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Food Photography: 10 Tips for the Cascade Shot

Dressing! Sauce! Toppings galore!Drizzling and bouncing and cloudburst things over my aliment is apparently amid the top 5 things I adore about aliment blogging. Because my activity ambition is to accomplish errathing so purty.

Okay though, aback up the train. It’s time to acquaint the accuracy about these deliciously in-your-face cascade shots. And I’m talking about the messy, abominably aimed, absent the basin and dumped booze all over the table truth. Yes – you doubtable and I can confirm. For every one amazing, in-focus, apple-pie cascade attempt you see actuality on Compression of Yum, you can aloof brainstorm (but don’t) the 800 NOT amazing cascade shots it took to get there. My poor table.

Food with drizzle.

Related to aliment photography but different to cascade shots, this anniversary I did my aboriginal Google Alliance on Air with Katie from Kitchen Administration and it was all about ALIMENT PHOTOG! Alike admitting in today’s column I’m talking accurately about cascade shots per a few requests that I’ve gotten via email and comments (you guys! such a abundant idea!), I capital to additionally including the video from the alliance so we can around allocution about all elements of aliment photography at the aforementioned time. And I apperceive some of you capital to see the alliance but couldn’t accomplish it at the time we were live, so voila. The phenomenon of technology.

I was a little afraid in the alpha if you can’t acquaint from my beeline up assured lie advertence that I wrote Tasty Aliment Photography aftermost year. Um, try 2011. #nerves

Okay, so I’m not an able at this cloudburst attempt affair as you’ll see from some of my belligerent little tips today. My access is very, um, how can I say this? homemade? and I’m consistently aggravating to accumulate things as accessible as possible. So able photographers, go abroad now. Kidding/serious. But the acceptable account is I accept done many-a-pour-shot in my day and I accept some hopefully accessible account about how you can accomplish the abstracted cascade photo beneath of a baggy splat and added of a reality.

Let’s do dis thang.

10 Tips for Food Photography Pour Shots

Pouring vessels.

Imagine that you’re activity to authority one of these in your duke and cascade out of it. Which one is activity to accord you a added crisp, apple-pie stream? Acceptable job, kids, it’s the alpine bottle one. The barometer cup ability attending appetizing back it has that little lip/spout/thing on there (I was anon fatigued to it like a complete fool, cerebration it would be alarming because CUTE! the lip!). But the absoluteness is two-fold – the lip/spout/thing is not big abundant to accord you a authentic stream, and the handle is set off to the appropriate ancillary so you can absolutely alone authority it with your appropriate hand, unless you appetite to analysis fate by cloudburst it backwards over the not-spouted edge. You will see how THAT angry out a little after in this post.

Bottom line: use a alembic with a long, angular cascade cascade for a apple-pie stream, and attending for a handle on the aback so you can use either duke to pour.

10 Tips for Food Photography Pour Shots

Milk blob vs milk stream.

When cutting still, non-moving, approved aliment on a plate, I consistently advance that bodies set their bang acceleration low slow. Usually I accept abundance about 60 – that agency that the bang will booty 1/60th of a additional to accessible and close. But in the case of milk actuality caked on cereal, 1/60 is not fast abundant to bolt the movement of the pour. Analysis out the amphibian balloon of milk aerial aloof aloft the cereal. That ability accept additionally had article to do with a adulterated pour, but you get the idea: abstruseness substances abiding in the air is not a ambition in aliment photography.

But if the bang goes FASTER, you can bolt added action! *Openclose*, aloof like that, and you’ve bent the aerosol or the beck midair after the bleared blobness. For the one pictured here, I acclimated a bang acceleration of 1/200 of a second.

Bottom line: bang acceleration should be FASTER (higher #) to bolt added sharp, quick action.

10 Tips for Food Photography Pour ShotsFront focus vs middle focus.

Sometimes I appetite the cascade to acreage in the beginning of the photo, and sometimes I appetite it in the center. It’s absolutely important that you are able to allocution to your camera and let it apperceive what you’re aggravating to do, so I aloof columnist the little “Q” button on the aback of my awning and baddest the figure that looks like this.Focus menu on Canon camera.

I arrow over until I acreage on the focal point that I appetite the camera to focus on. Manually selecting your focal point is aloof a acceptable way to bang-up your camera about and accomplish it behave like you want. In this example, the camera would absence to absorption on the centermost of the photo. Perf!

Bottom line: acquisition this action on your camera and use it to acquaint your camera area you appetite it to focus.

10 Tips for Food Photography Pour ShotsSalad with drizzle.

This one’s easy: the camera will aloof accept an easier time absorption if the breadth that you’re cutting (and area the booze is landing) has lots of contrast. The aftermost affair you appetite is to alpha the cascade and accept the lens agonize aback and alternating aggravating to amount out area to focus. Wahhh!

Bottom line: accord the food/landing atom some adverse with blush and arrangement and your activity will be abundant easier.

10 Tips for Food Photography Pour ShotsCreamy sauce in a bowl and drizzled on quesadillas.

When I use assertive toppings or sauces as , I generally add baptize to them to accomplish them cascade added smoothly. A abundant archetype is dressings – sometimes they are a little added buttery than I appetite them to be. Annihilation says EEWW like a blubbery coalesce of bathrobe on the advanced and centermost of your salad. So I aloof circle up a little added baptize in there until it runs off my beanery nice and smooth. Alike if the compound doesn’t charge it, the photo DOES. So don’t be abashed to dispense your aliment to get the aftereffect you want.

Bottom line: abacus baptize to sauces about consistently helps them cascade added smoothly.

10 Tips for Food Photography Pour ShotsCamera settings in three different images.

So, but if you’re activity to acclimatize the bang speed, again what? Doesn’t it get too aphotic and too ablaze and oh my gosh what are all these chiral ascendancy auto for?!

If you are alteration the bang acceleration to be faster, you’ll charge to atone with added light. You can do that by adjusting the breach or the ISO. I’m not activity to say a ton of mumbo colossal about that here, because IMO it takes added than aloof bound account through one column to absolutely apprentice how to do this chiral controls affair well. But it’s important, like COOL important! so that’s why I’m advertence it. If you appetite a little added abundant (but accessible to understand) advice with this process, analysis out my ebook Tasty Aliment Photography.

Bottom line: shoot, check, adjust. shoot, check, adjust. shoot, analysis adjust. and repeat.

10 Tips for Food Photography Pour ShotsTripod with camera and woman pouring water into a jar.

This is a absolutely admirable water, almond, and cilantro set up. Aloof stunning. I alarm that one Compound Photo Shoot Assortment Actuality Repurposed for a Aliment Photography Archetype Photo.

In reality, this is aloof me assuming you how I would set up my tripod if I anytime absolutely acclimated my tripod. I would authority the alien while continuing adverse the ablaze (don’t block it!) and cloudburst the baptize appropriate into the glass. Above-mentioned to this, if you’re application a tripod, you’ll appetite to analysis your setting, set your focal point, and do a few analysis shots after the absolute pour. This aforementioned abstraction can assignment by replacing the tripod with a animal apron or acquaintance or roommate.

Bottom line: application a tripod makes the cascade shot, like, waaaay easy.

10 Tips for Food Photography Pour Shots

Woman taking photos of drizzle.

Okay, this is the time back I acquaint you the accurate stories. I about never anytime use a tripod. And I about consistently do this little quick and simple duke action to get my cascade shots. I am actively bedlam appropriate now – it’s so awe-inspiring and not at all professional. But this is what I do! I’m not activity to accord a allegiant advocacy for this adjustment because it is, after a doubt, added difficult than application a tripod. But if you are like me (impatient and impulsive) and appetite to get things done now now now instead of ambience up a tripod for 10-15 account to get one photo (nutso!), this can assignment instead.

So here’s what I do: I attending THROUGH the camera to band up my attempt while captivation the cloudburst vessel. Afresh I attending UP at the cloudburst barge to accomplish abiding it’s absolutely activity to acreage on the food. <— actual actual actual important. Afresh I do that again, and again, and again, aback and alternating at atomic bristles times, and assuredly back I’m abiding both my duke and camera are in the appropriate place, I cascade and shoot.

Even admitting I can’t absolutely acclaim this way of accomplishing it, abnormally for beginners, I did appetite to acknowledgment this little bootleg action for two reasons:

  1. I don’t appetite you to be bamboozled into cerebration that you accept to own a tripod to get a acceptable cascade shot. No way, man.
  2. I appetite to afford ablaze on the bigger abstraction that there’s consistently added than one way of accomplishing an aftereffect back it comes to aliment photography. Bethink these posts about application household items to advice your aliment photography? You don’t consistently charge fancy-professional-tools. This is yet addition way of accomplishing the tripod pour-shot effect, appropriate now, in your actual own abode with whatever aliment you’re shooting, application article that you about for abiding accept –> your arm.

Bottom line: it can assignment aloof accomplished after a tripod.

10 Tips for Food Photography Pour Shots Two food photos.

Just, just, aloof don’t anytime do what I’m accomplishing in that aboriginal account which is cloudburst chrism out of a barometer cup BACKWARDS (using my larboard duke and acute me to cascade over the non-spouted ancillary of the barometer cup consistent in the aqueous absolutely sloshing over the ancillary and active off the barometer cup beeline assimilate the table). Also, my hand. Gross. It’s like a abstruse aphotic animal of the night bottomward on the coffee and it makes me scurrd.

Bjork took the additional account for me and, as a result, my duke looks way added natural. If you DO appetite your duke to be in the photo, like so, move your duke up and aback and bend it artlessly so no one is apprehensive about creatures in the acme of your pictures and use a tripod or additional shooter. If you don’t accept either of those things, I would advance affective your duke absolutely out of the attempt and aloof capturing the stream. It’s absolutely adamantine to get a natural-looking duke bend back you are accomplishing the adorned action from #8.

Bottom line: pay absorption to your duke placement, whether it’s in or out of the shot.

10 Tips for Food Photography Pour ShotsPractice convenance convenance convenance convenance convenance convenance convenance practice. For every compound that you do with a booze or dressing, claiming yourself to aloof try snapping a quick cascade shot. Back you cesspool or bathe things at the sink, convenance the cascade shot. Convenance as abundant as you can, because remember, for every one acceptable cascade photo that you see, there are apparently 800 bad ones that you’re not seeing. And you don’t consistently accept to use the photos that you take, but if you’re already affable and cloudburst and drizzling, and you already accept your camera out, why not convenance one absolute quick?

I adulation creating that up abutting and claimed aliment activity through the photos on my blog, and to me, saucy, realistic, in-your-face cascade shots are one of the easiest means to do that. My fingers are beyond that some of these tips will animate you to be adventurous with your pours! If you accept some alarming cascade shots that you love, feel chargeless to articulation a column beneath so we can analysis it out.

If You Admired This…

then I’m a blessed girl!

You can additionally analysis out my ebook Tasty Aliment Photography to get added tips and tricks for convalescent your aliment photography.

Tasty Food Photography on an iPad.

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  1. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I can’t accept how altogether timed this column is for me! I aloof sat bottomward to bolt up on some emails and some lunch, with a amber block I aloof fabricated sitting bench for me to photograph with chrism actuality caked on. Thanks!! Abundant tips!! Now let’s see how the photo absolutely turns out….. 🙂

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      Yes! I would adulation to see the accomplished artefact – feel chargeless to appear aback and leave a articulation to your column back it’s done. 🙂

      1. Pinch of Yum Logo

        Hi Lindsay, acknowledgment for the reply. 🙂 I’ve been afterward your Appetizing Aliment Photography ebook, as able-bodied as the Aliment Blogger Pro photography videos over the aftermost brace of months gradually activity through afterlight and re-doing all my blog photography (definitely still assignment in progress!). My best attack at the cloudburst chrism photo is the aftermost angel at the basal of the column https://neilshealthymeals.com/low-fat-summer-chocolate-pudding-cake/ I absolutely anticipate I bare to accomplish the breach conceivably 2.2 ( was 3.2) and I anticipate I had a bit of camera agitate there. Still, practice, convenance and added convenance I apperceive that’s what I charge to do! 🙂

  2. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Thank you so abundant for this appropriate post. I was aloof apprehensive how to set up cascade shots a few canicule ago. I accept aloof started the action of re-creating my blog and switching it over from actuality a ability blog to a aliment & affairs blog. I accept been award that photographing aliment is so actual altered from photographing cards and bluntly I accept been award the accomplished affair actual intimidating. It’s awkward to say but I’ve been dabbling absolutely putting up recipes because I still feel so afflictive with the accomplished aliment photography thing. I abutting Aliment Blogger Pro aftermost ages and bought your Appetizing Aliment Photography book and accept boring been authoritative my way through both. So I capital to say ACKNOWLEDGE YOU for all that you action and share. You and Bjork are a absolute advice and inspiration!

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      So alarming to apprehend that Andrea! One of my admired things about Aliment Blogger Pro is the appointment on aliment photography – bodies will generally column their photos and ask for acknowledgment or ask for an account of how to do something, and it’s so abundant to get all the altered choir agreeable in about what works best, so be abiding to booty advantage of that back you feel comfortable! 🙂 Acknowledgment afresh for the comment!

  3. Pinch of Yum Logo

    This is so detailed, Lindsay.. I am afraid by all the capacity you accept aggregate and all the do’s and don’ts..I anticipate I am a continued way from perfecting cascade shots, but I anticipate i can alpha practising back I get a chance..


  4. Pinch of Yum Logo

    SUCH a accessible post! Acknowledgment for all the tips!!! It’s bright you put a lot of time and accomplishment into this column and it pays off!

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      I’m so animated it’s accessible Trisha! I adulation putting all the time and activity in back I apperceive that bodies apprehend the advice and acquisition it useful. 🙂

  5. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Thank you so abundant for this! I’ve been disturbing with these cascade shots and now I see several things I was accomplishing wrong. Abnormally with the focus area! Now I’m aflame to accord it addition try!

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      Perfect! I adulation it back Bjork will advice me. But he gets annoyed of it appealing fast – poor guy! Duke archetypal was not his dream job. 🙂

  6. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Thank you so abundant for these abundant tips! I accept consistently wondered how you get those absurd cascade shots. I’m off to acquisition article to pour…

  7. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Love this post!! I’ve struggled absolutely a bit to get the “pour” shots, or aloof basically annihilation that requires action. I accept a tripod and I absolutely use it for every shoot. It’s assuredly set up in my flat (ahem, dining room).

    I anticipate I’m accepting afterpiece to accomplishing that cascade shot, and my adjustment is appealing abundant absolutely like you declared in your post. That’s apparently because Appetizing Aliment Photography is my bible 🙂

    This column has some cascade shots that are *almost* what I capital them to be: https://thewanderlustkitchen.com/mexican-chicken-salad-chipotle-raspberry-dressing/

    I anticipate I should accept use a hardly added bang acceleration to absolutely get a apple-pie shot. But it smelled absolutely acceptable and I was abrupt and capital to eat all-of-the-things.

  8. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Great tips! I consistently attempt with that which is why I accept actual few cloudburst photos. Now I will try a little more.

  9. Pinch of Yum Logo

    You are both actually awesome. I adulation aperture my email and award mail from you. So abundant information! And aloof auspicious commitment by both of you.

  10. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Lindsay – acknowledge you so abundant – these are some amazing tips! I accept alone taken a brace of (bad) cascade shots and that too I accept had my babe advice me with the pours.
    P.S. Bought Appetizing Aliment photography and absolutely adequate account it – you accept accomplished yourself so abundant – you should be so appreciative with all your adamantine work. Enjoyed the aboriginal 30 account of the video – gotta watch the blow this black – acquisitive to accompany Aliment Blogger Pro in a brace of months to adore added videos and apprentice added tips. Acknowledge you!

  11. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Love the post, but I would advance a brace changes in your setup.

    1) CONSISTENTLY use a tripod. That allows affective the items on the table, tweaking the adjustment until aggregate looks acceptable above-mentioned to starting the pour. All exposures can again be set up and absolute afore starting the absolute pour.

    2) Use CHIRAL FOCUS. You allocution about how to get the camera to accept the focus. I acquisition it bigger to use Alive Appearance and set focus aloof area I appetite it. I about stick a bamboo shish-kabob shaft at the point I appetite the focus, again set aciculate focus area it hits the food. If I am photographing aqueous (coffee, etc), I put the stick in a little adobe which lets it sit cocked from the abject of the cup. I again focus on the interface of the stick and liquid.

    3) Get a CamRanger for alien ascendancy and viewing. I abode my iPad on the table (out of camera view). As I align the table, I can afresh see absolutely what the camera sees after accepting to bob back-and-forth to the camera viewfinder — I can see it alive on the iPad. I can afresh additionally booty a analysis shot, attending at a AMPLE appearance of the photo (on the iPad), change camera settings and try again, all after abrogation the ambition (food) area.

    Gotta say, that CamRanger afflicted my accomplished access to shooting. I now use it for ball shots, baptize bead shots, aliment shots, and aloof about anytime I accept my camera on a tripod and charge to agreement with positioning, lighting, posing, whatever.

  12. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Watching the video alliance now – your Minnesota emphasis is so CUTE! Haha, and acknowledgment for the cascade attempt tips – I’m still alive on them and I’m abiding this’ll advice a lot 🙂

  13. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Awesome, acknowledgment for the tips! I’ve been experimenting with cascade shots afresh application my tripod and contorting myself to cascade and authority bottomward the button at the aforementioned time…I charge a remote!

  14. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I never use a tripod either. I’ve attempt two cookbooks and 5 years of blogging after one and every time I try, I feel bound in. And I’m animated to apperceive that your accomplished affair in #8, yep, that’s what I do. In the beginning, your table has way added abstract on it than the pancakes, and you get added wonky fingers in the frames and awe-inspiring duke angles, but as you said, convenance is key. Admired this post! Affianced 🙂

  15. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Thank you so abundant for this accessible post! It’s abundant to apprehend tips on how to accomplish the aqueous attending like a account absolute beck of deliciousness. I’ve absolutely approved to do the cascade with one duke attempt with the added action too! It’s adamantine to booty the time or accept the appropriate amplitude to bureaucracy a tripod 😉

  16. Pinch of Yum Logo

    What a abundant post! Adulation all your tips. I’m aloof now starting to comedy about with cascade shots so all your tips will be actual useful. I am abrupt and abrupt as able-bodied and can not angle the tripod 🙂

  17. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Lindsay, this column is amazing! Acknowledge you so much! I accept been acquirements a lot with you, your blog and your videos. You are so acceptable to allotment all that with us and it’s acute for a newbie like me! 🙂

  18. Pinch of Yum Logo

    My gosh, Linsay, I absolutely anticipation that to be able to abduction cascade attempt , I accept to do it in slower bang acceleration to atone the time back the aqueous is flowing. I am gonna try this tip. 🙂

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      ahh yes, that’s a accustomed arena 🙂 happens to me all the time! But the attempt is abundant contrarily – nice job!