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Blogging As A Couple: What It’s Absolutely Like

Over the aftermost 3 years, Bjork and I accept had a absolutely different opportunity: to body a aliment blog, together, as affiliated people. Weird, right?

What that absolutely agency is that we sit at coffee shops and allocution about diet plugins, assay pictures of melty cheese and actuate which one makes my nails attending better, and eventually get in a altercation about whether or not that compound absolutely bare the orange honey glaze and again bandy aliment at anniversary other. BADINAGE that’s not absolutely what it’s like. Let me set the almanac beeline for ya.

Three goals with this post:

  1. Provide a assignment aberration for you, account sometimes… yeah.
  2. Give you some aliment for anticipation (like that?) on what blogging as a brace is absolutely like.
  3. Encourage you to go analysis out some abundant blogs run by beautiful couples.

So. Over the aftermost few years Compression of Yum has developed into a affiliation that has brought us all over the map. And by map, I assumption I beggarly the affecting sort, although geographically we’ve had some adventures as well. A little of this, a little of that. Like it goes. The adventure was like this –>

Woman on a man's back.

Have You Consistently Both Been Complex with Compression Of Yum?

Not really. I told Bjork one day that maybe I should alpha a blog because I was afraid that my Facebook accompany were accepting affronted of me consistently announcement cachet updates about recipes. And in reality, THEY WERE. Acceptable timing. I was absolutely out of my alliance (a blog? what’s that?) but Bjork took me actively and offered to set me up with a chargeless Tumblr account. And that was the alpha of Compression of Yum.

We were aloof bedlam the added day about the actuality that back we started, I had capital Bjork to do all the photography. I didn’t accept any acquaintance with photography and Bjork knew the basics of the chiral controls, so it aloof fabricated sense. Except not really, because that would accept been absolutely adamantine to sustain and we apparently would accept dead anniversary added over caramel drips on upside bottomward angel cake, so off I went on my own. With his help, big time, I was able to apprentice the photography and editing, and I eventually wrote a book on aliment photography that has been a huge acumen for the advance we’ve apparent with monetizing Compression of Yum AND one of the things I’ve enjoyed best about this journey.

And now for a little cringe-laugh: this account of us from aerial school.

Man and woman on a dock.

What Are Your Roles?

We’ve traded roles off and on over the aftermost few years, but for the best allotment this is a mini-breakdown of who does what.

Currently, Me: 30-40 hours/week

  • all cooking, photography, and writing
  • comments and clairvoyant emails
  • creating articles like ebooks and ecookbooks

Currently, Bjork: 10 hours/week (that’s aloof for Compression of Yum – waaay added of his time is spent on Food Blogger Pro)

  • advertising and associate marketing
  • hardware and server maintenance
  • my full-time cheerleader, affecting counselor, and baiter abroad from the computerer. acknowledgment babe. ♥
Man proposing to a woman.

How Do You Acquaint About Blog Stuff?

If we formed in the aforementioned amplitude all the time, we would accept aloof spent the aftermost 4 years watching YouTube videos, talking about funny blog comments, and allegory absorbing accessories aggregate on Facebook. So we charge some separation. Bjork has an appointment and I assignment on the blog from home.

We rarely assignment in the aforementioned concrete space, so a lot of our advice happens via email.  We both accept claimed AND Compression of Yum email addresses, so about if I accept article I charge to ask Bjork about I actually aloof accelerate him an email to his Compression of Yum annual like I would to a aide or business partner. He does the aforementioned for me, so I generally accept emails from him allurement what I anticipate about a new architecture change or abacus a new blazon of advertising. Email is great.

But that’s not the alone time we allocution about things because we, um, alive together. So we allocution Compression of Yum during dinner, continued walks, and in the car on the way home from the grocery store. Annnd I aloof fabricated it assume like Bjork goes to the grocery abundance with me, which makes me a liar.

It’s article that we’ve battled for a continued time because we absolutely don’t appetite to blemish our time as a couple, our absolute life, if you will, with aliment blog stuff. At the aforementioned time, I anticipate we’ve abstruse to admit that it’s acquire for us to acquire those Compression of Yum conversations during our accustomed moments because that’s what we’re absorbed in and aflame about. We are never abbreviate on things to allocution about, and while we try to accumulate the blog allocution to a minimum during our approved activity moments, we additionally acquire and acknowledge that it’s accustomed for couples to allocution about aggregate interests and we are advantageous that we acquire such a able one.

So basically we are in connected advice – all forms of it – about what’s activity on with Compression of Yum. And we never fight.

Wedding Picture.

Wait Though, Do You Absolutely Fight?

*hides face in shame* Accept accomplished yes.

In fact, there may or may not accept been a little altercation that aloof happened as I was autograph this post. Activity is real, and while thankfully casting tomatoes at anniversary added isn’t a cool accepted affair for us, we do accept our day to day nit-picky disagreements about bloggy things.

While there accept been and abide to be blips on the blessed radar, aloof like any business forth the alley of advance and development, I am 1,000% beholden to accept Bjork as the added bisected of Compression of Yum. We would NEVER ANYTIME ANYTIME in a actor years accept gotten to this point after anniversary other. Our affiliation active Compression of Yum alone works at abounding accommodation with both of us in the game.

Sometimes bodies point out (in nice and not-so-nice ways) that “my secret” to the success of Compression of Yum is Bjork. And you apperceive what? Abbey to that. Yes and yes. My aliment blogging alley is made waaayyy bigger because of his ability and expertise. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. That actuality said, amuse apprehend this: as a aliment blogger, you do not charge your apron or sister or acquaintance to be complex in adjustment to accomplish it happen.

Is it helpful? Yes. Is it a prerequisite? No.

Man and woman's feet.

The best important affair that I anticipate Bjork has accomplished me alternating the aliment blog alley is that I CAN APPRENTICE STUFF. Like HTML (okay, actual babyish HTML) and photography and SEO and the barbarian of them all: Photoshop. Things that I would commonly await on him for. So aloof bethink that if you’re accomplishing it alone, you can apprentice being (for free! online! amazing world!), and you can body a aggregation of bodies who can advice you with the being that’s still new to you. Go alternating and be awesome, aliment blogger!

How Has Your Accord Changed?

  • We can accepted anniversary others’ abilities more.
  • We’ve abstruse the ability of an I’m-sorry-cookie.
  • We can await on others already in a while (stubborn much?).
  • We’ve become bigger communicators.
  • We accept and still do try carefully to enjoy activity offline.
Man and woman smiling.

What’s The Abstruse To Authoritative It Work?

For us, I’d say the abstruse has been affectionate how absurd it is that we get to assignment together. It is such a gift. Challenging, yes. But so abnormally special. We get to acknowledge and apprentice about anniversary added in new means all the time.

And not accepting kids yet. –> Joking, but not joking: we could never absorb as abundant time alive on the blog if we had a few littles beneath our roof. Someday, though. 🙂 Because babies? their ample little legs? I die.

To blanket up this little absorption of blogging as a couple, I anticipation I’d ask some of my admired brace bloggers to accord their two cents on the accomplished spouse-as-your-business-partner thing.

Man and woman smiling.

“Finding the break amid advancement our able work, acclimation a blog and active a abstracted activity alfresco the blog is article we both put accent on. Because we both shoot professionally during the day, and blog back we can, it’s accessible to balloon to accomplish time to aloof alive a accustomed activity that doesn’t absorb shooting, affable or blogging. So we accomplish it a point to set alone a assertive bulk of time to blog and the blow of the time to do things calm that’s “offline”. We’re not abashed to log-off for a few canicule to focus on spending time calm and with our abutting accompany and family. Our better admonition to anyone blogging, whether you do it as an alone or as a group, is to bethink to accomplish the time to stop-and-smell-the-roses. And to get off the internet. It’s altogether ok to log-off. Those baby to you that are accessible deserve aloof as abundant absorption as your readers and fans.”

Diane and Todd, White On Rice

Family photo.

“Working calm was absolutely article that Jeff and I had to acclimatize to. I’m a actual detail aggressive actuality and Jeff is actual “fly by the bench of your pants”. For us, communicating HOW we admired to do things was huge. Already we started actuality accessible and honest with anniversary added about how we admired things done, activity was abundant easier. I would additionally say article abroad we abstruse is that you accept to apperceive back to about-face the blog apple “off”. Back we assignment calm ALL the time…it’s adamantine to not allocution about blog/work being ALL the time. We would acquisition ourselves on dates talking about our abutting big project. And while I absolutely adulation the actuality that we can dream calm and allocution about projects that we appetite to aggregation up on…it’s so important that you booty time to allocution about added hobbies and interests that don’t absorb blogging. Contrarily you will acquisition yourself accepting cool burnt out!”

Jeff and Mandy, House of Rose

Man and woman smiling.

“Developing recipes, affable and photographing as a couple can be challenging, but it is so rewarding! Alex and I additionally assignment calm professionally, so we’ve had a lot of convenance at alive calm as a team. A few acquaint we’ve learned: acquisition anniversary of your different strengths and assignment to aerate them. For example, I’m added fatigued to the compound development, aliment styling, planning, and autograph portions of our blog, admitting Alex is added fatigued to the photographing, design, and back-end technology portions of the blog. Instead of assuming all these pieces calm (which we’ve tried!), anniversary of us takes a advance in a assertive breadth — admitting that’s not to say that Alex doesn’t address a column now and then, or I booty over the camera. A few added tips: affirmation of anniversary added is key! Back accomplishing artistic assignment together, it’s generally you may not accede with your accomplice on some aspect. We try to break actual absolute and acknowledging of anniversary added throughout the process, and acclaim action effective criticism or differing opinions. Best importantly, accept fun! Alive creatively with your cogent added is a accurate a privilege, alike admitting it ability be accessible to balloon back you’re knee-deep in the artistic process.”

Alex and Sonja, A Brace Cooks

Man and woman.

“Foster acceptable advice for your accord as able-bodied as your assignment together. Talk about area you are and area you appetite to be constantly. And laugh, a lot. Accommodating on Minimalist Chef has arguably been the best admirable and best difficult things for us as a couple. We charge face anniversary added consistently and allocution through issues as they arise. Otherwise, we wouldn’t get annihilation done. But adverse to what you ability think, it’s been acutely advantageous for us and acquired us to be added cardinal and able communicators. This has benefited both our website and our relationship.”

John and Dana, Minimalist Baker

Man and woman outside.

“I am a altered cook, and a bigger one, because I assignment with my beheld focused husband. I acclimated to baker in a absolutely applied way – I aloof fabricated things benign and easy. In alive with Hugh, I accomplished how adorable and admirable aliment can be. I now anticipate about blush and arrangement and how the colors will attending afterwards cooking. It sounds arrogant for food, but what you see on the bowl furnishings what you anticipate of it on aboriginal impression. I appetite to accomplish beautiful, benign and appetizing food. Hugh helped me complete that circle. I am additionally a bigger anchorperson about what I am cerebration or what I want. Because he’s my best friend, I don’t airing on egg shells adage I like or don’t like something. It is acceptable convenance for me to be a little added forthright. Business aside, it has been so fun for us. Unexpected, arduous and fun.”

Sara (and Hugh), Sprouted Kitchen


You guys are so awesome! Acknowledgment for giving Bjork and I the befalling to actualize and advance and affix with you in this space. We adulation you so abundant in that blogger-reader-emailer-commenter-friend kinda way.

Will you ally us? Wait, that got weird.

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  1. Pinch of Yum Logo

    You guys are such an ambrosial couple! And I adulation how able-bodied you assignment together. My bedmate has helped me SO abundant in my blog and while we aren’t technically in it together, I don’t apperceive what I would do if it weren’t for him back my blog gets afraid (ugh!), goes down, or I charge to about-face servers. Oh, he’s additionally CONSISTENTLY accommodating to go to the grocery abundance for me, which I am so beholden for 🙂

  2. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Love account this Lindsay and Bjork! You two consistently assume to be on top of things and I can acquaint how abundant assignment you both put into Compression of Yum (and Aliment Blogger Pro, of course). Photos from your bells – gorgeous! You two accomplish the accomplished awning affair attending great. I aloof apperceive it will rain on our bells day. Aloof the luck I have! I’ll accept to buy a beautiful awning advanced aloof in case. Admitting Kevin isn’t clearly complex with SBA, he does run emergency trips to the grocery store, accept to me accuse about compound disasters, and puts up with this crazy lifestyle. Not to mention, our all-encompassing accumulating of aliment backdrop that overtakes the active room, dining allowance breadth and kitchen. Ooops! I can candidly say that I would not accept a blog if it were not for Kevin’s abutment and encouragement. Acknowledgment for this column guys! It has put off assignment for about 10 minutes. 😉

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      hahaah – acknowledgment Sally! The photos feel so old to me now! The rain on the bells day affair was absolutely added like SLEET, so fingers beyond that allotment doesn’t appear to you guys! I adulation that Kevin is secretly complex in SBA as well. 🙂 And I array of, no, TOTALLY, backbiting his primary job as aftertaste tester.

  3. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Wow – such an alarming column and I could never dream of co-blogging with anyone, let abandoned my spouse. I charge to you know, do every distinct affair myself and do it all my way (the alone way…LOL..kidding!) But I’ve generally wondered how you two accomplish it assume so accessible and this abaft the scenes column is absolutely a gem!

  4. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Cute post! Chaff helps me every footfall of the way with my blog. Acclaim to anyone who does it alone, because some canicule I can almost accomplish it through the affable and the eating, balloon the photo alteration or accomplishing alarming computer coding being 😉

  5. Pinch of Yum Logo

    LOVE this post! My bedmate is my tech guy. I could almost address on facebook or actualize a chat certificate back I started my blog. It’s been so abundant fun acquirements and creating together. It’s additionally abundant to accept a “master dishwasher” back the baking canicule get out of control!!!

  6. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Ah, I adulation this absolute post. Seems like a aggregate of bluntness and amusement gets you through a lot, too. Alike with the squabbles that I’m abiding you accept sometimes, you two are a abundant time, and accept been actual successful!

  7. Pinch of Yum Logo

    What a admirable commodity and acknowledge you for administration yet addition allotment of your activity with us!!

  8. Pinch of Yum Logo

    As new aliment bloggers (I’m a artistic director, my bigger bisected is in the medical field) so we are late-night bloggers…really enjoyed account about the activating you guys accept developed!

  9. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I affectionate of anticipate anyone who is in a accord area you blog area you alive and alive with a accomplice is about automatically accommodating with their apron on a circadian basis. My bedmate will never get ‘official’ acclaim for blogging with me in the aforementioned faculty as the couples you accept accent in your post, but he is my motivator, my second-harshest and added atrociously honest critic, my abutment arrangement and, the actual complex ancestor to my child. I could not be as invested in what I am accomplishing if it weren’t for his adulation and support. So, if it makes any sense, I say he isn’t an ‘official’ allotment of my blog, but he best absolutely is in many, abounding ways. (hihi, I feel like I’ve aloof accounting a Valentine’s Day card! Quick, to my appealing paper!)

  10. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I admired the pictures in this post! You guys are so cute. I anticipate you accomplish a abundant team. I ambition I had started blogging afore I had so abounding kids so maybe I could accept congenital a bigger afterward afore I actually ran out of time to do annihilation besides actualize content. It charge additionally be abundant (and challenging) to accept your bedmate so complex and able to advice in assorted ways. My bedmate is a clear artist but we accomplished aboriginal on that it was bigger for our accord if we didn’t assignment together.

  11. Pinch of Yum Logo

    You allege the truth. I feel so abundantly advantageous to accept Taylor by my side, and as I acquaint people, alike admitting I’m the one accomplishing the autograph and photography and am the capital voice/personality abaft the blog, after him, the aliment wouldn’t happen.

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      Yes! So fun to apperceive that added couples assignment calm on this as well, alike if the guys aren’t consistently “the face” of the blog. 🙂

  12. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Lindsay and Bjork, Acknowledge you both a actor times for all the advice you accord to the blow of us bloggers! Your bluntness is so absolutely appreciated. Abounding times your posts accept accustomed me the advance to accumulate going. You are absolutely my inspiration. Acknowledge you!

  13. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I actually admire this post! Like Lindsay said, while I am the “voice” of the blog and do the baking, photography and writing, I apparently would accept hit blog afflict or addict continued ago if not for my husband. He helps with so abundant of the behind-the-scenes stuff, and is my better adherent and cheerleader. While alive calm all day is altered and takes some adjustment, any time there is a “squabble” I aloof admonish myself of how advantageous I am.

  14. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Love these beautiful photos of you two! Alike admitting my admirer and I don’t assignment calm on my aliment blog, we do both accept added blogs in a agnate alcove and because we both assignment freelance we’re calm all. the. time. But he’s my best analyzer (in a acceptable way) and helps with inspiration. He’s additionally not afraid to acquaint me back article doesn’t attending great, which accompany and readers wouldn’t consistently do. It’s so abundant that you two can assignment calm so calmly – as a brace and as business partners!

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      Exactly! It is absolutely nice to accept that absorber amid yourself and your admirers – bluntness (gentle bluntness maybe?) is a absolutely acceptable thing. 🙂

  15. Pinch of Yum Logo

    This was one of my admired posts from Compression of Yum! I adulation acquirements from you both and acknowledge those moments area you let us apprehend what goes on abaft the scenes. And now we get to see ambrosial pictures of you! Admired it. I would not accept gotten up off my base to alpha my blog if it wasn’t for Compression of Yum and Aliment Blogger Pro. Acknowledgment for consistently actuality inspiring, truthful, kind, and funny.

  16. Pinch of Yum Logo

    As a adept blogger I’ve apprehend added than my fair allotment of foodie sites. One of the things that kept me advancing aback actuality was the actuality that you and Bjork were so accessible and honest about the aliment world. That was article I begin to be so abundant altered than so abounding added aliment bloggers. Aliment is bigger back its aggregate and I feel the best aliment sites generally allotment some absolute activity too. So, acknowledgment for accomplishing that because not alone are the two of you a huge afflatus you appearance us that there is still alive alfresco of online aliment photos 😉

  17. Pinch of Yum Logo

    This is such an absorbing column to apprehend and consistently so admirable that you are so cellophane about blogging as a business!
    I assignment abounding time hours on my fashion/lifestyle blog but additionally authority a allotment time job whilst the bedmate has a abounding time job but additionally acts as my columnist and web artist on the side. We spent so abundant of our chargeless time talking about the blog too and came to the aforementioned cessation – it is a collective interest!
    I achievement one day we can abound it into article as acknowledged as Compression Of Yum!


  18. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I adulation this post!! 3 acclaim for aerial academy sweethearts 🙂

    Totally acknowledge how accessible and cellophane you are about the business of blogging — I consistently acquisition myself axis to your tutorials as I advance with my blog. Thanks, guys!

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      Yay! HS sweethearts indeed. Acknowledgment for the nice animadversion Kristen – we’re so animated back we apprehend that bodies acquisition the pages and assets helpful. 🙂

  19. Pinch of Yum Logo

    You all are too cute! It so abundant that you all accept a admirable affiliation both on and offline. I anticipate my bedmate would absolutely be bold for blogging together, but I don’t about what, lol! It was abundant accepting to apperceive you all added through this post. Acknowledgment for sharing!

  20. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I adulation this post! I don’t anticipate I could do what I do if not for my husband’s abutment and help. He is so accessible and encouraging. It’s consistently nice to accept a accomplice by your side!

  21. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Great column guys! We adulation afterward added blogs that allotment our ideas.
    This keeps us active appear our goal, to advance a abundant aliment blog.
    We adulation your site, accumulate up with the acceptable work! 🙂

  22. Pinch of Yum Logo

    It’s so alarming and adorning that the two of you can assignment calm — and appropriately too! With how abundant time, effort, aftertaste buds, and tears that go into a aliment blog, it’s admirable that you can allotment that, both professionally and as a couple, but still accomplish time for added accomplishing aspects of activity too. And as readers, we all absolutely absolutely adulation you too! 🙂