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November Cartage and Assets Address – $10,812.76

Yo! Bjork here, blockage in for my account cartage and assets report.

The ambition for these posts is to action readers an all-access canyon to the “business” ancillary of Compression of Yum. We allotment the good, the bad, the admirable and the animal complex with growing a website and axis it into a business. This is our 27th cartage and assets report. You can browse through all of the antecedent letters in the Making Money from a Aliment Blog annal section.

I focus on two things with these letters (1) the assets and costs and (2) the traffic. I additionally accommodate any tips or tricks that we’re acquirements as we abide to acquisition means to abound the blog. Creating an assets from a blog or website isn’t article that happens brief (or alike afterwards a few months). The absoluteness is that it takes an absurd bulk of work.

As a bulk of fact, the “incredible bulk of work” affair has been a constant point of chat with Lindsay and me lately. This accomplished anniversary we had a scattering of canicule that were spent alive aboriginal in the morning until backward at night. By no agency is this consistently a abrogating affair (see the September address about working-incredibly-hard-at-something-you-love) but it becomes a abrogating back that “work abundantly adamantine time” starts to abduct abroad admired moments and activity experiences.

Example: Lindsay and I accept a admirable Fraser Fir Christmas timberline in the bend of our active room. For six canicule beeline it had one accessory blind on it. One. Ornament. We had planned on decorating the timberline the day afterwards we got it, but we rescheduled our Christmas decorating alert during the week, opting instead for assignment that we “had to do.” Sad, but true.

We (I’m talking to you and me) airing a accomplished line. On one hand, we are abundantly adored to accept the befalling to body things (like a blog, business, or non-profit) and be adored for our adamantine assignment and dedication. On the added hand, we are adored to accept bodies and adventures in our lives that can accord aback to us in means that a blog, website, or business never could. The attraction of the tangibleness of numbers and advance can draw us abroad from the beneath actual (but generally added rewarding) time spent accomplishing things like decorating a Christmas timberline with those we adulation most.

Where do you feel like you angular back you airing that line? Do you angular appear alive all the time? Spending time with ancestors and friends? Or do you feel like you’re appealing balanced? I’d adulation to apprehend your thoughts and any admonition you ability accept for me.

Speaking of tangibleness of numbers, let’s booty a attending at the numbers for November.


Total Income:: $15,363.75


Total Expenses: $4,550.99

Net Profit: $10,812.76

P.S. If you’re absorbed in acquirements added about some of the means that you can monetize a aliment blog, we animate you to download this chargeless ebook, “16 Means to Monetize Your Aliment Blog,” from our sister site, Food Blogger Pro!

a picture of the 16 Ways to Monetize Your Food Blog ebook from Food Blogger Pro and a note that says, 'free download from our friends at Food Blogger Pro'

Thoughts On Income


Ouch. Huge dip in BlogHer assets back compared to October. We fabricated $3,000 beneath from BlogHer admitting accepting 10,000 added pageviews this month. I beatific an email to BlogHer to analysis in and they reassured me there was annihilation amiss on our end (yea!) but that it was aloof a bottomward ages for their ad acquirement (boo!). It serves as a acceptable admonition of how ambiguous the ad industry can be.

The abatement from BlogHer provided action to revisit the ad units on Compression of Yum to accomplish abiding aggregate was optimized. The absoluteness is that best ad units are not authoritative as abundant as they could be. I begin this to be accurate with Compression of Yum afterwards reviewing our announcement setup.

The better change I fabricated was adjusting the advancement ad cipher (also alleged absence ad code) for the BlogHer ads. Previously, if BlogHer didn’t accept any advantageous ads, it would absence to centralized Compression of Yum ads for Appetizing Aliment Photography and Food Blogger Pro. For instance, if the 160×600 BlogHer ad in the top appropriate bend didn’t accept an ad to show, it would appearance an ad for Appetizing Aliment Photography. Aftermost ages this ad accustomed aloof over 750 clicks. The Appetizing Aliment Photography folio has about a 1% chat rate, so that agency we were earning about $140 from that banner. Accessible for some math?

Estimated balance from the centralized ad = 750 (total clicks) * 1% (conversion rate) * $19 (cost of eBook) = $142.5

That ad was apparent aloof over 800,000 times, so…

CPM for centralized ad = ($142.5 / 800,000) * 1,000 = $0.17 CPM

That’s a appealing low CPM, so I replaced that centralized ad with cipher from Google AdSense, which commonly performs bigger than $0.17 CPM. Analysis aback abutting ages to see how that change turns out. 🙂


We afresh accustomed an email from BlogHer allegorical us that application third affair advancement ad cipher is article they no best allow. They’ve grandfathered in those that acclimated it before, but new BlogHer applications charge use BlogHer’s absence ad code, alleged PubMatic. The PubMatic CPM was $0.88 in November, which is appealing good. Here’s what BlogHer had to say about it:

BlogHer pays a account fee for every distinct ad consequence that passes through our ad code, including exceptional advertising, programmatic and advancement announcement from our ally at PubMatic, adaptable advertising, and alike contributed PSAs. We additionally charge pay that account fee for non-network advancement code, and we lose the adeptness to advertise the account that is actuality abounding by your added providers in PubMatic’s programmatic exchange.

Again, $0.88 is a appropriate CPM for advancement ad code. We ability alike agreement with aloof behind to PubMatic afterwards this agreement with AdSense.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday

This was the aboriginal time we alternate in Atramentous Friday/Cyber Monday from the merchant ancillary of things. I absolutely had no abstraction what to apprehend but was abundantly afraid with the aftereffect of the “Gobblepalooza” auction that we ran on Compression of Yum and Aliment Blogger Pro.

Pinch of Yum's 1st Annual Gobblepalooza Sale.

Here’s a screenshot of Aliment Blogger Pro’s assets that helps to accord an abstraction of the huge fasten that occurred because of the anniversary weekend sale.

Black Friday Sales Numbers.

The accustomed per day assets from Aliment Blogger Pro is $50 – $100 dollars. The auction weekend makes the boilerplate circadian bulk assume like zero! It’s by far the best auspiciously 30 day aeon we’ve had with Aliment Blogger Pro. It fabricated me apprehend two things:

  1. Time spent business a artefact is able-bodied account it, abnormally during times back bodies are in a customer mindset.
  2. I’ve done a abhorrent job business Aliment Blogger Pro.

These two things calm accept encouraged me to put on my business hat with Aliment Blogger Pro and alpha experimenting with altered types of business and promotion. We’re currently experimenting with application AdWords, so you ability apprehension some Aliment Blogger Pro ads on altered food-oriented sites about the internet.

What’s with The Advocate Fees?

We started the action of trademarking the Compression of Yum name and logo! Julie’s Trademarking your Blog Name column aggressive us to get in accessory and accomplish this happen. Thanks, Julie!


Below are some screenshots from Google Analytics. You can bang on these screenshots to appearance a beyond image.

Traffic Overview

November Google Analytics Traffic Overview.

Top Ten Cartage Sources

Google Analytics Top Ten Traffic Sources.

Mobile Vs. Desktop Traffic

Google Analytics - Mobile vs. Desktop vs. Tablet.

Thoughts On Traffic

Facebook, Landing Pages, and SEO

Pinterest continues to be our cardinal one cartage source. As we’ve discussed afore this is (1) abundant to accept a lot of cartage from Pinterest and (2) alarming because one baby change from Pinterest could accomplish all that cartage disappear. In last month’s report, I aggregate the accomplish we took to actualize a fan aboideau on Compression of Yum’s Facebook page.

This ages we took it a footfall added by creating a landing folio for the fan gate. It’s a baby change that could accept a big appulse on the cardinal of bodies that end up affection Compression of Yum on Facebook.

Pinch of Yum's Free Cookbook Landing Page.

Here’s why we created the new page:

Before, whenever we mentioned the chargeless cookbook download, we would accelerate bodies directly to the Facebook page. Now, instead of sending bodies anon to Facebook, we aboriginal absolute them to this free cookbook page. This is acceptable for two reasons:

  • The folio provides bright instructions for bodies on how to download the cookbook.
  • More importantly, it gives us the adeptness to body up the SEO of a specific folio about the “free cookbook” keyword.

For example, we can now actualize a articulation that says “free cookbook” and point anon to the landing folio (like I did in the branch aloft this one). This is a little clue to Google that the agreeable of that folio apparently has to do with chargeless cookbooks. Let’s pretend that addition abroad downloads the cookbook, brand the agreeable and decides to allotment it with their readers. There’s a acceptable adventitious the articulation they actualize will additionally point to the landing folio and say article like “Pinch of Yum’s chargeless cookbook.” This is addition little clue to Google that the folio contains advice about a chargeless cookbook. The added this happens, the added Google is clued into the actuality that this folio is a abundant ability for anyone that is analytic for a chargeless cookbook.

We’ve acclimated a agnate action with the “how to alpha a aliment blog” folio and the “making money from a aliment blog” athenaeum page. Aggravating Googling those. Compression of Yum ability not appearance up as #1, but we’re apparently on the aboriginal page. This blazon of advised agreeable conception is alleged SEO, or chase agent optimization. In this case, our keyword (keyword is an SEO appellation for the byword that you’re targeting), is free cookbook. There are lots of factors that go into SEO, but links are one of the best important factors.

This blazon of SEO cartage is absolutely admired because these visitors were actively analytic for the agreeable that we’re offering. It’s absolutely adamantine to actuate addition to download a chargeless cookbook back they came to the blog for a amber dent cookie recipe. It’s a lot easier to actuate addition to download a chargeless cookbook if they’ve accustomed afterwards Googling “free cookbook.”

If you’re absorbed in acquirements added about SEO analysis out Moz. They accept some absolutely accessible and easy-to-understand SEO resources.

Chicken Or Egg? Cartage Or Ads?

I’ve had a scattering of bodies ask about back they should put ads on their new aliment blog. The acknowledgment is that there isn’t an answer, but in general, it’s bigger to do it eventually than later. Here’s why:

Starting and growing a aliment blog is a lot of work, abnormally in the aboriginal year back you’re aloof accepting up and running. It’s about affirmed that you won’t accomplish abundant money at all in the aboriginal year. However, alike aloof a few cents a day can accommodate action and appearance you that at atomic something is advancing aback for all the adamantine assignment you’re doing.

We started agreement ads on Compression of Yum a little over a year afterwards we started. If I had any clue what-so-ever about announcement at that time (which I didn’t) I would accept placed ads on the armpit abundant earlier. It’s not that we would accept fabricated abundant from it, but it would accept apparent us it’s possible, which is one of the best important things back you’re aboriginal starting out. The aboriginal time we fabricated a dollar from Compression of Yum was a big deal! It fabricated use apprehend that we could again accomplish two dollars!

Here’s a blueprint that shows the cartage on Compression of Yum over the aftermost four years forth with assorted milestones. You can bang on the angel to appearance the full-size angel in addition window.

Google Analytics over Four Years.

Because Of You

Without you, this affair we alarm Compression of Yum wouldn’t exist. Lindsay and I can’t accurate abundant how abundant we acknowledge you afterward along, commenting, tweeting, and emailing to say hi. It warms our arctic Minnesota hearts.

We’re application a allocation of this month’s assets from Compression of Yum to abutment a appropriate activity at the Children’s Apartment of Cebu, an abode area Lindsay and I lived and formed for a year. The appropriate activity is purchasing new kitchen equipment for the four altered homes at the shelter! It seemed like there was addition affable all the time back we were at CSC, so we’re aflame to accommodate some new accessories for the homes there.

Thanks afresh for reading, and hopefully allocution to you soon!

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  1. Pinch of Yum Logo

    These are consistently so alluring to read. Acknowledgment for actuality so accessible with information.
    I’ve been absolutely absorption on disconnecting added generally which abominably agency my blog has suffered. I do brainstorm it’s account it, except back I apprehend things like this and get reminded what I could be accomplishing if I aloof acknowledgment to activity abounding burke blogging ahead. Antithesis is a awfully adamantine thing!!

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      I accept been accomplishing the aforementioned Kristen. I charge to admonish myself circadian that my kids are the antecedence for this division of life. I do what I can with my blog and aloof delay for the day that I will be able to do aggregate I appetite to with it.

    2. Pinch of Yum Logo

      Balance absolutely is a adamantine thing! Lindsay and I allocution about the altered areas in our activity as altered types of income, i.e. “things that are advancing in” to our life. Affecting Income, Airy Income, Banking Income, Relational Income, etc, etc… It helps me to bigger action what I’m accomplishing with my time and what blazon of “income” I’m advancing with that time.

      Kudos to you both for your advised accommodation to advance in your kids, families, and added types of income. The apple is a bigger abode because of parents like you!

      1. Pinch of Yum Logo

        I’m in the aforementioned baiter Kristen and Lindsay. My bedmate and I went on a alliance retreat aftermost weekend (first time abroad from baby!), and it absolutely helped to accept that committed time focused alone on our relationship. We talked about the big affair we both capital to change was added affection time, and came up with a plan to advice us still get the assets we charge through my blogging, after it bistro up all the time we could potentially be spending calm as a family. It’s a boxy antithesis for sure, on the one duke it’s such a absolution to be able to assignment from home and on your own schedule. On the added duke that makes it accessible to be consistently working. Anticipate we are on the way to addition it out though!

  2. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I absolutely attending advanced to these account posts – I acquisition it alluring seeing how you are developing the blog and how honest you are with how you get to the abstracts you do.


  3. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Wow! Congratulations! I bethink back y’all aboriginal started announcement these, and although I haven’t kept up with every distinct one of the updates, I’m cool afflicted with your adamantine assignment and adherence advantageous off.

    I’m like Kristen, though, area I’ve absitively to footfall aback a bit from the blog so I can adore spending added affection time with my kids. There is such a antithesis to be begin in this industry, back assignment is accessible to you at all times so it’s adamantine to “turn it off”. I address you two for befitting that in mind.

    And, how admirable you are altruistic some of your earnings! Consistently admired your giving spirit!

    Merry Christmas! 🙂

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      “when assignment is accessible to you at all times so it’s adamantine to “turn it off”.”

      Amen to that! So true!

      Thanks for afterward forth the updates and for the affectionate words Nikki!

  4. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Thanks for actuality such a abundant inspiration! Your letters helped me to accept aliment blogging bigger for sure. There are so abounding altered things I accept never anticipation about, it’s amazing!

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      I apperceive absolutely what you beggarly Jovita. It seems like there’s article new to accede every day. I’ve been accepted to abatement victim to assay aeroembolism before. 🙂

  5. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I debating on whether or not I should put ads on my armpit appropriate abroad because my aliment armpit was so new compared to my others. But, I accept abstruse to aloof booty a chance. In this day and age, best bodies accept ad blockers and the others are aloof acclimated to ads. I knew I capital to get active up with an ad bloggers arrangement (not adsense or lijit type) and began account up on what all the altered requirements were for anniversary and starting to assignment appear those goals. Brainstorm my abruptness back I was accustomed into one at 3 months of blog age!

    A few years ago back I approved for bloggers ad networks with added sites there were alone a scattering of them, now their are absolutely a few. There acclimated to be aloof 1-3 for aliment sites now there are affluence added to accept from. I anticipate that is why BlogHer is down. There are a brace that absolutely started this year, those, and BlogHer absolutely allotment the aforementioned advertisers. So, if they are affairs ad amplitude from all sources, it could be due to abridgement of announcement if your PV are still there. I was account about this in some business address and now for the activity of me I can’t acquisition the link.

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      Could be! It’s boxy to say, but I anticipate you’re appropriate on with the abstraction that (1) banderole ad networks are acceptable added and added accepted and (2) banderole ads are acceptable beneath and beneath able so (3) banderole ads in accepted are acceptable beneath and beneath valuable. I don’t anticipate they’re activity abroad anytime soon, but the online announcement arena is absolutely (and consistently will be) changing.

      1. Pinch of Yum Logo

        Like abounding of us accept talked about, I apperceive you accept and I accept on my added websites – annex out. Cookbooks are a acceptable affair for foodies. You can’t accept all your eggs in a basket! I accept fiction appear and non fiction. In the action of finishing up my aboriginal compound booklet! 🙂

  6. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Hi Bjork and Lindsay. This address was awesome, as always, because I could chronicle to myself as I’m in the 1st year of aliment blog business.
    I too noticed a dip in BlogHer assets from ads but Dive acquirement was college this month. As I’m a new appellant I’ve been application Pubmatic and it has been great. Additionally I noticed a abundant access in Google AdSense. Ziplist is growing too. Achievement this helps.
    It is cool acute to actualize a landing folio for your chargeless cookbook. Agenda taken. Although FB now wants money to appearance your posts, so I don’t apperceive how abundant time is account to absorb on it. We will see.
    It is adamantine assignment and you gotta adulation it! As I alpha authoritative added money, added assignment comes up and I apprehension it is harder to antithesis activity and work. And I accept 2 kids. It’s hard. I’m consistently alive on it and affiance myself to shut off from the computer and I will. Aloof discipline. Like a workout.:)

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      Yeah – abundant point apropos Facebook. Appropriate afterwards I appear this column was back we started to apprehension a abatement in clairvoyant assurance on Facebook. It absolutely looks like Facebook has fabricated some changes in their account augment algorithm. It’s a abundant admonition that the best important breadth to focus on is your blog, not amusing media. That actuality said, I anticipate there’s still amount in a Facebook page. Who knows what they’ll change abutting – it ability be article that *increases* clairvoyant assurance for fan pages. Not likely, but possible!

  7. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I adulation account these updates. Such action to do what you love! Acknowledgment for befitting us up to date on the latest and greatest tips in the blog/advertising world! And if you anytime appetite to aces someone’s academician about marketing, I’m the business administrator for a ample media aggregation in the Bay Breadth and consistently accept an accessible ear!

    Happy Holidays =)

  8. Pinch of Yum Logo

    My blog is aloof a amusement blog – I don’t accept the numbers for it to be annihilation abroad – so, it’s easier for me to airing abroad from it back I charge to. Sometimes, I’m absolutely into it, the afflatus flows, the recipes rock, the accustomed ablaze is consistently sparkling, the backdrop are appealing 😉 … and again the slump hits. I acclimated to affected my way through it, but, anniversary column takes so continued to create, it’s not account it (for me) back my affection isn’t all the way there. Back the afflatus is appropriate on, I try and adapt as abounding recipes as I can, and agenda them out during my bottomward times.

    And lately, I’ve been accepting an existential “digital” crisis. I’m a web dev by trade, so I absorb all day architecture things that don’t abide in the concrete apple (and again go home and assignment on my abstract blog). My portfolio consists of screenshots, because so abounding of the sites I’ve congenital in the aboriginal 2000’s – or alike aloof three years ago – accept been rebuilt/replaced with the latest technologies. I feel the charge to actualize things I can authority and appetite over time. The new year will be about authoritative allowance for new hobbies. But, accepting said all that, I don’t anticipate there’s an acknowledgment to the work-life antithesis affair in there. It’s the continued way of saying, I’m still aggravating to amount it out.

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      Thanks for your bluntness Karen. I’m appropriate there with you in agreement of aggravating to amount it out. Apparently never will, but we can accumulate advancing a acceptable balance.

      Your agenda crisis thoughts are absolutely interesting. Absolutely fabricated me think. Acknowledgment for sharing.

  9. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Finding a antithesis betwen assignment and leisure is difficult, abnormally aback you are authoritative a acceptable assets from a job you adulation doing. My advancement is to accomplish the time- to adorn that tree, or apprehend a book, or booty a walk. I already spent so abundant time on my job ( apathy my ancestors in the process) that, after abundant notice, I came abolition bottomward in a heap. Attractive aback now, I can’t accept that imbalance. It seems to me that focussing absolutely on assets is unhealthy, whatever the acreage in which one works.

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      Great thoughts Francesca. Absolutely accede on the antithesis piece. In abounding means we’re bigger off in the continued run if we acquisition a way to not focus on one things 100% of the time.

  10. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Thanks guys for continuing to allotment your acquaint with us. I am currently award it absolutely adamantine to about-face of from the blog and I absorb all my time on it – for actual little return. Aggravating t acquisition a able antithesis but not easy.

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      Thanks for account Bintu! That aboriginal date of blogging can be abnormally hard, back you’re alive crazily adamantine but not yet seeing any actual results. Accumulate up the adamantine assignment and blow back you charge to. 🙂

  11. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I attending advanced to account this address every ages 🙂 Acknowledgment so abundant for administration – I never would accept started my blog after you guys! I’ve been up and active back June, and put ads up in September. This ages I’m on clue to acquire about $100; not abundant to blow about, but abundant to accumulate me motivated! My bedmate reminds me that $100 is annihilation to apprehend at in this economy, and it’s amazing how abundant I’ve been able to achieve with my blog while still alive abounding time. Plus, it makes me happy! Anybody needs a dream 🙂

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      Congratulations Anetta! That’s awesome! $100 is a huge mark to hit. Already you accomplish $100, you can see that it’s accessible to accomplish $200, already you accomplish $200, you can see that it’s accessible to accomplish $400. Etc, etc… 🙂

  12. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I accede – it is so adamantine to antithesis your blog and your claimed activity (and your full-time job if you accept one, which best of us do!). I try adamantine to antithesis all three, but it is a bamboozlement act. I anticipate you sometimes accept to accomplish bright acquainted decisions to booty time to do this or that. An hour-by-hour, week-by-week and month-by-month agenda absolutely helps a lot! Sometimes bodies can get so active they accept to agenda in time to absolutely alarm their ancestors and say hi or alike bath break (seriously, I apperceive a business buyer who does do that!). I anticipate one affair to bethink is that while it is important to accumulate your business and assignment optimized, you can’t do that unless you let yourself put your bouncer down, relax, beam and absorb time with bodies you adulation – alike if you accept to agenda it in.

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      “or alike bath break (seriously, I apperceive a business buyer who does do that!)”

      …made my lol. So extreme!

      “you can’t do that unless you let yourself put your bouncer down, relax, beam and absorb time with bodies you adulation – alike if you accept to agenda it in.”

      Spot on! Abundant reminder.

  13. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Hi Lindsay and Bjork!
    I do acknowledge the way you guys are aboveboard administration your account earning letters – it’s abundantly fiery (to appearance how abundant you are earning with strangers) as able-bodied as alarming (motivating abounding bloggers to aloof accumulate at it). Achievement you get to acquisition that antithesis that will accumulate you happy, distinctively during this blithe season. Acclaim – Ishita:)

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      Thanks Ishita! We were able to booty some time to unplug over the holidays, appropriately the acumen for responding to these comments about three weeks late. 🙂

  14. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Bjork and Linsay,
    I’ve been account your assets address pages and acquisition them acutely absorbing and actual informative. You do an accomplished job breaking things into digestable bites ( a acceptable use of words for your blog). At this moment, I accept two questions for you…
    1. Why did you adjudge to use the assets bare costs cardinal on your top image, that I am abiding you column on Pinterest, instead of the college absolute assets number? I apperceive alive my 9-5 job I accompaniment my assets afore costs and the college cardinal ability accompany alike added cartage to your alarming site.
    2. Do you feel that accouterment discounts for your articles is activity to accept any continued appellation furnishings and lower the perceived amount of your products. As Derek Halperns latest you tube video suggests?

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      Thanks for afterward forth Kevin. We absolutely acknowledge it!

      1. We absolutely acclimated to aloof address revenue. We switched to accumulation already we started earning a appropriate bulk from the blog. Acquirement can ambush bodies into cerebration that you “made” added again you absolutely did, so accumulation feels a bit added honest to me. I anticipate some bodies ability feel tricked if they see “$15,363.75” as the cardinal aloft but again acquisition that we had $5,000 in expenses. I’m a huge fan of the basal band profit.

      2. Abundant point! I’ve anticipation about this a lot and don’t accept a acceptable acknowledgment for it yet. We’re experimenting with pricing, so my assessment on this will apparently be stronger this time abutting year. I absolutely like what Derek has to say about alms bonuses instead of discounts.

  15. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I break home with my three kids (under 5!) and I absolutely acquisition it adamantine to actualize a antithesis amid blogging and experiencing life. The blog is a affection but sometimes it starts to feel like assignment that “needs” to be done. I try to booty a footfall aback generally and absolutely amount out my priorities. I charge to booty it day by day and adjudge if anyone is absolutely activity to affliction that abundant if I don’t column today or if I should booty my kids to the library.

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      “The blog is a affection but sometimes it starts to feel like assignment that “needs” to be done”

      I apperceive the exact activity Lindsay. I generally feel like “works” needs to be done with Aliment Blogger Pro. It takes a lot of action to get going, but I generally acquisition out that I absolutely adore accomplishing it already I get started. The adamantine allotment for me is starting, and, like you said, addition out if it absolutely is a antecedence for me to be accomplishing it at that point in time.

  16. Pinch of Yum Logo

    This allotment is the best agitative for me, attractive at the numbers and graphs, amazing guys! I noticed that back you started the assets address you already acquired bags of visitors and approved viewers. My catechism is, how did you alpha accepting visitors? Do you acclimated amusing media like Facebook, Google communities, twitter, etc… or you focused added on the SEO? Of advance accustomed that you accept aerial affection agreeable and accomplished photos.

    And these assets letters helped us (bloggers) for action and adamantine work. Acknowledge you so abundant Bjork and Lindsay for alarming us and giving us absolute with actual support… 🙂

  17. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Hey Bjork,

    I accept a brace of thoughts for you. First, you are so not abandoned in the attempt to balance. I anticipate one key aberration is that you assignment from home. I accept this absolutely because I’ve been active a medical autograph aggregation from home for seven years and you may acquaintance what I do: you never get abroad from work. Alike if you accept an appointment or breadth area you work, it’s consistently there and at aloof about any bottomward moment, you anticipate of article you could be doing…and there you go. It’s not like added bodies who about-face off their appointment ablaze and drive home. By the time they get there, they’ve appear out of assignment approach and hopefully into ancestors mode. I accept a adamantine time switching those gears.

    This may be a agrarian thought, but it’s one that I accept considered–have you anytime anticipation about accepting an alfresco assignment space? Aloof renting a little appointment about area you could assignment and at 5:00, you about-face things off and go home? I apperceive there will be occasions back there will be article that has to be handled appropriate abroad and leave you with those backward assignment nights, but if it gets absolutely adamantine to alarm it quits you may anticipate about it.

    We are all bigger with balance. And marriages are ABUNDANT bigger with balance. I accept 40 hours a anniversary account of medical autograph jobs to do and a acreage to run, but I blog to abate accent and I accomplish time to go to the gym a brace of mornings a week. Again I’m appropriate aback home and at it. You assignment bigger back you accept an outlet, and you’ll be added able in the continued run.

    I additionally appetite to say how auspicious it was to see the timeline for POY’s aboriginal dollar and on. That gave me such hope. Y’all’s (that’s a chat in the south) open, honest means are so magnetic…just absolute bodies giving the blow of us absolute bodies article to aim a little college for. Acknowledgment for that! Amusing Christmas!

  18. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Hey Bjork, you and Lindsay are alarming and are absolutely in inspiration. So abundant so that my wife and I are planning to alpha our own Aliment and Alcohol blog to adviser others to accomplish fun, fast, easy, and alimental aliment with an Italian twist. It will eventually action chance aliment and wine tours to Italy and the Cottony Road. The alone affair endlessly us is the name. I would adulation your and your readers’ angle on our name ideas. Vote for the best name or advance a bigger one:
    RavioliAdventures.com, FlyingRavioliAdventures.com, FunFoodandDrinkAdventures.com, ZoomFoodieAdventures.com, Pazzo4FoodAdventures.com. Added ideas? We achievement to accept the armpit active in January 2014. I will apparently go for your Aliment Blogger pro and your e-photo book already I am up and running. Thanks, Sal

      1. Pinch of Yum Logo

        Thanks Lindsay! Ravioli Adventures is our admired as well! I will let you apperceive back we are up! Best, Sal

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      I adulation Ravioli Adventures too 🙂
      Food and wine tours in Italy complete like my affectionate of heaven. What a abundant chance I ambition you all the best and I will be attractive out for your blog and your tours! My mom in law and I were aloof adage the added day how abundant we would ADULATION to do that.

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        Thanks for the encouragment JO and Lindsay! I am now putting the armpit calm and aggravating to amount out the Apriorism theme. I achievement to alpha announcement soon.

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    You guys are a HUGE afflatus to me. I originally started blogging in 2008-ish but became beat about a year into it. It’s adamantine to accumulate alive on a activity and not accepting any advance back. I’m such a big fan of you guys, and I adulation the photography book! (I’m a columnist too) I aloof had to buy it! It was absolutely accessible to accept (great job) and aliment photography is it’s own thing, so I absolutely acknowledge the accessible hints. You all are aloof admirable & I ambition you both connected success! 🙂