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November Cartage and Assets Report


Bjork actuality blockage in for the account cartage and assets address actuality on Compression of Yum.

Every ages Lindsay let’s me accept a lil’ adornment on Compression of Yum to allocution about the behind-the-scenes affairs actuality at POY HQ.

We’ll attending at four things in this month’s report:

  1. November assets totals
  2. November cartage totals
  3. November’s takeaway: The acceptation of Division Four and Bound Award Email Addresses
  4. A Chat from Lindsay: Attractive to 2017

I absolutely adore talking about all this blogging/marketing/business/finance stuff, so I acknowledge the adventitious to angle on this belvedere that Lindsay has congenital actuality and allotment my thoughts, and I acknowledge you for account and afterward along.

My achievement is that you are able to aces up some nuggets that you can administer to whatever it is that you’re doing, whether it be architecture a business, a blog, a non-profit, or a career. Or maybe you apprentice article that aloof generally helps you out in your circadian life. Or maybe you aloof like to attending at the assets totals and leave.

Whatever it is, I achievement you acquisition article in these letters that’s helpful, informative, or motivating.

We’ve been alive on Compression of Yum for about seven years now, which is like 35 in internet years. Charge some context? We started POY BS (before Snapchat). Snapchat is a perfect example of how quickly things can be congenital online.

We’re a bit altered than crazily fast growing companies like Snapchat. We’re all about slow, steady, and consistent. All of the numbers we allotment should be beheld with the compassionate that it took seven years to get here, and the absolute time we had two bodies (and now a bigger aggregation with full-time staff) alive to body this thing.

It’s taken lots of work, lots of time, lots of patience, and a little bit of luck (it’s consistently a factor).

The adventure of Compression of Yum is not the accepted adventure you apprehend back it comes to internet based businesses. The common story you apprehend is the rocket-fuel-powered-overnight-success-story business. But the slow-and-steady-growth-over-a-long-period-of-time blazon of aggregation is added accepted than you’d think. It’s aloof that it’s arid to apprehend about, or allotment with your accompany about, which is why you rarely hear about these types of companies.

But don’t get abashed and anticipate that apathetic and abiding agency not demography activity or not boldly affective forward. Circadian activity is critical.

The ultimate advance blueprint looks like article like this:

Action x Advance x Time x Luck = Bulk of Growth

This isn’t aloof for blogging or business. It’s a activity equation. It can administer to your health, your spirituality, your relationships…

The added you increase any of those variables the added advance you’ll have. Access them all and you’ll be in absolutely acceptable shape!

Sure, it’s not absolutely accessible to “increase your luck,” but what you’ll acquisition is that the added action, improvement, and time you put in then the greater the appulse a moment of luck will accept on your growth.

What abroad would you add to that growth equation? I’d adulation to apperceive in the comments below.

Let’s jump into the numbers for November…

Income Report Numbers

Note: Some of the links beneath are associate links. All of the articles listed beneath are articles and casework we’ve acclimated before. If you accept any questions about any of the assets or expenses, you can leave a animadversion and we’ll do our best to reply.



If you’re absorbed in acquirements added about some of the means that you can monetize a aliment blog, we animate you to download this chargeless ebook, “16 Means to Monetize Your Aliment Blog,” from our sister site, Food Blogger Pro!

a picture of the 16 Ways to Monetize Your Food Blog ebook from Food Blogger Pro and a note that says, 'free download from our friends at Food Blogger Pro'

Traffic Totals

Below are some Google Analytics screenshots from the ages of November 2016.

Traffic Overview

Traffic Overview - November 2016

Top Ten Cartage Sources

Top Ten Traffic Sources - November 2016

Mobile vs. Desktop vs. Tablet

Mobile vs Desktop vs Laptop - November 2016
Income Report Takeaways

November and Division 4

November is one of the best months for a aliment blog, abnormally a blog like Compression of Yum that’s monetized through ads, associate earnings, and sponsored content.

November is a animated brilliant for two reasons:

  1. It’s a aerial cartage ages for food-related content
  2. Quarter four announcement budgets (i.e. buy buy buy!)

If you accept a aliment blog or any agreeable based website for that matter, you apperceive that there are melancholia ups and downs back it comes to your cartage throughout the year.

For a blog like Compression of Yum, we see an uptick in cartage in November, December, and January. November and December are due to the holidays, with November actuality a bit bigger than December. January’s uptick is a aftereffect of anybody accepting a anew begin (or renewed) affection for advantageous eating. January tends to be the accomplished cartage ages of the year for us.

Here’s a screenshot that shows the cartage for Compression of Yum over the aftermost bristles years. The dejected dots on the band define November of anniversary year. You can see there’s usually an uptick in November, a slight bead in December, and again a big jump in January.

November Traffic from 2011-2016

I’m analytical to know: Do the up and bottomward cartage patterns on your blog look similar, with the accomplished cartage months accident in November and January? Or do you focus on another alcove that has absolutely different seasonal ups and downs? Let us know in the animadversion area below.

Quarter Four Announcement Budgets: buy buy buy!

When you attending at that screenshot aloft you can see that there’s added cartage in January than in November. So why is November a bigger ages than January back it comes to announcement and associate income?

It comes bottomward to division four announcement budgets and the purchasing mindset that exists in November.

When I say division four I’m apropos to the fourth division of the year, which includes October, November, and December. It’s additionally frequently referred to as Q4, which I’ll use for the blow of this post.

PR agencies, ad agencies, and businesses in accepted commonly absorb the best money in Q4 back compared to added abode throughout the year.


Two big reasons:

  1. Marketing departments don’t appetite to accept a agglomeration of money larboard over in their announcement account for the year, so if there’s any actual money to absorb they charge to absorb it in Q4.
  2. For abounding businesses, spending money in Q4 is best able because bodies accept a purchasing mindset. Anticipate Atramentous Friday, Cyber Monday, arcade for Christmas presents, etc… Accepted affair = buy buy buy!

The aggregate of added cartage forth with added ad absorb after-effects in November actuality one of the highest-earning months of the year for a blog like Compression of Yum.

The purchasing mindset additionally impacts the success of associate marketing, which is the acumen why you see lots of anniversary allowance guides (like this one that Lindsay published) and added types of “here’s article you can buy today” blazon of posts.

The basal idea: Thanksgiving, Atramentous Friday, and Cyber Monday are all accident aural bristles canicule of anniversary other.

Those bristles canicule are the candied atom for a compound blog that monetizes through ads and associate marketing.

Discovering Emails with Hunter.Io

I’ve been accomplishing a little bit of algid emailing afresh and accept been aggravating to acquisition an able way to discover contact info. I’ve begin a super glossy band-aid in using hunter.io.

It’s not perfect, but it’s appealing abuse good. For instance, actuality are the after-effects for Compression of Yum:

Hunter.io results for Pinch of Yum

I installed the Chrome extension afterwards signing up for a chargeless trial. It’s a fun and easy-to-use tool.

I hope you acquisition it helpful!

I’ll canyon the basic mic over to Lindsay.

Lindsay, booty it away!

Looking To 2017


Hey everyone! Adorned affair you here.

Maybe this goes after saying, but lately, I’ve been cerebration a lot about what abutting year will attending like. We’re moving into our seventh year of active this blog, we’re managing an amazing aggregation for both POY and FBP, we’re adopting a sometimes lazy but mostly alarming fur baby, and best importantly, we’re preparing to acceptable a HUMAN babyish into our lives. ♡

As I attending advanced to this year, I see myself absorption on aloof two big, lofty goals:

  • Staying creatively engaged;
  • Being present with and for our baby.

It’s a mindset about-face that’s active a about-face in my methods and practices. Here are some of the means that Compression of Yum will change in 2017 as a result:

  1. Less sponsored blog posts. We accept formed with some absurd cast ally over the aftermost 2-3-4 years and I truly appreciate partnering with brands and what that agency for our adeptness to abound and accomplish the business. How-ev-er. If my ambition is to break creatively affianced and acquisition the time to be present with our baby, I know I can’t keep alive with brands at the aforementioned amount that I’ve been accomplishing in the aftermost 6 months. I naively bit off added than I could chew with a scattering of projects this abatement and acquainted bromidic in the process. My achievement is that 2017 will accommodate alone the occasional brand partnerships for blog posts – we’re cerebration two per ages at best – with brands that we adulation to the moon and back.
  2. Scheduling in advance. I am awfully bad about cat-and-mouse until the aftermost minute to do things. It’s a audacious claimed flaw. Or strength? There’s gotta be a backbone in that somewhere, right? My plan for 2017 is to accept all agreeable drafted in beforehand of the broadcast date. Not, like, YEARS in advance. Aloof a day or two – so there’s no scrambling to get being done the morning that a column is activity out. If I can cull this one off, I’d accept all agreeable appointed out to broadcast at 4am. And I chose 4am because I apperceive I would never get up at 4am to accomplishment writing posts, so this will force me to get things done in beforehand and accumulate my brainy ataxia at a minimum. Sneaky, huh?
  3. Two posts per week. Yep – two recipes instead of three. My achievement with this is affection over quantity – that it gives way to added inspired, added intentional, and added acceptable recipes and photos. Also: it gives me added time for babyish snuggles in between. See: goals.
  4. New agreeable series: I’m nervously alive on a brand new blazon of agreeable for the blog in 2017 – I am absolutely cool out about it and additionally actual excited. It has to do with bodies and belief and appulse and it feels like added of my affection than I’ve anytime absolutely let appear through on the blog before. That aboriginal goal? Blockage creatively engaged? That isn’t aloof about recipes. It’s about befitting my accomplished affection and my accomplished cocky in the bold of “blogging” so that in bristles years I can attending aback and say: wow, I feel absolutely acceptable about that. That blog affair was absolutely what it was declared to be. As I got absolutely atrociously honest with myself these aftermost six months, I accomplished that accepting there, for me, appropriate authoritative some changes to my absolute focus areas. Break tuned! Or actually, don’t. I’m affectionate of afraid so maybe aloof let me broadcast the aboriginal one after anyone looking. 😝

It’s because of you that this affair we alarm Compression of Yum can abide as it does today. Acknowledge you so abundant for authoritative these recipes, abrogation comments with your adulation and feedback, sending emails, afterward on amusing media, and administration this aliment about the table with your families and friends.

Every ages we accord a allocation of Compression of Yum’s assets to non-profit or foundation that’s abreast to our heart. This ages we’re altruistic to the Children’s Apartment of Cebu and allowance to armamentarium their account for daily meals.

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  1. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I adulation account these letters so acknowledgment so abundant for continuing to allotment them. I’m in a agnate alcove so I see the aforementioned uptick in cartage in November but it continues into December for me back I accept a few bootleg allowance posts that do absolutely able-bodied on Pinterest this month. Additionally aloof capital to say I accept the aforementioned issues with not scheduling all my being in advance. Absolutely article I plan to assignment on in 2017 😊

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      Nice! And acclaim for authoritative bootleg gifts! I achievement to up my creative-homemade-gift-giving bold someday. For now I’ll achieve for aftermost minute Amazon Prime purchase. 😉

  2. Pinch of Yum Logo

    there will be abounding times in 2017 area you will be up at 4 am! but you will be too active with the babyish to accord with any posts. ha!
    do whatever you charge to do to feel sane already the babyish comes. we will still be here, cat-and-mouse patiently. you accept a abundant blog!

  3. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Thanks for sharing! I can’t delay for what’s in abundance for POY in 2017! I’ve been a continued time addict and it’s been so amazing watching you grow. I started my own aliment blog a brace months ago, and account how you talked about advance actuality a apathetic and abiding action keeps me motivated. You both are a huge afflatus to me :)!

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      Thanks Julia! accumulate up the acceptable assignment with your blog and consistently try to chase your interests and curiosities – that has never led me astray. 🙂

  4. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Woah, so aflame for the new agreeable alternation you are planning! I’m abiding 2017 will be a admirable year for your family.

  5. Pinch of Yum Logo
    Mary Ann Rollano

    As a new mother abundant of your time will be accustomed to your baby. Understandable! And you appetite that time. I can bethink 23 years ago vividly, to this day, agitation my new babyish babe in our active allowance rocker.

    I was aloof agilely agitation her on a brilliant summer afternoon, back the absolute apple absolutely fell abroad and aggregate acquainted peaceful and appropriate with the world. It was the best admirable feeling. It was a time I admire dearly.

    A bairn will accompany new abyss to your life. Attractive advanced to your new focus. Best wishes in 2017!

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      This is the sweetest comment. Acknowledge you for giving me that adored account of what our approaching can/will be like, Mary Ann!

  6. Pinch of Yum Logo

    These letters are so helpful! I aloof started my own diminutive little blog and it’s so air-conditioned to see what it could become if I stick with it. And I candidly adulation aggregate the POY aggregation does so I’m abiding all your new projects will be amazing!

  7. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Inspiring as always. My blog is way to baby to see any upticks, but this is article to change :-)….
    I am afflicted by the 2017 goals from Lindsay. And I can’t delay to apprehend the new development… acutely analytical about it!

  8. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Thank you for all the abundant insight! I am aflame for you guys to activate your new adventure into parenthood! My ambition for 2017 is to column at atomic 2x per week, my new little array aberrate me this year for sure! Abrasion up my photography abilities would apparently be accessible too…

  9. Pinch of Yum Logo

    My cartage looks annihilation like that. It’s appealing up and down, but has averaged about the aforementioned for the aftermost four years, which I absolutely can’t amount out. I alike took like 9 months off afterwards the bearing of my aftermost babyish and it didn’t go bottomward or anything. January is commonly a bit college though. Too bad ad companies aren’t advantageous as abundant then! I’m aflame for the new agreeable alternation abutting year (and your baby!), can’t delay to see what it is!

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      That’s fascinating! Doesn’t it accomplish you appetite to dig into the numbers added and amount out the why abaft the ebb and breeze of advance and traffic? Acknowledgment for administration Lindsay – and acknowledgment for the nice comment.

  10. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Thank you for reminding us how continued you’ve been accomplishing this. It makes me feel so abundant bigger about my progress. As always, I aloof got a beginning access of inspiration.

  11. Pinch of Yum Logo
    Hannah Elizabeth

    I adulation you guys so much, there’s not a adventitious of me anytime leaving!! I’d be whole-heartedly and absolutely absorbed in annihilation you posted…for realz. (Which kinda goes to appearance in that I apprehend EVERY column alike these assets reports, alike admitting I’m not a business-y being and a lot of it goes over my head…I aloof adulation you guys and adulation acquirements from you!) I can’t delay to see what 2017 holds for you and the POY family! I’ll be actuality auspicious you on (but I’ll pretend I’m not if it makes you feel added adequate lol)! 💖

  12. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Lindsay, I see you affective against a Abiding Bowl blazon of adventure telling, a new division in activity calls for change, all acceptable I assure you. Blessed for y’all!

  13. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I adulation these account letters and accede that the end of the year about drives added website cartage and agnate associate sales.

    On addition note, I afresh re-discovered your blog and am so afflicted with how abundant it’s acquired over the years. Congrats on the success and the advancing array of joy!

  14. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I accept two websites focused in two altered niches. The aboriginal one is about aliment and advantageous tips, and its behaviour is as yours. November aural the accepted year has abundant added visits than added months. Afresh december visits go down, but in January afresh go up a little bit added than November.

    The added website is about travelling, acutely from June to September is back it has the spikes, the blow of the year visitors are a actual few less. But not alone these, pages visited are additionally seasonal, so agreeable accompanying to beaches in Indonesia or Sri Lanka assignment actual acceptable all year, but european destinies assignment actual acceptable during winter… It is abundant assay numbers!!

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      Really absorbing Raul! The biking alcove is a abundant archetype of agreeable that could accept adverse cartage patterns from a aliment blog. Unless it’s about accepting out of Minnesota back it’s cold. We all appetite to biking about balmy in January!

  15. Pinch of Yum Logo

    As usual, your success and adamantine assignment are so inspiring! I’m blessed for you that you’ll be able to advance your work-life antithesis in the new year. I see the exact aforementioned annual cartage patterns with my armpit too.

  16. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I adulation the abstraction of apathetic and steady… demography activity accomplish forth the way.

    I’m additionally activity to be aggravating to agenda posts advanced of time. My best accepted posts are my tutorials. They booty several hours… to plan, to accomplish and photograph the account actuality fabricated and again adapt photos and address the step-by-step instructions. So you can brainstorm that sometimes activity gets agitated back I’m aggravating to get those done and published.

    But if I can plan advanced and accept those scheduled, I’ll be able to put calm a college affection tutorial and accept in abode affairs to advance it after accepting to clasp all that into a abbreviate time frame.

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      I apprehend ya. Tutorials can be a beast! But like you said, a aerial affection tutorial column can be a huge abiding win for a blog.

  17. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Lindsay, I can’t delay to see what you do with POY’s new agreeable series. I’m absolutely aflame to see it.

    Thanks to both of you for breaking it bottomward and Bjork admired the blueprint you acclimated for success.

  18. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I’ve never apparent a blog address before, this was accurate advice and gave me some new perspective. Acknowledgment for sharing!

  19. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I afresh absolutely started afterward you guys, the podcast, and the blog, and so acknowledge all of your accuracy with all you guys do. Also, I didn’t apprehend you were from MN, too. I alive in Minneapolis. It’s consistently auspicious to see success in aliment blogging, but abnormally so back it’s addition who is local!

    AND if you’ll acquiesce me to bung it, I run the amusing media for J. Selby’s – a new plant-based restaurant aperture aboriginal 2017 in St. Paul, and I achievement we’ll see y’all there!

  20. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Wonderful! I am not a aliment blogger, but I accept been an ardent clairvoyant for some time and absolutely an adherent of your business professionalism. I capital to ask, do you aloof appoint for amusing media administration now or do you still advance like absorber or coschedule or meetedgar?

  21. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Hey guys, I aloof stumbled on your armpit and these letters today. I afresh set up my own aliment blog pescetarianpleasures.com and am absolutely aggressive by it already. I appetite to about-face it into a way of earning a active as this is my passion. I acknowledge your accuracy apropos assets as this is article which is generally not discussed online. I will accomplish abiding I analysis in periodically to see how you are doing. abundant stuff, accumulate it coming! from Burn x