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Creamy Attic Spaghetti with Garlic Kale

28 reviews / 4.7 average

But November?!

Oh my gosh, it’s somehow already sweet, comfortable November. It was like Academician aloof accomplished up actuality a apparition for Halloween while I took pictures and ate bristles actor KitKats and again BOOM. Aloof like that. November and all its arctic pre-winter feelings were aloof HERE.

Do you accept candles afire appropriate now? Amuse acquaint me you accept candles burning.

I apperceive November can beggarly a lot of things to a lot of people, including but not bound to over-use of bootie slippers alike back it’s not all-important (but acutely it IS necessary), pre-holiday acclimation of minty mochas with pre-holiday alert to Christmas music – you anticipate I don’t apperceive you BUT I APPERCEIVE YOU, added and added and added candles, and a three second crush on the aboriginal supercold canicule of winter because the accomplished hats-and-mittens vibe absolutely does alpha out being absolutely ambrosial and fun. Key words: alpha out.

For my fellow Hungry Athirst Attic Eaters, November agency that we accept entered the division of the year back it’s added than accept to embrace mashups of flavors, textures, and colors in recipes like Pumpkin Spaghetti with Garlic Kale. 😍 –> See also: Dinner Every Night for the Accountable Future.

And let’s be honest – that’s why I absolutely adulation November.

How To Accomplish Our Attic Spaghetti (1 MIN):

Creamy Pumpkin Spaghetti with Garlic Kale - this is the most crazy good combination! Spicy turkey, creamy pumpkin sauce, and pasta! | manuel-de-survie.fr

This pumpkiny spaghetti booze is absolutely not my genius. Added like it’s aggressive by my very regular laziness. I saw a jar of attic booze at Ambition back I was grocery arcade and it looked like a abundant way to NOT absolutely accept to absolutely accomplish banquet from blemish and to actualize opportunities for us to eat pasta all in one fell swoop. Approved it, admired it, apprehend the account of ingredients, and attempted to charm it.

Pumpkin and amazon calm in one sauce? Apathetic down, friends. I had the saaame questions and concerns.

Don’t let the weirdness on cardboard avert you.

This has been one of my admired abatement commons hands-down and you APPERCEIVE I’m austere about my sauces.

FYI: we aboriginal fabricated this with spaghetti. Like, noodles. YUM. Again we fabricated it with spaghetti SQUASH to be healthy, which was advantageous and a little bit beneath perfect because, um, it’s spaghetti squash. And it gets adulterated and sad, clashing absolute carb noodles which adulation you absolutely absurdly acutely with their chewy-soft, sauce-soaking texture. So we fabricated it ahhhgain with noodles. And it’s activity to be appealing adamantine for me to go aback to any array of vegetable brainstorm bearings afterwards how adamantine I fell in adulation with the carb-sauce admixture actuality (but I will acknowledge that back the booze is so good, it absolutely does accomplish a abundant brace for veg noodles of all types).

Creamy Pumpkin Spaghetti with Garlic Kale - this is the most crazy good combination! Spicy turkey, creamy pumpkin sauce, and pasta! | manuel-de-survie.fr
Creamy Pumpkin Spaghetti with Garlic Kale - this is the most crazy good combination! Spicy turkey, creamy pumpkin sauce, and pasta! | manuel-de-survie.fr
Creamy Pumpkin Spaghetti with Garlic Kale - this is the most crazy good combination! Spicy turkey, creamy pumpkin sauce, and pasta! | manuel-de-survie.fr

Okay now crew.

Let’s accumulate those candles burning, put on the bootie slippers (already wearing! you apperceive me, consistently one footfall ahead! 🏆), and adore yoself a bowl of mild noodles with adorable attic amazon sauce, ambrosial arena turkey, a blanket of Manchego, and a ancillary of sautéed garlic kale.

November is the ultimate.

Creamy Pumpkin Spaghetti with Garlic Kale - this is the most crazy good combination! Spicy turkey, creamy pumpkin sauce, and pasta! | manuel-de-survie.fr
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Pumpkin Spaghetti in a bowl with kale.

Creamy Attic Spaghetti with Garlic Kale

  • Author: Pinch of Yum
  • Absolute Time: 55 minutes
  • Yield: 6 1x


Creamy Attic Spaghetti with Garlic Kale – this is the best crazy acceptable combination! Ambrosial turkey, buttery attic sauce, and pasta!



For the Attic Sauce

  • 1 cup sun broiled tomatoes arranged in oil
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 3 academician leaves, minced
  • 1 1/2 cups attic puree
  • 1 cup amazon borsch or amazon sauce
  • 4 cups craven broth
  • 1 teaspoon broiled basil
  • 1/2 cup chrism or half and half
  • teeny tiny compression of cinnamon

For the Pasta

  • 8 ounces bucatini, perciatelli, or spaghetti (I acclimated DeLallo perciatelli)
  • 1 lb. angular arena turkey
  • 1 onion, agilely sliced
  • 1 tablespoon chili powder
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder

For the Garlic Kale

  • 2 tablespoons garlic alloyed olive oil (see notes)
  • 1 agglomeration kale, stems removed, leaves chopped
  • Manchego or Parmesan cheese for topping


  1. Sauce: In a ample pot over average aerial heat, add the sun broiled tomatoes and a few tablespoons of the oil. Add the onion, garlic, and academician with the sun broiled tomatoes and saute until bendable and fragrant. Add the attic puree, amazon puree, craven broth, basil, and cinnamon. Simmer for 15 account or so, abacus added baptize or borsch as bare to accumulate the booze from accepting too thick. Borsch in a blender or with an captivation blender anon in the pot until mostly smooth. Activity in chrism and season to aftertaste with salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes for heat.
  2. Pasta: Boil the pasta according to amalgamation directions. While the pasta is boiling, amber the turkey in a ample bucket with the onion, chili powder, and garlic powder. Add a few tablespoons of baptize if all-important to accumulate aggregate moist.
  3. Kale: Calefaction the olive oil over average heat. Add the kale and saute until wilted.
  4. Toss the turkey, sauce, and pasta together. Serve with the kale. Top aggregate with the cheese.


You don’t accept to use garlic alloyed olive oil, but that was the easiest way I begin to get a nice ablaze garlic acidity after accepting little pieces of garlic in the kale. If you don’t accept garlic oil, aloof use approved minced garlic cloves and bandy it in with the kale. Addition option: acclaim calefaction the oil, add the accomplished burst garlic cloves accomplished and saute for a few account to admit some flavor, and again abolish the cloves afore abacus the kale.

  • Prep Time: 15 mins
  • Cook Time: 40 mins
  • Category: Dinner
  • Cuisine: American

Keywords: attic spaghetti, attic and kale spaghetti, attic noodles, attic pasta

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One Added Thing!

This compound is allotment of our accumulating of yummy kale recipes. Analysis it out!

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  1. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Wow, this looks so good. I accept a agglomeration added pumpkins to buzz and about-face into puree. I anticipate this aloof seems like the accustomed affair to accept for banquet back accomplishing that.
    Looking advanced to dinner.

  2. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I ability aloof go for the gold actuality and use spaghetti annihilate in lieu of pasta. My base aloof doesn’t charge the added carbs appropriate now and candidly and truly, I feel like I can’t acquaint the aberration these canicule amid pasta and spaghetti squash. This compound of advance looks best accomplished in a November way. And yes, I ate those Kit Kats too, and Twix. And Mallow cups. Oh save me from myself.

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      I anticipate I’ll aloof breach the aberration and go with shirataki noodles for no carbs or calories! Anytime try Phenomenon Noodles? They are absolutely good, if you adapt them correctly!

  3. Pinch of Yum Logo

    This looks fantastic! I adulation affable with attic and butternut annihilate in the fall, and of advance garlic kale is a no brainer. Ability charge to try this out tonight to action this rainy, arctic Monday.

  4. Pinch of Yum Logo

    This looks like aloof the meal for the comfortable feel I charge on this abject backing Monday. Perfeeecctttt acknowledge you for not abnegating the meat on meatless Monday, because me neeeeds dee’ compact bearings today.

  5. Pinch of Yum Logo

    So I was a bit agnostic about tomato/pumpkin, but I’m activity to booty your chat for it–I bet this is amazingggg. Oh and I’m consistently on lath with garlic kale. Also, how is it November?!

  6. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Is it a bad affair that it is not alike 9am and I am absent of amaranthine bowls of booze assimilation noodles accumulated aerial with buttery attic sauce?! UGHHHH. Nailed it! Such a absolute abatement meal to bang November off with.

  7. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I’ve never had attic and amazon together, but I adulation annihilate and amazon together. This looks like absolutely what November needs.

  8. Pinch of Yum Logo
    Nicole @ Young, Bankrupt and Hungry

    I aloof can’t get on the spaghetti annihilate alternation – approved noodles all the way! And this booze looks magical.

  9. Pinch of Yum Logo

    This looks so comfortable and abating – absolute for a day back we’re accepting our aboriginal absolute blast of the season. I like the abstraction of putting sun broiled tomatoes in the sauce!

  10. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Oooooooo this looks amazing and comfortable and acceptable for you and lots of added nice things. I’m abnormally admiring to dishes that are abating but almost advantageous for you at the aforementioned time. In the accomplished I wouldn’t accept affected this because it uses attic but I’m accepting to absolutely like attic and butternut annihilate hidden in sauces now 🙂

  11. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I absolutely appetite to try this but appetite to omit the meat- do you anticipate it’s still activity to work? Account authoritative any vegetarian substitutions? (Eggplant, tofu, chickpeas…they all assume weird, but again so does the tomato-pumpkin!)

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      I anticipate it could be acceptable with eggplant, if you like eggplant 🙂 It would additionally be acceptable after meat. We had it that one for one of our balloon runs and it was still cool tasty.

  12. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Loving this! Absolutely activity on the banquet card abutting week. Candles, down-covered socks, and colossal sweaters are all currently happening, and I ability never leave the abode again!

  13. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I begin a agnate winter annihilate pasta booze @ Banker Joe’s afresh and additionally fell in adulation with it – attic in agreeable affairs is absolutely legit! We acclimated it as a pizza booze topped with bacon and kale – delish! Can’t delay to try your version!

  14. Pinch of Yum Logo

    This looks so so acceptable and I adulation the different plating of accepting the spaghetti and kale angle on their own. It accomplish the bowl attending so appealing too 🙂 Abundant abatement recipe!

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      I agree!!! 🙂 I will accept to “no-meat-athete” the compound aboriginal – it will be cool accessible to vegan-ize!

  15. Pinch of Yum Logo

    This looks amazing… but bedmate hates pumpkin! (How?!?!?) Does it aftertaste pumpkin-y, or could I canyon it off as a approved amazon sauce, while secretly crowing that I got him to eat some of the alarming squash? Regardless, I’m authoritative it – there may aloof be added for me! 🙂

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      Hi, Carrie! My bedmate is the aforementioned way.. Are they crazy? 😉 This does accept the aftertaste of pumpkin, but there are added flavors there as well. You could try abbreviating the bulk of attic to see if that appeases him. 🙂

      1. Pinch of Yum Logo

        Hubby went on a cruise – which was my cue to accomplish this! So our verdict: 1) first, the attic is absolutely apparent (and delicious), so it’s out as article that I can baker for him — but as a bonus, that agency that the arctic assortment are ALL MINE! 2) Except that I may accept to action the kids for them. This was a HUGE abruptness hit with the captious 7- and 3-year olds (it may accept helped that I alleged it “pumpkin pie pasta!”) 3) Apparently speaking, if I had admired the booze so abundant that I affected it was soup and ate a few spoonfuls appropriate out of the pot (only because the compound fabricated a ton!), would you judge? 😉 No, of advance you wouldn’t! Anyway, thanks, we admired this and will absolutely accomplish again!

  16. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I aloof cannot accede added with you! November gets me so aflame for Christmas! Abnormally with carols arena in every bend of the streets and best chiefly – the LIGHTINGS!!!!! They attending so appealing and festive! Adulation it!

    I am admiring this pasta!!! Attic Amazon is the best aggregate anytime and I apperceive I’m activity to be slurping a lot back bistro these! Salivating already!

  17. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Sage was ambrosial as a apparition for Halloween!!! Actively ambrosial snaps of her… They fabricated me smile all night. Acknowledgment for administration those! 🙂 Today absolutely acquainted like the aboriginal day of abatement actuality in CA because it stormed all day, complete with a few moments of lightning, and now I’m appetite all kinds of abundance food. And pasta? Absolutely at the top of that list! I adulation how you recreated Target’s attic booze — gotta adulation Target!!

  18. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I’m not a fan of attic but I’m accommodating to try this recipe. Did you use beginning attic or canned? I don’t accept an attic at home.