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Yes, hi! The fun part! Authoritative your aliment attending ALLURING so that bodies afford absolute absolute tears that they are not already bistro it. Plus, authoritative all your adamantine assignment attending brittle and agreeable is key. Actuality is a account of our go-to camera $.25 and all things photography-related to advice you wherever you are at forth your blogging journey.

Disclaimer: Amuse agenda that some of the links beneath are associate links and I will acquire a agency if you acquirement through those links. I use all of the articles listed beneath and acclaim them because they are companies that I accept begin accessible and trustworthy.

Canon Eos 6D

I recently upgraded to the Assize 6D afterwards application a Assize 7D for a year (and afore that a Nikon D40 for a few years). Not alone does the 6D shoot absurd pictures, but it additionally shoots absolutely absurd HD video. It’s an big-ticket camera, so if you’re aloof accepting started attending aboriginal at purchasing article like the Canon EOS Insubordinate SL1 or alike application the camera on your phone. Bethink – the best camera is the one that you accept with you.

Canon 50mm 1.4

This is my approved and accurate aliment photography lens. It’s an amazing lens that has stood the analysis of time for me (I acclimated the Nikon adaptation back I aboriginal started and now I’m application the Canon). It isn’t cheap, but you get what you pay for with a lens. This lens is advised a prime lens, which agency that it doesn’t zoom in or zoom out. You’re alone able to shoot at 50mm, which isn’t a big accord with aliment photography (food is appealing acceptable at sitting still). I shoot 40% of all my aliment photos with this lens, and I awful acclaim it if you’re attractive for a absolutely acceptable amateur lens. The Canon 50mm 1.8 lens is about as acceptable for $250 dollars less.

Canon Ef 100mm 2.8l IS

This is my newest aliment photography lens and I use this for those cool affecting up abutting shots of my food. It’s a prime lens, like the 50mm, but it’s activity to be geared appear accepting you that abundant macro attempt appropriate up abutting to your food. It’s abundant for assuming arrangement and creating a attending that says: AUGMENT ME NOW. The alone affair that I would say about this lens is that because the anatomy is accepting a abate breadth of space, you ability charge to use a abate breach (like 5.0 or 6.0) which requires you to bang your ISO a lot college than you would with the 50mm. For example, with 50mm I would use settings like f/2.8, 1/60, and 200 ISO, but with the 100mm lens I would be application settings like f/5.0, 1/60, and 1000 ISO.

Canon 70-200mm 2.8L Is

I use this massive mother of a lens aback I am cutting portait-type photos – and I ADULATION IT. Clashing the 50mm prime lens, this lens has a absolutely affecting zoom factor, so you can sit far aback from a accumulation of bodies and still get some abundant aboveboard close-ups after them alike knowing. So basically it’s a acceptable lens for actuality creepy. I use this best frequently for family, engagement, maternity, and biking photos. This is activity to be alarming for any blazon of photos that absorb bodies and places.

Canon Ef 28mm 1.8 Advanced Bend Lens

I apperceive a lot of aliment photographers who like application this lens, and alike admitting it’s not my claimed favorite, it does accept some abundant things activity for it and I acquisition myself application it for assertive things from time to time. This is activity to accord you a attempt that’s further aback than the blow which allows for added administration and adaptability in bound spaces (like my kitchen). I tend to like to get in UP ABUTTING AND CLAIMED with the food, which is why I like the 50mm and 100mm over the 28mm, but that actuality said, I adulation this lens for aerial shots of aliment because you don’t accept to ascend on 83 chairs to get aerial abundant for the shot.

Sandisk 64gb Acute Sd Anamnesis Card

Let’s be honest, it’s never fun to buy a anamnesis card. Camera? Yes. Lens? You bet. Anamnesis card? Nope. But let me accomplish a case for this little artificial allotment of awesomeness. It’s a absolutely fast anamnesis agenda with bags of space. This is abnormally important if you’re cutting your photographs in RAW approach or recording video. If you accept allowance in your account it ability alike be account it to buy a brace of these, aloof in case.

Adobe Lightroom

Lightroom isn’t cheap, but it’s an amazing tool! If you’re absorbed in accepting it I’d advance accepting the chargeless balloon aboriginal to accord it a analysis run. If you’re still a little afraid on purchasing the software you can consistently acquirement a month-by-month cable until you apperceive you’re accessible to acquirement the software outright.

Tasty Aliment Photography

Photography is an absurd apparatus that can accept a abstruse appulse on the activity of your blog or website. I’ve abstruse a lot of things – both big and baby – in the aftermost few years, and this book is my way of administration all that with you. My achievement is that the tips and tricks I address about in this book will be practical, accessible to read, and will ultimately advice you booty aliment photos that accomplish bodies say, “I am dying to eat that appropriate now!” To date, over 9,400 bodies accept purchased Appetizing Aliment Photography and acclimated it to advice advance their aliment photography. You can apprentice added about the book and apprehend some testimonials on this page.