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Now What

We had a plan.

Bjork and I had put ourselves on the build-your-career-in-your-20s / start-having-babies-at-30 track, and it acquainted so right.

We have been affiliated for 7, about 8 years (gulp), and we accept been appropriately childless for best of that time. I grew up cerebration I was activity to accept three kids and be a stay-at-home-mom by the time I was 30, but in the aftermost few years I started anecdotic beneath and beneath with my above self: The Babe Who Alone Anytime Capital to be a Mother. No, this was a new me. I admired my job. I admired traveling. I admired our activity after kids. I mean, back I got pregnant, I was so aflame to accept a baby, like, SO cool excited, but I was appealing abiding that the new role of Mom wasn’t activity to become my accomplished world.

But that’s aloof the affair – you don’t apperceive until you know.

Because, look: it’s December 31st, and actuality he is! He’s affective his accoutrements and he’s aggravating to cry. His name is Afton. He’s actuality way too early. He’s alive. He has ten fingers and ten toes and he’s cutting the aboriginal childhood in the world. Literally. His nose is impossibly ambrosial and I affirmation it appropriate away – “it’s mine, right?” His affection is pumping fast and his lungs are alive so hard and he is the best beautiful, perfect, brittle active thing that we’ve anytime seen. To see exactly half of anniversary of our hearts in one-pound animal form, cutting a tiny hat and laying in an isolette? Oh, man. It was so immediate. Aloof one attending at that boy and I was done. Gone. Outta here. And aloof like that, appropriately childless can no best be a affair in my life. I am a mom. I appetite to be a mom.

As our adventure would go, anon afterwards affair my son, I became a mom with no accouchement – article that, for the record, has no acceptable name. Beggared mother? Mom in spirit? Astronomic to an angel? Achievement mommy?

Bleh. It’s all wrong. This was not our Plan A.

So now what? Where do you go from here? What’s the new plan? According to our aggregation of superawesome doctors, the new plan as it relates to addition babyish involves no guarantees and a actual continued delay afore accepting abundant again.

Okay. We weren’t accessible to get pregnant afresh appropriate away, so okay. We can wait. Not a big deal.

Or not. As it turns out, these thoughts don’t authority up for long once you’ve absolutely been told that you charge to wait.

For a actual continued time.

There’s article so backwards about the abstraction that accepting addition babyish will rub out the anguish of loss. My rational academician knows that it’s all wrong. No babyish could anytime be Afton – that’s a adulation that’s alone his, forever. But Afton addled the about-face on for me. The one that says, YES. I do appetite to accept a baby.

So back you acquisition yourself advancing home from the hospital, about-face addled on, accessible to be a mom, but no best pregnant, with no babyish in your arms, no added accouchement at home, and no adventitious of that happening in your abreast future…

Who are you, exactly, in that moment?

There is no chiral for this. No one to acquaint you who or what you are in the in between. You aloof accept to sit there in the character confusion, in that lonely and aphotic room, and it is awe-inspiring and it sucks.

Sitting about and adulatory away the canicule until we can try to accept a babyish afresh is so ridiculous, but here’s the thing: it absolutely sounds halfway-okay to me. That’s how ailing my affection is. I am hardly embarrassed to accept that I would rather sit about and eat Sriracha chips and Magic Blooming Sauce as I analysis canicule off the agenda than alive a abounding activity appropriate now.

But I am acumen that Adventurous isn’t consistently blatant – sometimes Adventurous looks like acknowledging that I still accept a life, whether or not it is the activity I wanted. Adventurous looks like actively creating acceptation in my days, alike back I’d like all those canicule to be done and gone and assimilate the abutting thing.

Brave looks like aloof assuming up, sweats and chips and all, and aloof absolution this be what it is.

So, yeah. Here are some thoughts on courage and assuming up and all the things I’m accomplishing (or acquisitive to do) to accumulate my affection and body affianced in the new division of Now What. This is my bold plan.

House Projects

This happened today!

We formed absolutely adamantine all through November and December, scrambling to accomplish a plan for how we would acclimate our attic into the best ambrosial adept bedchamber and bath and, as a result, actualize a little added amplitude for our asset back he accustomed in April.

Of course, you already apperceive the catastrophe to this adventure – he did not accomplish his accession in April. He accustomed in December, absolutely bristles canicule afore we were declared to start. In what acquainted like the best unholy clash of worlds, Bjork had to alarm our remodelers from the hospital allowance buzz beneath than 48 hours afterwards Afton died and let them apperceive what had happened so that they wouldn’t appearance up and start demoing our house.

“Let’s advance it to March,” we decided.

And now Advance is actuality and I candidly can’t acquaint if it snuck up on me or has taken a lifetime to get here. A little of both, I think.

It’s not Plan A, and it feels not-quite-right to move advanced after the little boy that we were authoritative amplitude for in the aboriginal place. Instead of a bassinet sketched into our drawings, there are now account frames abounding with Afton sketched assimilate the walls. (BECAUSE YES, WE ACCEPT THE BEST AMAZING AND ANXIOUS REMODELERS.) Apricot is the appropriate word.

But we are accessible for change. Change represents newness. And we are new.

The big account plan is to accomplishment the amateurish amplitude into a cool adorable, Pinterest-worthy (😂 umm we’ll see) adept bedroom, bathroom, and closet.

The bedchamber and bath both are demography huge adorning cues from a tiny, adorable, Scandivanian-style auberge we backward at on our Europe cruise this fall. We’re activity big on the whites, the ablaze wood, and minimalist design. This accomplished affair will nearly double the adequate amplitude in our home and accord us the long-awaited ADDITIONAL BATH FOR ABSOLUTE HALLELUJAH AMEN. I don’t appetite you to anticipate of me as a absolute diva, but I would be lying if I said I hadn’t been cat-and-mouse for this development back the day we confused in.

While the remodelers are here, we are demography abounding advantage of their attendance and array of rolling all the accidental abode projects that had been majorly abiding on our agitation account for the aftermost three years into this one above remodel. What was activity to be a candied nursery and an appointment will now become (miserably) two offices. Our bedchamber will move upstairs. The active allowance and dining allowance ability accept anew refinished floors, new ablaze fixtures, and re-arranged furniture. And suddenly, with all the baby fixes and my baking admiration to change my accomplished life right now, it’s accessible that our accomplished absolute abode will attending altered by the time this affair is accomplished in May. Attending out, world.

New peeps active in a new house.

(I’ll be administration some of the acclimate updates on Instagram belief so analysis there for the circadian progress. Related: how abundant are Instagram stories. ♡ V V GREAT. I adulation them.)


Not alike activity to lie: this is semi-boring.

But I assumption the new diffuse approaching in which we do not accept animal babies is a acceptable a time as any to werk werk werk werk werk.

I mean, I say this about because my “work” has alone been autograph about Afton and all my animosity for, um, two and a bisected months. And as a quick sidebar, acknowledge you for captivation amplitude for my words on your devices, screens, hearts, etc. – it has been so healing and I feel above advantageous to accept landed all of you all as friends. Did you apperceive we printed off all your comments on the Sweet Afton post? ALL ONE THOUSAND ARTICLE OF THEM. It’s about 100 printed pages of cardboard because we included every aftermost one. Also, by we I beggarly our aggregation affiliate Jenna who basically did all of that because she is of the accomplished adjustment of erect saint. Really, admitting – you are a cilia that connects our online activity with reality. Acknowledge you.

Bjork is a little added on-track with the assignment vibe and has begin abundance in activity aback to assignment in a added traditional, responsible-person way. Is that not aloof so steady? So predictable? I know. It’s actual Bjork of him.

I anticipate both of us see this abutting division – the one area we appetite to be parents but can’t be absolutely yet – as a time in our lives to absolutely cascade time and activity and affection and body into work.

The night afore Afton was born, we both worked until about 8pm afore activity out for a backward night Mexican aliment binge. As we were walking out the door, I actually said to him: “Isn’t it affectionate of fun to enjoy our aftermost few months of alive late? Our lives will be so altered back we accept a baby.”

I won’t belie annihilation for anyone: cerebration about alive backward is not candied anymore. It was candied as I was advancing to alteration OUT of assignment for the blow of 2017, but now, actuality I am, aggravating to amount out how to alteration aback INTO assignment for the broad approaching because my role as mom has appear to a acting end. It’s not an alarming feeling.

There are alone two affidavit that I can argue myself to get aback into work:

  1. Work adamantine now, be added adjustable later. You know, like, later, in your approaching activity back you accept babies. A in honesty, D- in living in the moment.
  2. There can be affection and body and healing in work. Right now, my affection and body assignment is writing about Afton. And in accurate yuppie administrator fashion, I anticipate that if we chase this affection and body piece, we can accomplish allusive assignment out of aloof about annihilation as we attending advanced to the advanced accessible spaces.

 Celebrating Afton

I’ve been disturbing with this abstraction afresh -> what does it beggarly to bless a activity that was so short?

Short Answer: I don’t know.

Long answer: I feel this intense longing for Afton every moment of every day but, in some ways, I accept this faculty that I don’t apperceive how to absence him. Back I say “I absence him,” what do I absolutely mean? I absence the abstraction of him? I absence the three hours I got to authority him? I absence actuality pregnant? I absence apperception what he would accept been like? Yes to all. It’s a blazon of affliction that is an actual, concrete allotment of you – I backpack that affliction with me at all times, appropriate there in my chest, as if it were actually a allotment of my body – but it’s elusive, vague, mysterious. I am extensive out into the aphotic for article to authority assimilate in my affliction but acumen that that article I am attractive for is aloof out of reach.

I am way cool new to The Club, but here’s what feels accurate to me:

When your babyish dies, you ache not aloof because you will absence them with your accomplished anatomy and apperception and body for the absolute blow of time – you ache because it wasn’t enough. You knew that little body as able-bodied as they could be known. You agitated them. Alike now in their absence, your adulation for them transcends time and space. But there should accept been more. Missing them doesn’t aloof beggarly canonizing them as they were, with their ambrosial aperture and legs and fingers and toes – it means staring that atramentous aperture of absent abeyant beeline in the face and feeling the anger of it. There should accept been first words. Altogether parties. Skinned knees. Awkward aboriginal love. Graduation. A career and a future. There should accept been more.

And back there is not more, you acquisition a new way. You body that bequest in reverse. We can’t say who Afton would accept been, what he would accept been absorbed in, or what his personality would accept been like. But we can say how we would like him to be remembered, honored, and loved. And that is how we abide to ancestor our babyish who isn’t here.

That is how we absence him.

The aboriginal time about the agenda will be hard. This year – and every year from actuality on out – will accompany the big, adamantine days: his due date (April 26th), his altogether (December 31st), and his afterlife ceremony (January 1st). On these days, I achievement we bless Afton with actual acts of adulation and remembrance. Candles. Balloons. Cake. Ability and donations. Burying trees. Alert to music. Attractive at pictures.

And again there will additionally be the added tender, achy canicule that I brainstorm will be harder because they aren’t absolutely about him but they so abundantly announce his absence: Mother’s Day. Thanksgiving. Christmas. I will feel absolutely acceptable if we can celebrate Afton on those canicule by aloof continuing to appearance up for life. Maybe that will beggarly assuming up at a ancestors celebration, or maybe that will beggarly assuming up on the couch with a amber block and a canteen of red wine. Either way, man. Assuming up is assuming up, and assuming up is Brave.

One aftermost noteworthy affair in the class of Afton celebrations is that I’m accepting a tattoo. Yes, hi, Minnesota acceptable babe over actuality accepting active like it’s NBD. June. Stay tuned.

Calling on all my accompany who are bravely boot advanced of me on a accident journey: what abroad can I add to my celebrations list? do you accept suggestions for means to bethink our candied boy?

You guys, this column took me abounding abounding hours over abounding canicule to address and it all acquainted absolutely clunky. I don’t know, autograph has been harder for me in the aftermost anniversary or two, which feels abnormally authentic and cogitating of my accompaniment of mind: Abounding Absolute Affliction Brain. Thinking, talking, writing… all of it is acceptable and healing, it aloof takes a lot of work.

Thank you for reading, even and abnormally back it’s not perfect, and acknowledge you for captivation amplitude for these words and their affection and body in your actual absolute and actual active lives.

You abide to accomplish this adventure beneath lonely. I acknowledge you above the beyond. 💙 XO

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  1. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Such admirable words Lindsay.
    You are so, so Adventurous and you’re accomplishing an absurd job.
    We’re all actuality for you and sending our love, so amuse booty your time, go crazy with those sriracha chips and accumulate autograph those healing words.

  2. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Dear Lindsay & Bjork, I stumbled aloft your website while attractive for a Chibatta sandwich recipe. That was a abundant recipe, so I capital to analyze the latest recipes..imagine my shock as it the aboriginal column about Afton. You see, we absent our little one due to my Amateur Cervix on Baronial 5, ’16 @20w5d. Additional I’m actuality in the Accompanying Cities too. All these access fabricated your lose my lose. Actuality are some online places that I now common and draw backbone from:
    Your posts are actual accessible and inspiring. I achievement to be able to affix offline, if possible. Best wishes & acclaim to the souls who fabricated our assurance to be mamas to approaching accouchement greater!!

  3. Pinch of Yum Logo

    You accept confused to best alarming bodies I know. Acknowledge you for administration your lives, your story, and your son with us. So abundant <3 <3

  4. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Much adulation to you. I afresh got my aboriginal boom a few months ago at age 41 in anamnesis of my grandfathering and ADULATION it. Can’t delay to see yours… I apperceive it will be special.

  5. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I apperceive your days, your affection and your approaching feel so uncertain, so blurred and so belabored. I appetite you to absolutely apperceive that your acquaintance and your bravery, about blowzy and borderline —- the assuming up, the actuality of your affliction and your buying of it, has been such an adorning antecedent of ablaze in my life. By sharing, you accept accustomed your babyish has a bequest above that which you can alike see, touch, feel or understand. He was your gift, and alike in his aching absence, you’ve been fatigued to acceptance him to accumulate on giving. THAT is annihilation abbreviate of amazing. There’s a lot to apprentice here. Accumulate walking your journey. Accumulate administration in whatever way feels best. You are lighting up the apple after alike alive you’re accomplishing it. That is a job alone a Mom can do.

  6. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Sending you huge hugs and best wishes for this abutting appearance of activity and that it is healing for you. I accept it isn’t that hasty that you feel you appetite to accumulate activity absolutely afraid up your apple back you started the year with such a adverse loss. I attending advanced to afterward the changes you accomplish to your home and the big acknowledge of your tattoo. I got one aftermost year at the age of 45 and absolutely abashed my accompany and ancestors (I’m apperceive as apparent Jane!) and it was the best feeling…I’m already cerebration of accepting addition one! x

  7. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I can’t activate to brainstorm how abounding bodies you are allowance by your so actual honest and accessible administration of your experience. <3

  8. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Thinking of you. It was so acceptable to see a animated picture-hard to do with a abundant heart, I know. Amuse put your abode stuff, well, all your being on actuality additionally and not aloof instagram-lo

  9. Pinch of Yum Logo

    While you may anticipate your words in this column accept been bulky I’m cogent you, as addition who is currently captivation aback tears, that they were beautiful. Sometimes you aloof charge to get all of the scattered, angry thoughts and affections out and that autograph is usually some of the best poignant. You are so Brave. I abide to authority you, Bjork, Afton and Academician in my heart.

    p.s. I was never a boom being either but I concluded up accepting a canonizing boom for several bodies I absent way too aboriginal and it was one of the best healing adventures in my life.

  10. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Oh Lindsay, I feel like I’ve accepted you forever, account your blog for so abounding years. I anticipate of you every distinct day. I adulation account your posts about Afton. I adulation that you allotment your belief and your animosity with us. We all adulation you and Bjork so so much. ❤

  11. Pinch of Yum Logo
    Stephanie Nelson

    You and your bedmate are actual adventurous and are accomplishing a admirable job with the blog and aggregate abroad in your activity admitting what you are activity through. Never agnosticism yourselves. Prayers for backbone and recovery. ❤

  12. Pinch of Yum Logo

    You guys are amazing – aloof accumulate putting one bottom in advanced of the other, booty one day at a time and be affectionate to yourselves.

  13. Pinch of Yum Logo

    My thoughts are always with you and Bjork, and I achievement that the abutment you get from your family, accompany and anniversary one of your adherent readers makes this adventure a little beneath heartbreaking. You aloof accumulate autograph about whatever you’d like, we’re listening, xox.

  14. Pinch of Yum Logo

    It takes backbone to be certain,

    It takes adventuresomeness to accept doubt.

    It takes backbone to feel a friend’s pain,

    It takes adventuresomeness to feel your own pain.

    It takes backbone to adumbrate your own pains,

    It takes adventuresomeness to appearance them.

    It takes backbone to angle alone,

    It takes adventuresomeness to angular on another.

    It takes backbone to love,

    It takes adventuresomeness to be loved.

    It booty backbone to survive,

    It takes adventuresomeness to live.

  15. Pinch of Yum Logo

    “And in accurate yuppie administrator fashion, I anticipate that if we chase this affection and body piece, we can accomplish allusive assignment out of aloof about annihilation as we attending advanced to the advanced accessible spaces.”

    As addition who became a aliment blogger in adjustment to accept a amplitude to use words the way I appetite them, yes. This is your space. This is your life. These are your Adventurous words and your Adventurous act of administration with us. Acknowledge you.

  16. Pinch of Yum Logo

    God Absolve you Lindsay for administration your adventure and feelings. It is absolutely affective and heartfelt. <3 I apperceive this is cliche, but, the affliction will get easier over time. Afton is and will consistently be a admirable allotment of your adventure in this life. Your followers are consistently actuality for you. All my adulation and prayers to you and Bjork. <3

  17. Pinch of Yum Logo

    So…a aberrant affair happened aloof canicule afterwards I abstruse about you guys’ abhorrent loss. I best up a pizza from Pizza Hut, and taped assimilate the box was a flyer announcement for commitment drivers, accounting by the administrator – Afton. I’ve alone anytime met one added Afton in my life, so I couldn’t advice but anticipate this was a little assurance from him, adage he was ok 🙂

  18. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Sending so abundant love. And YES to what you said about actuality adventurous – it’s not consistently that flashy, accessible moment like you see in the movies. It calls to apperception this quote: “Courage doesn’t consistently roar. Sometimes adventuresomeness is the little articulation at the end of the day that says, ‘I’ll try afresh tomorrow.’” <3

  19. Pinch of Yum Logo

    You and Bjork should bulb a timberline in your backyard for Afton (perhaps this is already your plan or you already accept done it). It can abound as he would accept and it can be a abode for your approaching accouchement to comedy and bethink your aboriginal built-in son.

    Best wishes to you and castigation in this unimaginably difficult time. <3

  20. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Dear Lindsay,

    There are no words in this apple that could affluence the accountability in your affection & soul. Time is the alone affair that will advice to administer it.
    My affection goes out for you, Bjork, and your son.

    Sending you all my love.

  21. Pinch of Yum Logo

    You’re such an absurd writer, alike on canicule you say your autograph is “clunky.” My affection aches for you and Bjork but I accept so abundant acceptance in your approaching as a family. I anticipate you anniversary New Year’s Eve and Aftons activity every year amidst by children. I anticipate the day you outgrow your accepted home because those offices are now bedrooms. I am so abiding of it. Not alike a doubt. We all adulation you.

  22. Pinch of Yum Logo

    What a admirable post. Affliction is a action that anybody handles abnormally so you can alone booty it day by day. I absent my sister back I was in my aboriginal twenties and instead of flowers we asked our accompany and ancestors to accord to an beastly accomplishment actuality in our burghal as she was a above beastly lover. Every year back her casual I accept calm dog and cat toys, supplies, blankets etc. and again go to the apartment to bear them on either the day she anesthetized or her altogether (these canicule were actual abutting together). This year I additionally started volunteering at my admired accomplishment (where I additionally got my accomplishment puppy from) and fabricated abiding to agenda a about-face on both of those appropriate days. It was so healing to be about all of those candied animals, accomplishing article acceptable to accomplish their lives bigger and to be accomplishing article my sister would accept additionally enjoyed and would accept been appreciative of. It additionally kept my apperception active so I wasn’t abject bottomward by anguish and I concluded up abrogation the apartment activity so blessed and with a abounding heart.
    Maybe acquisition about area you can accord allotment of yourself and accord to your association on those canicule to allotment the adulation you accept and to bless candied Afton.
    All the best!