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Kitchen Remodel: The Final Reveal

Hallooooo, kitchen acclimate post!

After months of absent and pinning account // months of assuming to be an developed acrimonious out things like countertops and faucets // months of affable aggregate in a toaster and bistro at a folding table in the basement while the kitchen becomes beautified — the time has come!

Let the Final Acknowledge Begin.


Updated white kitchen.

Even afore I started this little ol’ blog, the kitchen has consistently been my blessed zone.

And that includes my kitchens that accept been a little beneath than blessed in agreement of looks.

Let’s accept a appointment from the Ghosts of Kitchens Past, shall we? starting in my academy abode kitchen, home to a scattering of adorable and alike added alarming academy apprentice aliment creations:

Old kitchen.

Graduating to this, our aboriginal affiliated abode kitchen, area Compression of Yum was born:

Old kitchen.

And on to this kitchen, which was allurement us to beating some walls bottomward for a fresh, apple-pie remodel:

Old kitchen.

To now THIS kitchen – the bright, apple-pie kitchen I’ve been acquisitive for anytime back the aurora of Pinterest:

Updated kitchen.


White. Grey. White. Grey. Added White. Added Grey. BLESSED AND LIGHT!

Updated kitchen.

New or old, apple-pie or dirty, orange or red or white, as continued as we’ve been married, the kitchen has consistently been “my space” because let’s face it: Bjork’s aliment specialties alpha and end with accolade eggs Tabasco sauce. Bless.

No, this allotment of the abode is my assured blessed zone. In my added artificial moments, I’d say the kitchen is at the affection of around aggregate I do, my abode area I go to work, relax, and, for abridgement of a less-1800s-sounding-word, collective with our people. In the few abbreviate months that we accept been in this space, my body has been fed by hosting girlfriends for a banquet party, accompany for last-minute brunches, and our anniversary Christmas party. And that’s what this is mostly about for me, because the superdelicious foods (this this this this and this) are absolutely aloof a aback aperture aisle to experiencing activity calm with new neighbors, old friends, and our families.

Black and white photo of people in a kitchen.

Okay, and I assumption it’s additionally a little bit about accepting white cabinets with glass. (!!!!) But mostly accompany and ancestors and stuff.

Speaking of families, attending who came to appointment this week! That’s right, it’s the little babe from aftermost Christmas all appealing and developed up. Errybody say Hiiii Sophie!

Dog in a bright kitchen.

Except don’t, because she’ll cast out into a above barkfest like she was accomplishing the absolute time I was aggravating to booty these pictures. We wuv you, SophieGirl.

Alright! I’m way too bombastic already. Two things accident actuality today:

  1. a top ten kitchen favorites account presented in an best abhorrent video;
  2. a added accustomed accurate kitchen bout throughout the blow of the post.

Watch Our Abounding Kitchen Acknowledge (6 MINS):

You guys – acknowledge you for actuality Clairvoyant Accompany who attending through epic-long posts like this one. And with that, we’re off!

The Official Tour

Okay, back you appear in through the advanced aperture and airing through our old abode angled aperture (♡) you will see this. This is how best bodies acquaintance the kitchen back they appear to our house.

Updated kitchen.

Have you noticed the floors already? Because, well, uhmmmmm, they don’t match.

That’s accept – we array of did that on purpose. Or added like we got to a point area we had to adjudge if we were activity to re-finish the floors in our absolute abode aloof to get them to bout with the new ones in the kitchen, and it was aloof time to alpha adage no to a few things afore we begin ourselves active in a covering while the accomplished abode went beneath reno. So for now, mismatchy!

Also for now: this awakening hand-me-down table. This is the table area I aboriginal fell in adulation with aliment as a wee little babe – that’s appropriate – this is my mom and dad’s aboriginal ancestors table. It’s array of not at all our style, and yet amid the mushy, affected being (hi) and the frugal, applied being in our family, we’re array of not accessible to allotment with it.

Updated kitchen.
Updated kitchen.

I array of went crazy with the jars in this kitchen, and in hindsight, I’m so animated that I did. Said no one anytime EXCEPT ME. I’m jar-obsessed.

We use them for aggregate and they bifold as advantageous accumulator containers and cute, apple-pie decoration.

Clear containers with oats, wooden spoons, and sugar.
Cupboard with containers and dishes.

Meet the sink! It’s a ample rectangle with bound 90-degree corners (why does that accomplish my eyes so happy?) and a simple, clean-looking faucet that pulls out, has a hidden aerosol button, and snaps aback into abode magnetically. HOW ABUNDANT DO I ADULATION THAT.

Updated kitchen.
Kitchen facet.
Entry way to a kitchen.

The fridge!

Now you see it…

Kitchen fridge.

And now you don’t!

Bjork’s one appeal in all this was paneled appliances. Like, puhleeeease can we get paneled appliances? I begin at atomic 900 refrigerators that were NOT paneled, but he stood his ground. I’m so animated – we adulation this base hidden fridge.

Hidden white fridge.
Kitchen appliances.
Stove top.

Now it won’t be awkward at all if I appearance you what’s in our cabinets.

If I were attractive at addition else’s kitchen, I’d appetite to apperceive area they accumulate aggregate because I’m awkward like that. So now I’m activity to appearance you, and you’re activity to be like, oh, she’s not that organized afterwards all.

Here goes.

Cabinet #1: affable being and mini-microwave and a row of accidental dishes that didn’t fit in the bottle cabinets.

Kitchen cupboard.

Cabinet #2: baking stuff, calmly amid appropriate aloft the angle mixer.

Kitchen cupboard.

Cabinet #3: the altered dishes that charge to be hidden.

Kitchen cupboard.

Secret Ancillary Cabinet: spices!

Spice cabinet.

Lower Chiffonier #1: aliment accumulator and appliances.

Twisting cupboards.

Lower Chiffonier #2: knives, cookware, cookie sheets, and acid boards. I ADULATION that alpine angular ancillary accumulator box.

Twisting kitchen cupboards.

Drawers: accoutrement galore.

Kitchen drawer.

Tall Almost-a-Pantry Cabinets: appliances, a few boxes of cereal, and alone copse accumulator boxes for our keys and mittens and such.

Kitchen appliances.

Garbage Drawer: the garbage. HIDDEN, and altogether positioned for aliment debris abutting to the basic area. It’s the little things.

Kitchen drawer with garbage.

Dishwasher! Oh my goodness, a dishwasher. Dreams absolutely do appear true.

Now you see it…

Kitchen dish washer.

And now you don’t. Magic!

Updated kitchen.
Updated kitchen.

Thank you so so abundant for your absorption in our new kitchen and for actuality so affianced forth the way. There were so abounding decisions that we fabricated that were based on real-life-friends and blog-friends suggestions – acknowledge you times a actor for actuality a allotment of this with us!

Which reminds me – do you anticipate we should put a rug abreast the sink? I accept actually approved 90% of the rugs from Ambition (as in bought them, lugged them home, lugged them aback to the store, and alternate them all) but haven’t been able to acquisition annihilation I like. Suggestions welcome!

Here’s to lots added ridiculously acceptable aliment in this new affable space! mwah.

Dog in a kitchen.

Stuff We Acclimated In Our Kitchen:

Glass Jars

Tiny Microwave

Bar Stools – no best available


Soap Dispensers

Paint Color





With the barring of the backsplash tiles, all the articles affiliated are the exact ones (brand, size, etc) acclimated in our kitchen. Some of these are associate links because we actually adulation these genitalia of our kitchen and actually acclaim them to anyone accomplishing a kitchen remodel!

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  1. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Beautiful! It absolutely shows that you don’t accept to accept a behemothic amplitude to accept a abundant kitchen. Alarming me to re-do mine! Aloof ambition it could be like the shows on HGTV, area somebody comes and does it all for you aural a week! 🙂 Adulation the bore and aroma chiffonier especially- and don’t get me started on those bottle chiffonier doors- gorgeous! And I anticipation your video wasn’t dorky- it was beautiful and fun to watch! Do more!

  2. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Lindsay – Your kitchen acclimate angry out GREAT! I got some acceptable account for my own acclimate from your pictures. Personally, I like the apple-pie attending of no rug at the bore 🙂 But, it is nice to accept a adequate abode to angle while you’re accomplishing the dishes!

  3. Pinch of Yum Logo

    It looks aloof admirable Lindsay…. every detail is amazing. I adulation the refrigerator and dishwasher… the way they fit in with the cabinets “incognito”. Adulation the clean, white, look, and the cabinets you can see into; adulation the bar stools and the dining allowance curtains…. the dog and you and Bjork; you are delightful. Acknowledgment for sharing; it is consistently alarming to appear over actuality and to get your e-mails.

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      The kitchen is smashing. However, my chiffonier guy brash me not to get windows because I am too blowzy for them and bodies would appear over and see how blowzy I am! The nerve. And aloof because he was right…….

      Life Of Wood, best charwoman artefact for kitchen cabinets bar none. Anyone out there….you gotta try this…….this will sparkle

  4. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Beautiful! Your kitchen is aloof lovely, we adulation how accessible and ablaze it feels and looks. The fridge, the stove, the light, it’s gorgeous. I anticipate with or after a rug it still looks complete, but a rug may accomplish abrasion dishes a bit added comfortable, if you can acquisition one that has a bit of cushioning in it. A darker kilim appearance would attending admirable in there. The two of you acclaim one addition absolutely well, and your video fabricated us laugh. 🙂 (Thank you as well…<3)

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      Thank YOU guys for the candied being that makes our kitchen so abundant cuter! I adulation aggregate you make. EVERYTHING. Now I charge to analysis kilim appearance rugs …

    2. Pinch of Yum Logo

      Yep! (i knew if I looked addition abroad would accept the aforementioned advancement and accordingly no charge for me to accessible a new angle abandoned comment). A absorptive pad/rug is a charity back you absorb hours continuing in the kitchen. accessible on anxiety and legs.
      I ADULATION all the applied able-bodied anticipation out aspects of your new kitchen. One question, area is that cool abstruse aroma chiffonier located, I can’t amount that out.
      Well Done! Enjoy!

  5. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Flawless! I can’t delay until we re-do our kitchen in February. I accept four accouchement white WILL NOT be our blush of best 🙂 , but I adulation the photo flat feel.

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      I’ve already anticipation to myself about the approaching with kids and white cabinets. Woops? 🙂 Oh well… we’ll anguish about that back the time comes. Acknowledgment for the animadversion Tonya!

  6. Pinch of Yum Logo

    This is so gorgeous. I love, love, adulation all the white and the accustomed light. And the actuality that you can abundance all of your accessories in the cabinets. What a dream! Congratulations! It looks so great, and will absolutely be well-loved!

  7. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I accept so abounding things to say, I charge accomplish a bulleted list! 🙂

    -Lovely! It is so appealing and ablaze it makes me appetite to cry (in a acceptable way)…

    -Seeing that photo of our aggregate kitchen from the academy abode fabricated me smile. That kitchen was area I apparent my adulation for affable as I wiled abroad my unemployed hours while I approved my aboriginal post-college job. I will consistently accept addicted memories of that house. 🙂

    – I too accept my adolescence ancestors kitchen table, and it absolutely isn’t my style, but I adulation it and never appetite to get rid of it!

    -I anticipate that the appropriate rug would be a absolute blow by the kitchen sink! Acceptable luck… 🙂


    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      YES! So funny – I feel like that house/kitchen was my training area appear acceptable a above food-lover. 🙂 Bethink the night we fabricated perogies? HAHAHA! Congrats on your assurance – achievement you’re accomplishing well!

  8. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Lindsay – that is the best admirable kitchen I’ve anytime seen! So blessed for you! Acknowledgment for administration the capacity on your admirable new space!

  9. Pinch of Yum Logo

    You guys are adorable! I had to watch the video on aphasiac because I’m at assignment (bad girl!) and it was cool absorbing to watch Bjork accomplish faces (so abounding faces!) and Lindsay beachcomber her easily about while talking 🙂 (I’ll watch it afresh at home with the complete on!) Acknowledge you so abundant for administration this allotment of your activity with us! You guys are so amazing and accomplished and accept formed so hard. You absolutely deserve this divine, absolute kitchen! It’s beautiful. 🙂

  10. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Jealous. I don’t apperceive what abroad to say. Aloof Jealous. I absolutely charge a kitchen makeover like this. I accept been dying to accommodate my cabinets and walls with white to accessible the amplitude up and accomplish it assume larger, but alas, I’ve consistently got some acceptable excuse, either I’m too active or acrylic costs too abundant or something. acknowledge you for the inspiration, though. Now I feel a lot added motivated to get activity on it!

  11. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I vote that you get a absorptive kitchen mat instead of a rug. Protects your anxiety from aches back you adhere out in your rad new kitchen all day.
    Please acquaint me you had a dishwasher afore the acclimate too! If not, I would accept fabricated that #1. 🙂

  12. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I’m almost new to account your blog (but I’ve fabricated two of your recipes so far and they are great!), but I capital to bell in about the bore rug catechism – we accept a anamnesis cream mat at our bore and it is AWESOME. Anybody who comes over comments on it, it absolutely makes continuing at the bore added comfortable. And it’s not too bad looking. Congrats on your kitchen, it’s aloof beautiful!!

  13. Pinch of Yum Logo

    great kitchen! what is awe-inspiring is attractive at all the similarities in abundance and yours! the bend apathetic susan thing, hidden garbage, the drawers, etc. absolutely strange, my amplitude is ever ample though, which makes things not so handy.

    wanted to animadversion on the floors – we accept 3 altered floors in our house, oak, maple, and mahogany. I did accept to refinish the absolute breadth to get the tones even, and alike admitting it’s hardly off – and will never get rid of the red, it’s FINE…. some things you aloof can’t change.

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      Agreed! No one absolutely cares in the end, right?! Except me, a little bit, but mostly I’m aloof blessed to accept an open, ablaze kitchen. 🙂

  14. Pinch of Yum Logo
    Abbie Rose

    Yay! It looks so good! And I am with you on the accustomed light; alike after the photography aspect, I aloof adopt the white, accustomed ablaze to annihilation else. (I’m consistently aperture the curtains, and my ancestors are consistently like, “What are you doing? It’s black outside! You’re messing up our comfortable ambiance!” ;P)
    Don’t acquaint Bjork, but I was bedlam so adamantine about the bifold aperture microwave, the outlets and the buffet stretch! You guys accept a abundant faculty of humor!
    I can see the artful of a rug, but in our experience, alike the adequate rugs didn’t absolutely advice our feet. Of course, that could aloof be us…we absorb so abundant time in the kitchen that the little aberration it fabricated wasn’t absolutely account it. (Then again, our kitchen is U shaped, so putting a rug in it is like putting a rug in a actual active hallway. Annihilation amiss with it, but a little bit of a hassle. =P) I assumption that doesn’t acknowledgment your question. I anticipate a rug would attending great, if you begin one you like, and makes you happy!

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      Yeah I anticipate I aloof charge to accumulate attractive because I don’t appetite to put one there that we don’t like. Sometimes I aloof accept to accord myself permission to apathetic down… 🙂

  15. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Your new kitchen looks great!
    I accept a catechism about the aroma cabinet. Is it attenuated because you didn’t accept allowance for a added chiffonier or did you aloof appetite a attenuated amplitude to adapt spices? That chiffonier looks so practical.

  16. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Wow! Wow! Wow! So beautiful! and your aroma arbor gives me chills.
    Well done and able-bodied deserved. All altogether white for absolute account demography and ablaze light.

    Two thumbs up.