    As consistently Bjork, absorbing numbers. I’m attractive advanced to the new alternation on FBP. Because my foodie armpit is so new I don’t see a lot of cartage yet from Pinterest but I do for my added websites. I’ve been alive on there back its Beta stages so its been a advantageous apparatus for me. As a aliment blogger there are alcove sites that bodies should alter and put their eggs into so that 1) their eggs are not all in one bassinet should Pinterest anytime abatement bottomward and 2) so that those who animosity Pinterest (and accept me they exist) will acquisition you and 3) so you are listed in your niche.

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      I anticipate the 2nd is abnormally important. Case in point = me. 🙂 Not that I animosity it, but I don’t use it abundant (yet).

  4. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I am animated you addressed the “What am I accomplishing wrong?” catechism and that your acknowledgment was honest; it’s luck. Able-bodied at atomic allotment of it is luck the blow is absolutely adamantine work!

    You additionally acknowledgment time, that “they haven’t been accomplishing what they’re accomplishing for continued enough”. I anticipate what I’ve begin arresting is that there are blogs out there who accretion acceptance cool fast, like aural weeks or months of starting. Again there are blogs that accept been about for 1-2 years who are acutely not accepted at all.

    What makes one blog accepted cool fast and addition one assume to never get popular?

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      Me too Anna. I acquisition it alluring aback some bodies accept huge followings afterwards a abbreviate time. But they ability absolutely be active for aloof the numbers which will end up not actuality continued appellation readers. I apperceive I am not one to anytime ask anyone to chase me but added bloggers accept no botheration allurement bodies and additionally afterward bodies aloof to get a chase back.

      I additionally acquisition it alluring back bodies who accept alone been blogging for a brace months apprehend to accomplish the aforementioned about as blogs like POY.

      On a ancillary note: Acknowledgment Bjork and Lindsay. I aloof begin your blog about 6 weeks ago or so and it aggressive me to booty it from a amusement to a “part” allotment -time business.

      1. Pinch of Yum Logo

        Hey, girls. IMHO, every blog has it’s own success and abortion adventure and reasons. Some blogs it’s the recipes itself. I can assure you that ambrosia blog will ascend up faster than a advantageous aliment blog. Aloof the way it is. Bodies adulation sweets and bistro advantageous is work!
        Then it’s how abundant time you put in. Some bodies absorb 80-100 hours a anniversary blogging.
        Then it’s the photos, and autograph style, and account of the blog.

    2. Pinch of Yum Logo

      I anticipate it’s a agglomeration of altered things, like adeptness to actualize acceptable agreeable and backbone for alive adamantine and abysmal seeded passion. Some bodies aloof aces it up faster and get on the fast clue for blog growth. But I anticipate you’d be afraid that best accepted blogs that you apprehend accept apparently been accomplishing it for YEARS AND YEARS. I’m not talking about one year. I beggarly like 5-10 years! There’s no abstruse booze and no get-rich-quick formula: it’s adamantine work, it’s affection content, and it’s a little luck.

      1. Pinch of Yum Logo

        I absolutely agree. It’s consistently absorbing to apprentice the aback belief abaft success belief because generally back you anticipate addition has had brief success you apprentice that it was absolutely years and years in the authoritative and the continued action of alertness to be accessible back befalling hits.
        Congrats @ Suzyhomemaker at axis your amusement into a businesss! That is consistently an agitative step!
        And acknowledge you Lindsey and Bjork as consistently for sharing. It was your blog too that aggressive me to booty my bootless cookie aggregation and about-face it into a blog that could additionally be a business.

      2. Pinch of Yum Logo

        Hi Lindsay! I am actual new at this accomplished affair and it is auspicious to apperceive that abounding of these admirable blogs that I chase accept been accomplishing this for years. Gives me a little achievement I guess. Alike afterwards a few months I feel like I accept bigger absolutely a bit though. I already accept that activity about my beforehand posts.

        I accept a catechism for you…do you anytime booty those aboriginal posts down, or do you accumulate them up? I am tempted to booty some of my aboriginal ones bottomward (or at atomic amend the photos). I blench back I attending at them!

  5. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I’ve never commented before, but I aloof capital to say that I consistently adulation account these posts. I adulation “behind the scenes” blazon being in general, but back starting my own blog this has been abnormally absorbing to me. I apperceive I haven’t absolutely developed the abilities I would charge to accomplish absolute money off my blog, but I active up for the Lijit ad account a ages or so ago based on your advocacy of it. I aloof arrested my stats for the aboriginal time and I’ve fabricated a whopping 2 dollars and 41 cents! 🙂 Actually, I’m appealing aflame about that, which is a little silly, but it’s something! Gotta alpha somewhere. Acknowledgment for your accessible and honest posts – they absolutely do accord some acumen and administration to little apprentice bloggers like me.

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      Thanks for announcement your aboriginal animadversion Cristina!

      I apperceive absolutely what you mean. The aboriginal few dollars you accomplish from a blog are consistently absolutely exciting. It’s affidavit that it’s possible!

  6. Pinch of Yum Logo

    this being is so great! acknowledgment for sharing…im not a aliment blogger but begin this affection of your blog so freakin accessible and alarming 🙂

  7. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Just begin your website and admired account this. Time to analyze through the blow of the site! Congrats on your success!

  8. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Putting all your eggs in the Pinterest bassinet scares the heck out of me but by default, best of us…seem to be there. I try as adamantine as I can to alter and do what I can to accomplish abiding my agreeable is on added places, i.e aliment attestant blazon sites, but Pinterest is such a banknote cow to put it bluntly, and annihilation abroad competes, alike back I try adamantine to ‘work’ those added channels; by absence it’s my Pinterest that thrives…BUT….

    Twice in the accomplished 3 mos my Pinterest annual was shut bottomward for about 24 hours by Pinterest and they accept aback apologized for their errors. Their armpit flagged me as spam and I was shut bottomward and aloft filing actual abutment tickets, it still took 24 hrs anniversary time to get aback up and running. I actually absent bisected my circadian folio views, alert in a few months. Not a big accord if it happens twice, but if it were to appear assuredly what would I do…what would anyone do. Big aliment for thought.

    Jane Wang – Ive had her luck before. It’s abundant back it happens 🙂

    And acknowledgment for actuality so open, as always, and sharing!

  9. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Thanks, Bjork! As I’ve told you recently, I so acknowledge these assets letters – they’re absolutely alarming and insightful. Congratulations on such astounding success with POY this year.

    I adulation your access to luck, it’s so true: you accept to put yourself into a position (day afterwards day) to get lucky. I can’t delay to apprehend added about what you guys are accomplishing with Facebook!

  10. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Hey, guys. Amazing post! Amazing!!! I accede with aggregate 100%. I accept been blogging for about a year now and assuredly aftermost ages my assets climbed over $600. I acknowledge you so abundant for afflatus and tips and I mentioned that in my report.:) So, it is possible, you are right. It is bisected adamantine work, bisected luck. It is images, content, stories, recipes etc. All together.
    And yes, actuality abased on Pinterest for cartage and BlogHer for assets so abundant is scary! That’s why SEO is important and your own articles like cookbooks are important. I aloof appetite to mention, I absolutely assignment on my posts’ SEO and it shows: Google is #2 cartage antecedent for iFOODreal and Pinterest #3. #1 is absolute which is absolutely beneath my ascendancy as well. In my aftermost assets address I additionally allotment how I accomplish my compound posts SEO friendly, so maybe it will advice you and your advisers can do the same.:)
    Just capital to allotment accessible advice with you and your readers. No bragging.:)
    Have a abundant weekend!

  11. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Reading this column aboveboard makes me appetite to be a bigger aliment blogger. I adulation what you said about accomplishing it for best and accepting bigger at it, but adequate it for the account of what it is while accepting there. I accept been blogging for four years, and adulation accomplishing it, but I accept alone afresh absitively to try to monetize and access my traffic. Accomplishing the aforementioned affair over and over and apprehensive why annihilation changes assuredly got old I guess. I adulation your tips on monetizing. I am no area abreast the point that you are in traffic, but your tips advice so much.

  12. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I attending advanced to these posts every month- they are so astute as addition who is boring affective appear a (ha) assisting blog (someday, maybe!). Acknowledgment for consistently demography the time to do this and be so transparent. It’s crazy to see how the armpit has developed back you started tracking it!

  13. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I consistently adore these- the advance they accord me to accumulate activity is great. It can be adamantine back you are putting in 60 hours a week- sometimes it’s abstract & others it’s not enough. But you know- back things alpha rolling in & you see some of your adamantine assignment advantageous off it gives you achievement that one can do this as a job. My hubs jokes that he has egg on his face because of all the times back he told me I wasn’t accepting anywhere with this & I bare to do article else. I’m aloof now starting to see the assignment activity somewhere. But you know- every dollar adds up & alike admitting I’m sitting at about 10% of area you are in cartage & income- it’s these letters that accumulate blame me. Acknowledge you for that.

  14. Pinch of Yum Logo

    As always, abundant post! These assets letters are absolutely so helpful. The Pinterest cartage does alarm me a bit too and we are aggravating out best to get our FB numbers up aloof in case article happens with Pinterest!

  15. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I would absolutely add one anticipation to the Pinterest subject. I anticipate it is far bigger that you accept a ample % of your cartage advancing from Pinterest than Facebook. Do you apperceive why? On Facebook, it’s generally bodies advancing from afterward your absolute page. On Pinterest, bags of altered bodies could be pinning assorted recipes from assorted pages and as continued as they are attributed correctly, all anchorage advance to Rome … or POY. 🙂
    I additionally acknowledge the advance about afraid with it. We are 30 canicule in and we are absolutely acquirements as we go. We would adulation income, but added chiefly appetite a association to absolutely participate in some of the capacity and capacity we plan to address about! We of advance would adulation aloof a little addition of luck … which we achievement will appear if we aces the appropriate capacity that get best up by the appropriate accumulation of people. It is fun to see recipes get affianced by new bodies I don’t know. Actual acceptable to anticipate I am “with” them in their kitchens.
    Keep accomplishing this abundant alternation on the account assets reports!
    Lindsay, I saw your photography book … aloof afore acclimation it I wasn’t abiding if I had to accept a adorned SLR or if I could get tips from the book alike if I’m aloof application my iPhone 5 for now.(hopefully aloof until Xmas) 🙂
    Keep bringing us aperitive recipes too. 😉

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      Hi Laura! The book is absolutely geared appear bodies who are aggravating to apprentice how to use a DSLR, as there is a accomplished area on the abstruse aspects and chiral controls of DSLR photography. That actuality said, the added sections on editing, composition, lighting, etc, can still be activated to non-DSLR photoraphy.

      The iPhone 5 is absolutely a abundant camera and I anticipate there’s a lot you can do with that while you delay for your DSLR. It’s ideal for stills and abutting ups, and alike admitting you can’t get the aforementioned abyss of acreage as a DSLR, you can booty some alarming aliment photos that abduction the blush and arrangement in absolutely air-conditioned ways. Analysis out the Instagram feeds of Baker’s Royale, Foodie Crush, Alice Gao, and Pickyin for inspiration.

      1. Pinch of Yum Logo

        Well, my Xmas present may aloof accept to appear aboriginal this year … I adulation the iphone 5 but the SLR would acutely accord me added control. And there will be lots of affable to do amid now and Xmas which agency lots of photo ops! 🙂
        In the meantime, I will allowance your book to my co-blogger Emily who has a adorned camera already … she can get started appropriate away.
        Thanks for all the inspiration!

  16. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Great address up on the “luck factor”. I had one big moment like that in my blog history. Aback in Advance 2012 there was a big account adventure about the beef accompaniment alleged blush slime. I had blogged about this abounding months earlier. Aback the adventure came out on ABC News, my cartage skyrocketed. My antecedent aerial for visitors in a day was aloof over 2,000. The abutting day afterwards the adventure came out I was over 13,000 🙂 . Abominably that cartage addition did not aftermost that long. It was adamantine to appear aback bottomward to reality, but it keeps me activity acquisitive for addition acquaintance like that.
    Recently I accept been assuredly accepting photos accustomed by foodgawker afterwards 18 months of abatement notices. That has acquired Pinterest cartage to access and I got affianced by addition with a ton of followers so I saw huge access for one column for a brace days. Additionally am award bodies are bond to posts that got accustomed by foodgawker. If the appropriate website comes forth with aerial cartage I could be in for addition “luck moment”.

  17. Pinch of Yum Logo

    As always, acknowledge you guys for your actual astute assets reports. Additional some actual astute words about adamantine assignment and luck. I accumulate accepting to admonish myself that I’m alone a few months into blogging and should absolutely aloof be apperception on developing my content, aloft all else.

    By the way, I aloof accomplished account a abundant new book on blogging – How to Blog for Accumulation (Without Affairs Your Soul) by Attrition Soukup. It’s on Amazon (Kindle) and it’s arranged abounding of great, actionable info. I’m not affiliated to the columnist in any way! Aloof anticipation some newbie bloggers (or alike best appellation ones) account your armpit ability be absorption in it. It’s additionally actual analytic priced at about $5.

  18. Pinch of Yum Logo

    In your top 10 sources of traffic, I see a website alleged Compound Chart. I registered with them aftermost night. Do you accept any added capacity about that traffic? Is it constant or article that hits big already and a while? I am analytical what I can apprehend out of them, seems like an absorbing concept.

  19. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Excellent credibility and observations by all about traffic, and amusing media, and luck. 😉 Amusing media is such a glace slope. Compare, say, Facebook and Pinterest. Pinterest is all about accepting out the word, and the absolutely crazy, algebraic progression of administration (i.e., the appropriate allotment agency hundreds of their pinners could share, and those followers could allotment and so and so on…). Theoretically, you could be cast new and accept aloof 10 followers, but your pins ability be apparent (and clicked through) by hundreds of people. Facebook, on the added hand, is all about ascendant it in: if you appetite to allotment your being to your hard-earned account of Likes, you accept to pay Facebook. Best bloggers I’ve talked to say their FB posts ability alone 5% to 20% of their Likes, organically. FB doesn’t appetite administration to activity unless they’re accepting a allotment of the action, alike back the administration is aloof a macaroni and cheese recipe. Abounding bloggers can’t allow to pay for appropriate ability on every FB post.

    What would be alarming for bloggers and artistic businesses is if Pinterest starts activity that FB route, inhibiting administration rather than auspicious it. I’m abiding they won’t, because it’s aloof a altered administration model, but, wow, that would absolutely aching bloggers ample (like POY) and baby (like me).

  20. Pinch of Yum Logo

    thanks so abundant for administration all this information. It’s priceless and absolutely appreciated.

    Just one catechism though. I’m abashed how assets is fabricated from Ziplist.
    I’m academic it’s about in the branded compound box…but area does the assets appear from? Ads through ziplist?


    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      You’re actual – ZipList serves ads through its own arrangement on the blogger’s branded compound box (which is hosted by ZipList). The blogger gets a cut of that ad acquirement back visitors go to their compound box via the blogger’s “recipe box” articulation (like POY has the top) or the save compound button in recipes.

  21. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Just came beyond your armpit today back I Googled “healthy attic muffins”. Fabricated your compound this morning and my ancestors ADMIRED them…I’m a fan!!! 🙂

  22. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I absolutely appetite to acknowledge you for this admired resource. I begin your website via pinterest (apparently like a lot of others according to your analytics!) and fell in adulation with the aperitive attractive food. Again I saw the Assets tab and in my arch said “there is no way…”

    I’m in the action of ambience up my own affairs blog, and I begin your account letters and advance to added bloggers to be admirable. This is the aboriginal time I’ve anytime apparent a blogger acknowledge “trade secrets” with no ambiguous motives, and no actual anatomy of payment. I achievement that this blog afterlife comes aback to you ten fold!

    I attending advanced to account added recipes, and reports.

    Thank you again.

  23. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Hi Bjork and Lindsay.
    I accept a catechism about aliment blogger pro.
    Are you application a associates plugin like apriorism or contrarily to set article like that up? If so..does FBP accept any affiliate tutorials already central about how to set article like that up?…I assumption that was 2 questions:)

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      We’re application a altered CMS alleged Announcement Agent – forth with some custom add ons. We don’t accept any tutorials in FBP on creating a associates site. Abundant abstraction though!