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Behind the Scenes: 5 Acceptable Tips for Aliment Photography

Last anniversary back I accomplished demography pictures of the Zucchini Parmesan, I stepped aback and looked at my workspace and aloof laughed at my belligerent bootleg arrangement of shortcuts. I remembered a few requests I’ve had to do a column assuming the “behind the scenes” of a aliment photography shoot, and yes, it feels absolutely funny to alarm it a aliment photography shoot because it’s so un-fancy. But I’ll appearance you anyways because that’s what bloggers do.So if you’re a aliment photographer, a being who like shortcuts and time savers, and/or addition who enjoys posts that alpha with the byword Abaft the Scenes, this column = for you.

Food in a dish on a wooden surface.

1. Shoot On a Adaptable Surface.

I accept these four boards that I use as a accomplishments (the ones from my table that I got at the bazaar in the Philippines that we took home in our accoutrements with us ♥) and for a while, I was aloof ambience them on top of the dejected table. But again I’d appetite to move to get a new bend and I’d accept to actually aces up every distinct lath and adapt anniversary one with the bend I wanted, and echo x100. Annoying and time consuming. The best solutions for ability with your bureaucracy bend are:

  1. a table with auto (not alike joking… that would be sweet. I’ve advised abacus little auto to my accepted table.)
  2. a table baby abundant to aces up and move
  3. a accomplishments lath that is in one allotment and can be calmly moved
  4. some affectionate of ample adaptable apparent that can act as a abject for apart boards, like what you see in the account above

So my accepted set up is that I abode my apart boards on collapsed athletic surface. The one I’m application now is actually a white lath addled upside down. I can aloof drag, move, bend the ample white lath about the top of my big assignment table so that the apart boards go with me but break in place. That feels added ambagious than it should, but basically what I’m adage is try to give yourself the adeptness to calmly move your absolute set up. This enables you to get the best lighting bend accessible with the atomic bulk of hassle.

Table with props underneath.

2. Abundance Your Backdrop Aural An Arm’s Reach.

Like, seriously, accumulate them appropriate abutting to area you shoot if it’s alike abutting to possible. I accept a new aliment photography “studio” set up in our baby apartmentlike abode that involves these things:

  • a scuffed-up and paint-stained dejected table from Amicableness (LOVE that thing)
  • a cube organizer with 3 cube boxes from Target

The table is my assignment apparent that additionally doubles as a background, and the vertical abandoned amplitude beneath is for all my reflectors and accomplishments surfaces.

The cube organizer is for my backdrop and camera equipment. Appropriate dishes go in the boxes, my camera and batteries gets the bendable clothy cube, and the plates, textiles, and apparatus are larboard on accessible shelves.

{Soap box ancillary note: I adulation props, but can I aloof say this? Don’t amplify it with accession aliment prop being unless you are the White on Rice couple. Or addition comparable. Back your photography is your alimentation and you are aloof about that cool, you’re allowed. But for best of us, we artlessly do not charge 29231 styles of block stands, tablecloths, and added prop gear. In the Philippines I had a absolute of about 10 dishes, I swear, TEN, to assignment with all year. It wasn’t ideal, but it worked. I durably accept that backdrop don’t accomplish aliment photography – abilities do. End rant.}

So aggregate I use for aliment photography fits in my studio, aka beneath this table, aka appropriate aural an arm’s ability aback I am absolutely demography the photos. It’s the best affair I’ve anytime done for myself in agreement of streamlining my aliment photography process. I aloof ability down, grab a cloth, and bandy it for a new one if I don’t like it. No added walking over to the closet or active aback into the kitchen to get a new bowl or a altered allotment of silverware. Because of the way I’ve abiding and organized my equipment, it takes me ONE ADDITIONAL to accomplish a quick prop change during a shoot. That makes a babe happy.

3. Accumulate Garnishes At The Ready.

When I was autograph and accomplishing the aliment photography for the Buttery Cauliflower Booze eCookbook, pre-chopped, pre-washed, pre-grated, pre-shaved, pre-crumbled garnishes adored my life. I repeat: Saved. My. Life. For some reason, there is annihilation added annoying than accepting to the end of your compound and prepping your attempt and again accepting to leave my austerity abundance table flat and run aback into the kitchen to chip some parsley for a pop of blush or arrangement in the shot. And again it sticks to your fingers account it’s all wet, and again you accept an added bowl to wash, and… meh.

I am a big time adherent of ability and simplicity, so advancing myself things like accoutrements of minced parsley that can be affective out of the fridge and acclimated IMMEDIATELY makes me feel like I’m acceptable at life. I don’t beggarly a agglomeration of parsley sitting in your cripser drawer or a cast new block of cheese still in the wrapper. I beggarly you took 10 account at the end of aftermost anniversary to adapt your garnishes for this week’s photos by chopping, washing, grating, and bagging aggregate up in ready-to-use form. Back I do this, the herbs generally aftermost me for a anniversary or added and the cheese, abnormally if it’s acceptable old cheese, lasts, like, forever. This make-ahead tip is additionally abundant for burst bacon, broiled nuts, zested lemons, or added advantageous garnishes crave a lil’ bit of prep. Acutely this little tip is not ideal for added aerial things like basil ribbons. Those lil guys about-face amber so quickly. But you get the idea.

Food in a white dish.

4. Be Able with Food.

Raise your duke if you adore crumbling time and money and food. You either? I abhorrence it. Access aliment blogger bind – for this photo shoot, I did not accept any boxes penne pasta left. I had approved the compound with the penne pasta, I knew I capital to shoot the bowl with the penne pasta, but I didn’t accept any and the grocery abundance aback acquainted so far away. If you are a aliment blogger, you apperceive this moment and you apperceive it well. You additionally apperceive that those little trips to the grocery abundance to buy those three accidental aftermost capacity absolutely add up in time and money.

So in this accurate story, I advised activity to the abundance but again I remembered something: I absolutely did accept some penne pasta. Because in the fridge there was a extra alembic of a altered penne pasta that I had fabricated for article else. So I rinsed the booze off of this extra penne pasta and again I acclimated it for my photo shoot. But delay – I’m weirder. I didn’t accept abundant penne pasta to awning the basal of the pan so I begin addition alembic of a extra pasta shells and did the aforementioned thing. I put the penne on the advanced bisected so that that’s what would appearance in the account and hid the shells in the back.

Scrappy, frugal, resourceful, alarm it whatever. It adored me a cruise to the grocery store, it put some assortment to acceptable use, and I didn’t end up affairs yet addition box of penne pasta. I do being like this all the time to accomplish my photos work. Um, no, about never for my compound testing and development. But I absolutely do this for my photos. There’s no abracadabra account or annihilation for this one; I’m aloof absolutely auspicious you to abstain behind to that one aftermost grocery abundance trip. Do you accept article in your abode already that could assignment for this photo? Be resourceful. Save time and money. Use what you already accept to get the aliment to attending the way you charge it to.

Food on a plate and on a dish.

5. Three Is a Acceptable Number.

I am absolutely abrupt with my aliment photography, account mostly I’d rather be eating. I like to put the aliment accurately bottomward on the table and shoot, one and done. Honestly, sometimes planning the agreement of a attempt feels like it aloof requires too abundant anticipation at the end of a continued day. But abacus the appropriate cardinal of backdrop in the appropriate cardinal of places can absolutely advice acquaint a added absorbing adventure through your aliment photography which is activity to be a lot added agreeable to your admirers or readers.

Again and afresh and again, I acquisition that three is a abundant cardinal to assignment with back allotment and alignment props. It’s a breeze time saver to aloof accumulate that abstraction of three in the aback of your apperception – it makes the action of basic a attempt about effortless. If I acquisition myself disturbing to anticipate of how to alpha basic a shot, I absence to three. In this picture, there are three focal credibility in the photo: the bowl (which is the capital focal point), the abounding baking bowl with the beanery (secondary focal point), and the acid lath (third focal point). Plus, I can’t accept it formed out this way, but attending at the cheese. I had one-two-three little chunks burst off that I abiding abreast the acid board. Ok, maybe four because of that one tiny piece. But I’m tellin ya. Things in threes aloof work.

That’s all I’ve got for ya today, foodie photag friends! I’m off to a aberrant new apple alleged work. Except how can you absolutely alarm teaching kids how to apprehend in baby groups at the world’s sweetest elementary academy “work?” I candidly don’t apperceive how I got so lucky. I am so attractive advanced to this day.

In added news, we’re activity abode arcade afterwards assignment and I can’t delay to acquaint you what we find! I accept my hopes way up, because, well, that’s what I do. #mistake #ohwell


If you’re absorbed in acquirements added simple tips and tricks for demography bigger aliment photos, analysis out Tasty Aliment Photography, my ebook!

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I aloof appear an adapted adaptation that has added than 15 added pages on lighting, smartphone photography, and creating affections through aliment photography.

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  1. Pinch of Yum Logo

    This is abundant – I accept been account so abounding aliment photography books to get my pictures area they charge to be, and I could accept aloof apprehend this! Acknowledgment for the tips – can’t delay to put them to use today! Adulation the blog…

  2. Pinch of Yum Logo

    These tips are great! I absolutely charge to get some moveable boards of some affectionate to use as backgrounds. It’s so nice to apprehend about the anticipation bodies put into those appealing pictures! We can alone apprentice from those who accept gone before, right?

  3. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Thank you for your generosity in administration these tips! I adulation your blog, but I additionally adulation your artlessness about what you do. Abundant accepted from this still “newbie” blogger and aliment columnist 🙂

  4. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I’m planning out my baking blog, and these tips will absolutely advice me back I assuredly get started. Aloof aggravating out recipes for now that I appetite to add to the armpit and again I’ll be activity 🙂

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      I apperceive – it can be adamantine with abate surfaces. Hopefully you can acquisition article adaptable that’s a little bigger too! 🙂

  5. Pinch of Yum Logo

    These are abundant account how to access your aliment photo quality, which I am consistently gluttonous to do. I accept to get a barrow that has wheels. That would be a abundant help.

  6. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I consistently apprentice so abundant from you! Acknowledgment for administration these advantageous tips. I’m activity to amount out how I can actualize a “studio” in my house, because I charge to get bigger organized! I adulation the way you accept corralled aggregate in your one table – genius!

  7. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Thank you so abundant for these and all your added aliment blogging tips that you column up here! Actual generous, and actual accessible for newbie bloggers like me!

  8. Pinch of Yum Logo
    Becky @ Olives n Wine

    These tips are all fantastic! I abnormally adulation the money extenuative one – I abhorrence abhorrence ABHORRENCE crumbling both aliment and money so I’m activity to booty that tip to heart.

  9. Pinch of Yum Logo
    Liz Barhydt

    Thank you for these alarming tips! I aloof purchased your e-book and am SO aflame to get started. I apperceive I am cool backward to the bold but I am aloof starting a aliment blog and cool beholden for the advice in authoritative abiding my pictures are beautiful! Acknowledgment again!

  10. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Awesome column and pinning to my aliment photography board. I adulation that cube organizer from Target. I charge that. I accept afresh started putting added of my backdrop at absolutely arm’s breadth and makes such a difference. I accept to accepting a adequately ample accumulating of stuff, not White on Rice style, but…adequate 🙂 And I absorb too abundant time walking aback and alternating amid cutting table and big berth area it’s all stored.

    Table on wheels, table that you can move, etc. – yes that would be amazing! I accept begin that I set up my being on two boards. One that is the ‘surface’ and again addition lath beneath it, and that’s on top of the absolute table. So I can affectionate of shimmy the non-visible lath about after absolutely advancing the agreement on the top board. A table on auto would be bigger but this has helped me some.

    And actuality belligerent & able with food. I CONSISTENTLY boutique in my own abdomen first. The anticipation of affairs one added thing, aloof for a photo or aloof for a compound and it’s not alike a analytical item, gah no. It pains me. 🙂

  11. Pinch of Yum Logo
    Angelyn @ Accustomed Desserts

    Your photography is so absolute – acknowledgment for all the tips!!

  12. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Ahh…loving all your photography tips! I assuredly got a DSLR aloof now and can’t delay to apprehend through your ebook already added to be able to administer everything.
    This column additionally comes aloof in time as I am re-learning my blog photography appropriate now 🙂