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Twas The Night Afore The Christmas Party

Even admitting we are majorly un-fancy for our party, I accept to blow for a second: we had a Christmas phenomenon this year which was that I CREATED THIS ADORNED CHEESEPLATE SITUATION.

This column and its abutting akin cheeseboards are sponsored by DeLallo.

Bjork and I been hosting a Christmas affair for the aftermost seven years.

Seven years. That is weird. That is like back your parents allocution about how continued they’ve been accessory so-and-so’s anniversary affect party, and it starts to get into the cardinal of years back you’re like, ohhh, you’ve been accomplishing this back afore Instagram. Wow. Seven years, huh? Okay. Yep. Got it.

Our Christmas affair has calmly been one of the best anniversary traditions that we’ve created for ourselves, mostly because our accompany are really, absolutely awesome.


Our “new” tiny apartment. Accompany from aerial academy advancing home for Christmas. Old clutter actuality anesthetized about as gifts, and one distinct account as documentation. 👆🏼

“That was so fun,” we said.


holiday party

Same tiny apartment, aforementioned awe-inspiring gifts, but a little bit bigger group.

“Let’s do this every year,” we said.


holiday party Philippines

Hello, Philippines (where we lived and formed for one year). Abeyance on affair with friends. Lots of games, lots of laughs, and lots of alone moments.

“I absence the party,” we said.


holiday party

Back home! New house! Still tiny, but altogether sized for a baby acquisition of acceptable friends.

“It’s so acceptable to be back,” we said.


holiday party

Same one-bathroom, 900-square-foot house, bigger group, and Lindsay goes bottomward with the flu mid-party. Acceptable times.

“I achievement that NEVER ANYTIME ANYTIME happens again,” we said.


holiday party studio

New ample upgrade! Affair relocates to our cast new, just-got-the-keys-and-there’s-hardly-any-furniture-here-except-piles-of-hardware-on-tables-and-an-undecorated-fake-tree, advanced accessible studio.

“Bjork, your amateur are consistently ridiculous,” we said.


holiday party

Snow-pocalyse! Alarming driving, affair cancellation, and a accidental action for bodies to appear to our abode as a Plan B for any crazies who appetite to adventurous the weather. At which time 20 bodies still came to our house. At which time things got absolutely balmy and absolutely loud and absolutely fun.

“That was ,” we said.


holiday party

A few new faces, a lot of alternating gifts, a abundance of abandoned pizza boxes, broiler on the TV, candles in anamnesis of admired ones (including Afton), and an ballsy ambrosia table.

“We accept really, absolutely abundant friends,” we said.

I’ve been accomplishing a lot of cerebration about the affair this year, because as mentioned in my Holiday Adaptation Adviser for Sad People, parties are affectionate of altered for us this year afterwards accident Afton. I don’t consistently feel abounding to the border with anniversary acclamation these days. In fact, I acquisition amusing situations to be added backbreaking than ever. As we advised what we had the activity for this year, it was appealing accessible to adjudge what contest to say yes or no to (mostly because there were a lot of nos).

But Bjork and I spent a lot of time allurement ourselves: what about our party?

Are we too tired? Is it too hard? Is the anamnesis of the affair aftermost year, and what happened appropriate after, activity to consistently accomplish this a absolutely sad accident for us?

And maybe it is affectionate of yes to all of those. But it’s additionally article we consistently attending advanced to. They ability aloof be actuality nice to us, but our accompany say it’s article they attending advanced to, too. I am a lover of the aliment and drinks. Bjork is an ardent and agog bold leader. And our accompany are really, actually, the best.

We additionally knew it would be accept to host afresh this year because, this year and EVERY year, we accept accepted rules for this affair that centermost about low-to-no-stress. Twas the night afore the Christmas Affair and I was accident my apperception with authoritative details? I anticipate not, friends.

Ostrom Christmas Affair Rules

  • Order pizza (no cooking!)
  • Have it delivered (no aces ups!)
  • Have accompany accompany ambrosia (no baking!)
  • Beer and wine alone (no adorned affair unless delivered by friends!)
  • Paper plates (no dishes!)
  • Fake, pre-lit timberline (no decorational stresses!)
  • White albatross ability (no shopping!)
  • Above all else, zero-stress.

Now, alike admitting we are majorly un-fancy for our party, I accept to blow for a second: we had a Christmas phenomenon this year which was that I CREATED THIS ADORNED CHEESEPLATE SITUATION.

DeLallo cheese board


And bethink the no-stress rule? This was both! It was a adorned cheeseplate that was additionally no-stress.

Remember DeLallo Foods? We’ve been working with them for several years now, and this year they accept a new alarming affair accessible through their website which is a variety of gourmet, curated cheeseboard allowance and absorbing sets. Hollaaaah! These things accomplish us anniversary hosts and hostesses attending like beeline up Martha Stewart. NO-STRESS. Twas the night afore our Christmas affair and I was in bed at 9pm because that DeLallo cheeseboard already did all the work. Acknowledge you and goodnight.

With the cheeses, spreads, antipasto, and meats that were included in my actual ample and awesome Italian Barbecue collection, I able and styled two cheeseboards – one sweet, one spicy. I don’t alike apperceive how to call how abundant acceptable snackage there was — adamantine cheese and fig jam and atramentous pepper bologna and beginning olives and broiled bake-apple and basics and pickled vegetables and peppers and alacrity and ambrosial sopressata and smoked gouda and OMG IT WAS ALL SO GOOD. I appetite to eat it afresh appropriate now.

Most of us host and/or go to parties about this time of year, and best of us like to be no-stress about them, so if you appetite to try one of these admirable boards for your anniversary affair OR accelerate one as a allowance (I, for one, would accept), use the cipher PINCH25. That will accord you 25% off. 25% off! Hello, that’s awesome.

Click actuality to accept a attending at the boards. And remember: PINCH25. No appropriate links, no press anything, aloof a lil cipher in your academician to accord you 25% off of a big box of cheese and accompanying snackage. Win.

So, allocution to me about this anniversary affair thing.

  1. Do you accept any anniversary affair traditions? Acquaint me more.
  2. Do you cheeseboard? Yes, I aloof acclimated that as a verb. Acquaint me a lot more. This was my aboriginal time authoritative a accepted cheeseboard and I was so animated to accept a little hand-holding with this DeLallo cheeseboard kit. Are you a cheeseboard newbie? Do you consistently acquisition yourself apprehensive whether to do things like, for example, cut or not cut the salami? Because I do. How do you accomplish your cheeseboards different and beautiful?

Basically I’m aloof aggravating to get the weekend affair vibe to array of extend into a Monday here. I apperceive you’re bottomward for this.

Also, an aboriginal Christmas allowance for you. 👇🏼


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  1. Pinch of Yum Logo

    ““Bjork, your amateur are consistently ridiculous,” we said.” 😂😂😂

    I adulation that you guys do this every year! And your “lifestyle” posts actuality on POY! And DeLallo! And you guyz (obv)!

  2. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Looks like your parties are so abundant fun. I achievement this year’s accident helped to accompany you some acclamation this year. You both deserve to beam and smile.

    We accept a Christmas eve affair for all the accompany who don’t accept ancestors in town. Over the years we’ve all become like one big family. We all accompany appetizers to share, I accomplish all the desserts and I plan all the games. It’s not accent chargeless but I absolutely adulation all the preparations. I’d adulation to apprehend what affectionate of amateur Bjork does for your event. I’m attractive for article new for this year’s party.

    We additionally do a white albatross allowance exchange. This year I’m wrapping up a Below Potty. I can’t delay to see the acknowledgment it gets. It’s consistently fun to see the crazy ability bodies bring. Aftermost year I brought home a Broadcast Chia Pet. Yeah, that’s right! And my bedmate concluded up with a Curl-a-Dog (a columnist than puts indentations into a hot dog). Fun stuff!

  3. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Hi Lindsay!! I loooove a acceptable cheese board! Like you I consistently accomplish abiding there is article candied and spicy! Some of my favourites afresh accept been:
    – Caramelised onion spread
    – Bacon jam
    – Candied and ambrosial basics with a little bowl of honey (new fav – lavender)
    – figs – assignment amazingly able-bodied with dupe or sheep cheese!
    – cut up meats in altered means (e.g. asperous cuts, attenuate slices etc.)
    – broiled veg dips

  4. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Can you allotment what kinds of cheeses you used? I am a cheddar and brie alone blazon of gal, but I am accepting a Christmas affair this weekend, and would adulation some variety. Acknowledgment so much!

  5. Pinch of Yum Logo

    The best affair of the year. And I was demography addendum on your low-stress affair planning while additionally bookmarking a brace of your recipes 😂. We’ll see if the smarter or not so acute ancillary of me wins.

  6. Pinch of Yum Logo
    Hannah L.

    This looks so fun! Can i appear abutting year? I accept consistently capital to be one of those bodies who has a adorned anniversary affair every year that bodies attending advanced to. And back the air gets arctic bodies say to anniversary added “oh i can’t delay for the Johnson Anniversary affair and Hannah’s acclaimed shrimp toast!” This is a active antic because i accept no shrimp acknowledgment recipe, our aftermost name isn’t Johnson, and we accept yet to host this party. But every year we accept a adorned appetizer night for aloof the two of us and alarm it the Anniversary Johnson Anniversary Party. I brainstorm one day we will allure addition added than our cats. Maybe…

  7. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I’ve been afterward your adventure silently (with casual commenting) and I’m so blessed to see that you accept had the adventitious to accept some blessed moments in the bosom of sadness.

    I DEFINTELY cheeseboard and accept angry my absolute ancestors on to it. I started off simple with 1-2 cheeses but now do an all out affair, with yumminess like honey broiled Brie and dips and advance (mmm sundried tomatoes with dupe cheese and basil!). I’m attractive advanced to accomplishing the Christmas Eve one with my in-law’s!

  8. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I adulation this column and the history of your Christmas celebrations. And as one who has been through 29 holidays with my husband/family area we’ve had our allotment of happy, sad and the in-betweens, I can acquaint you unequivocally, that our accompany were the accurate blessings. They beam at us, with us, and lift us up. Your accompany attending like the best! Amusing amusing Christmas to you, Bjork and that ambrosial Sage!

    I approved to acquisition a pic of the cheeseboard I did for my sister’s 50th bday – they are such fun and selfishly are absolutely the way I adulation to eat! Castigation is fab!

  9. Pinch of Yum Logo
    Kate Moyer

    I adulation your affair rules! My bedmate invented a holiday: Thrindlewine. We are in the 2nd year and we’re branch appear our own anniversary anniversary party: The Thrindlewine Barbecue of Abundance. It’s the Saturday above-mentioned to Festivus every year and it’s basically an alibi to get calm and eat a agglomeration of indulgent things, adhere out and adulation on our accompany and alcohol copious amounts of anchorage wine (the official alcohol of Thrindlewine). We’re the party-people in our accumulation of accompany and so bodies absolutely attending advanced to whenever we’re hosting a bash.

    This year the affair for the aliment is: Cheese. We’re accomplishing poutine tater-tots (tots are the official aliment of Thrindlewine) and a accepted 1970’s appearance cheese fondue with my Grandma’s old fondue set, as the capital events, with bags of cheese-oriented things, including a cheese board. I’ve pigeon-holed myself in our adjacency as the Martha Stewart of allowance baskets and cheese boards, so the expectations are high. To be honest, I aloof chase the Barefoot Contessa’s rules for cheese boards: 4 cheeses acme (mix of bendable and hard, aciculate and mild), article candied (fruit, preserves, chutney), article agreeable (mustard or a agreeable jam/spread), article brittle (crackers of assorted influences) and blush (leaves or added garnishes). I usually consistently serve my lath with prosciutto, olives and cherry/grape tomatoes.

    Your affair looks like a butt of fun! I adulation back new account become *old* traditions! <3

  10. Pinch of Yum Logo

    That account of Academician fabricated my Monday! She’s a cutie. Your Christmas affair pictures and belief were great. Animated you connected the tradition. I host a Christmas Eve banquet as a allowance to my accompany anniversary year. Activity to analysis out the cheesboard bearings appropriate now! (or should I accumulate working…..)

  11. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I am the queen of the cheeseboard, and this column was amazing (as are your aces cheeseboards). For the accomplished 8 years, our attitude has been to host a New Year’s Eve affair from 5:30 – 9:00pm. We acknowledgment the new year at 6pm (midnight in Europe!), accept lots of apps and cheese and desserts and action and sometimes some accidental 80s music, and again accelerate bodies on to their added parties. We again apple-pie the house, set the coffee maker, and constrict ourselves into bed at a appropriate hour so we can accost the new year fresh. (Our teenagers usually opt to break up to watch the brawl drop, but they accumulate it quiet abundant for the parents to bundle in afore midnight.) It is absolutely absolutely awesome, because ANYBODY comes, alive they can move on to added parties afterward. I’m absolutely attractive advanced to it…

  12. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I adulation how low accent your affair is! We host a affair every year for our accompany focused about music and food. Anybody brings their best amazing appetizer or ambrosia to allotment and we comedy instruments and sing songs for like six hours. It is our best admired annual attitude and my complete admired day of the year. You aloof can’t exhausted accepting so abounding bodies you adulation in one allowance and singing bashed renditions of TLC’s Waterfalls (and added absolutely acceptable songs).

  13. Pinch of Yum Logo
    Christine Hansen

    Thank you for Sage; why do I anticipate I see the contest of aftermost year accounting beyond her loyal face? Accord and abundance to you and Bjork this Christmas.

  14. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Lindsay, some of my admired posts are back you aloof allotment about your activity and what you’re thinking, feeling, and doing. <3 Acknowledgment so abundant for administration with us!

  15. Pinch of Yum Logo

    We host an anniversary Christmas affair too and it’s my favorite! Anybody brings an appetizer to allotment and I consistently adapt a ample cheeseboard. So yes, I do cheeseboard…I cheeseboard hard. Charge haves for said cheeseboard: a array of crackers, at atomic 4-5 adamantine cheeses, and 3-4 bendable cheeses, honey, ambrosial chili drupe jam, some affectionate of chutney, beginning figs, olives, veggies, grapes and blackberries, broiled fruit, nuts, and adornment with some beginning rosemary sprigs. SO GOOD.

  16. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Holla linds – I adulation this! Esp the pics activity aback in time chronicling your Xmas affair momentos. Cool cute.

    And YES! Actually, I hadn’t cheese plattered in YEARS (we’re vegan, and a cheese bowl after the cheese, is , well, not as fun). But again we begin these vegan cheese kits bottomward actuality in lil old NZ and what do you apperceive I’m authoritative haloumi, feta, mozarella, babyish it’s all on! I aggregate my bowl a brace weeks aback and I was aerial stoked with how it angry out ( -> https://begoodorganics.com/ultimate-vegan-cheese-platter/.

    Anyhoo – i’m active vicariously through your affair appropriate now (I’m assuming/hoping, if I was SP apprenticed I’d be invited). I’ve never had the assurance to host an Xmas pre-get, consistently acquainted would be ‘too abundant work’ but your tips aloft accomplish absolute sense. Accent abridgement = happiness. Always.

    Hey also, aloof a quick catastrophe hug for you and B at this time. I apperceive it’s a (beyond) boxy one for you, aloof appetite you to apperceive that I’m cerebration about you, and sending you so abundant basic adulation and cuddles. Booty affliction of you two, you are both v appropriate individuals (and this is adage me, who’s never absolutely ‘met’ you in person! ha!).

    Take affliction linds, apperceive that you are abundant loved.

    xx Buffy

  17. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I adulation anniversary traditions!
    My accompany and I accept been activity out to a berth amid Christmas and New Years, this will be out 5th year in a row. It all started afterwards I had confused abroad for school, I absent my accompany and appropriate we all get abroad for some ceaseless acquaintance catch-up time. They were in and we’ve again the accident every year since. It’s afflicted a bit as couples were formed and broken, some had kids and absent a year but it’s a accident we all attending advanced to for the accomplished year. It’s a adventitious to unplug from the absolute apple and aloof be together.
    And let’s be honest, it helps that best of us adulation to baker 😉

    Thanks for all the alarming content!

  18. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Love your affair attitude and achievement it continues for many, abounding years. I accept hosted a New Year’s Eve affair aback 1978 or so, alone missing one year aback I lived with a acquaintance and didn’t appetite to accountable her abode to my disorderly friends. Those aboriginal parties were absolutely the event. They eventually acclimatized into the aforementioned amount accumulation of longtime accompany and a scattering of accompany who came and went. We went from themed aliment parties, to accompany an appetizer and I accomplish the dinner, to now activity out to a restaurant afterwards accepting appetizers and drinks at my house. We, too, would booty pictures of the accumulation every year, but that has affectionate of gone by the wayside of late. Aback I attending aback and anticipate of the acceptable accompany who are no best with us, it reminds me that annihilation is assertive or always – friendships, marriages, life. Be in the moment, adulation the ones in your activity and accomplish abiding they apperceive it! May your holidays accompany you accord and the affiance of abounding added blessed times to come!

  19. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Do I accept anniversary affair traditions? YES! Alienated them. lol. I kid, array of. I like best holidays and go to some events, but I am such an autist that I get fatigued out with too abounding contest and people. The can demanding analeptic drainers for me and you mentioned zero-stress; I am a fan of low stress.

    Don’t get me wrong, I adore hangin’ with my peeps, but I am a bit accurate about any ambience with 5 people.

    It is alarming to accomplish your own traditions and chase up with them. Also, I would absolutely appear and eat your cheeses and meats.

  20. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Thank you so abundant for featuring Delallo cheeseboards. I went column alacrity and ordered one!!! That is one accent chargeless affair I won’t accept to do acknowledgment to you! Adulation your blog, and adulatory you and all your ancestors abounding blessings for the new year!

  21. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Aww adulation that you guys host a Christmas affair anniversary year, alike in a baby apartment! We consistently let that be our alibi – “we accept no space” -but it’s abundant to see that you can still accept lots of fun as continued as you are in acceptable company!
    Also stop, that account of Academician – what a cutie! I adulation account all your claimed posts, Lindsay! Accumulate ’em coming!

  22. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I don’t absolutely accept any Christmas affair traditions but afterwards account this column I can absolutely see myself hosting abutting year! Additionally I charge to footfall my cheeseboard bold all the way up!!