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April Cartage and Assets Address – $25,496.19


Bjork actuality blockage in for our account cartage and assets report. For those that are new ‘round these parts, I’ll clue you in so you apperceive what’s activity on here.

Three years ago we started an agreement alleged The Aliment Blog Money Authoritative experiment. Any guesses as to what the agreement was about? 🙂

Right-o! We capital to see if it was accessible to actualize an assets from a aliment blog. Here’s a adduce from that First Assets Report:

“We anticipation it would be fun and maybe alike accessible if we gave anybody a bastard blink into the balance advancing from Compression of Yum. The plan is to column absolute balance already a month.”

We started out with absolute balance of $21.97. Not much, but it was something. And we knew that if we could accomplish $21 again we could apparently accomplish $42, and if we could accomplish $42 again we could apparently accomplish $84. Etc, etc…

We connected to do these letters anniversary ages as a way to (1) accumulate ourselves answerable to the affiance we fabricated in that aboriginal column and (2) accumulate ourselves answerable to continuing to advance the blog.

These posts accept been accessible to us because they advance us to acquisition means to improve, continuing with that agreement that we started over three years ago. Our achievement is that these letters are additionally accessible to you, whether it be for your blog, business, or non-profit.

Lindsay and I both accept that you (yes, you!) can do absolutely absurd things if you break focused and committed over a continued aeon of time. It doesn’t appear overnight, and it doesn’t appear in a week, but little by little, day by day, and ages by ages you’ll alpha to apprehension things building, you’ll alpha to improve, and you’ll alpha to see your berry of an abstraction activate to abound into article absolutely cool.

Let’s jump into the numbers.


A quick note: Some of the links beneath are associate links. All of the articles listed beneath are articles and casework we’ve acclimated before. If you accept any questions about any of the assets or costs you can leave a animadversion and I’ll do my best to reply.


Total Income: $32,036.37


Total Expenses: $6,540.18

Net Profit: $25,496.19

If you’re absorbed in acquirements added about some of the means that you can monetize a aliment blog, we animate you to download this chargeless ebook, “16 Means to Monetize Your Aliment Blog,” from our sister site, Food Blogger Pro!

a picture of the 16 Ways to Monetize Your Food Blog ebook from Food Blogger Pro and a note that says, 'free download from our friends at Food Blogger Pro'


RPM is an announcement metric that shows you how abundant acquirement your website earns for every 1,000 folio views. It’s a accessible metric because it allows you to see how able you are at monetizing your blog.

Below is the RPM that we had for Compression of Yum in the ages of March.

Blog RPM for April.

Traffic Totals

Below are some screenshots from Google Analytics. You can bang on these images to appearance a beyond size.

Traffic Overview

Google Analytics Traffic Overview for April.

Top Ten Cartage Sources

Google Analytics Top Ten Traffic Sources for April.

Mobile Vs. Desktop Vs. Tablet

Google Analytics Mobile vs Desktop vs Table for April
Takeaways for the Month

Ad Access with AdThrive

Bjork Ostrom

We’ve clearly started the action of handing over our ad administration to an ad optimizing aggregation alleged AdThrive, and we couldn’t be added aflame about it.

If you’ve been afterward forth with these assets letters you’ll bethink that there was a time back we advised affective abroad from ads completely. Afterwards talking about it in abyss abounding times over, we accomplished that we’d be giving ourselves a appealing cogent acquirement cut at a time back we hadn’t absolutely replaced the acquirement from ads. While we accept some account for how we can alpha to alter the assets from ads (more on that in approaching reports), we apprehend that ads are still a abiding assets beck for Compression of Yum for the time being.

So already that accommodation was made, I knew we bare to optimize our ad setup. I askance bottomward and added “ad optimization” to my agitation list.

And it sat there. And sat there. And sat there…

It was one of those agitation items that started to abound roots in my list. It about looked like it belonged there assuredly because I got so acclimated to seeing it sitting idly on my list. Apperceive what I mean? I run into those alarming agitation tasks from time to time, and I’ve accomplished that the best way to get them off my agitation account is to accompany in addition that can advice with it.

In short, I accomplished that if I was activity to analysis “ad optimization” off of my account again I bare to accompany addition on to advice with the process. We acquainted like the best fit for Compression of Yum would be AdThrive.

Ad Thrive.

So what’s the takeaway?

It depends on area you’re at with your blog. There are three levels back it comes to ad access for your blog, and it’s important that your ad access action isn’t too far advanced (or behind) the akin of your blog.

A quick note: These three levels are for blogs that accept aerial cartage potential. If you’re in a baby alcove with lower cartage (but a committed readership), you’ll appetite to focus on creating a artefact you can advertise instead of application ads. We accept a advance on Aliment Blogger Pro alleged Creating an E-book that would be a abundant abode to alpha to apprentice about creating and affairs a product. In general, creating and affairs your own artefact has added earning abeyant than ads.

Level 1: Accepting Started (0 – 100,000 Account Pageviews)

If you’re aloof accepting started with your blog you shouldn’t be absorption on optimizing your ads, you should be absorption on accepting your blog up and running, compassionate WordPress, convalescent your autograph or photography, and architecture your account of subscribers.

You should accept a Basal Ad Avalanche Bureaucracy setup, but I wouldn’t acclaim alive with added than two or three ad networks. You should accept a aerial advantageous ad arrangement appearance aboriginal and again canyon aback to a arrangement with a 100% ample rate.

Would it be accessible to actualize added assets from your blog by optimizing your ads at this level? For sure.

Would your time be bigger spent addition out how to aftermath the best accessible content? Assuredly yes.

Level 2: Starting To Bedrock It (100,000 – 500,000 Account Pageviews)

The 100,000 – 500,000 pageviews akin is back you should alpha to pay added absorption to ad optimization. Baby changes could potentially accept a abiding absolute appulse on the acquirement that you’re earning from your blog.

You should alpha to clue your ads added carefully and accomplish abiding that the higher-performing ad networks are assuming in your aboriginal tier. You’ll apparently appetite to accept three tiers in your ad stack, acceptation that you accept a aerial advantageous ad appearance first, again you accept a mid-level advantageous ad appearance second, and again a 100% ample ad appearance last.

At this level, you could alpha to anticipate about bringing an ad ops aggregation or alone on to your aggregation to advice with your ad optimization. If you adopt the DIY adjustment and you accept the time on your easily (haha), again you should alpha to brainwash yourself on ad servers. The best accepted is DoubleClick for Publishers, which is endemic by Google.

An ad server like DFP gives you added ascendancy of how ads are displayed on your blog and additionally gives you the adeptness to actualize antagonism with the ads that are actuality displayed on your blog, which we’ll allocution about in Akin 3.

Level 3: Blogging Biz (500,000 Account Pageviews)

500,000 pageviews a month. Awesome. You’re at the point area your blog is starting to abound into a solid and reliable business. At this point, the changes you accomplish with ad access accept the abeyant to actualize cogent increases in revenue.

You should accept DFP or addition ad server setup, and your ads should accept some akin of antagonism happening. Here’s what I beggarly by that:

You actualize your ad waterfall, and at every level, you acquaint DFP the CPM of that accustomed ad network. Google AdSense will appearance ads alone if it can pay you a college CPM.

It creates antagonism amid the ad networks and Google AdSense, which is absolutely acceptable for you. Actuality are a brace of situations that allegorize how this can absolutely appulse the acquirement you’re earning from your blog.

Situation One:

DFP: I accept Absolutely Alarming Ad Arrangement that pays $3 CPM. Can you exhausted a $3 CPM, AdSense?

AdSense: Yes, I can. I accept an ad that pays $3.50 CPM.

DFP: Great, I’ll appearance that instead of the ad from Absolutely Alarming Ad Network.

AdSense: Sounds good, here’s the ad.

Situation Two:

DFP: I accept Absolutely Alarming Ad Arrangement that pays $3 CPM. Can you exhausted a $3 CPM, AdSense?

AdSense: I can’t appropriate now, sorry.

DFP: That’s okay, I’ll appearance the ad from Absolutely Alarming Ad Network.

Situation Three:

DFP: I accept Absolutely Alarming Ad Arrangement that pays $3 CPM, but it’s not bushing with any ads appropriate now, so I’m activity to canyon aback to the Air-conditioned Air-conditioned Ad Arrangement that pays $2 CPM. Can you exhausted a $2 CPM AdSense?

AdSense: Yes, I can. I accept an ad that pays $2.25 CPM.

DFP: Great, I’ll appearance that instead of the ad from Absolutely Alarming Ad Network.

AdSense: Sounds good, here’s the ad.

What Akin Is Compression Of Yum?

Traffic wise, Compression of Yum has been at Akin 3 for absolutely some time, but we’ve consistently been at Akin 2 back it comes to ad optimization. We’ll be spending the abutting few weeks alive with AdThrive to alteration Compression of Yum to Akin 3.

We plan to abide to accumulate a abutting eye on how things advance so, in turn, we can abide to acquaint what’s alive (and what’s not) actuality on these account reports.

If you’re absorbed in acquirements added about this ad access stuff, I’d advance you analysis out an e-book I recommended in Advance 2014’s assets address alleged How to Monetize Your Aliment Blog.

Speaking of…

How To Monetize Your Aliment Blog E-Book and Compression Of Yum

Some of you ability bethink back Kiersten Frase from Oh My Veggies fabricated a bedfellow actualization on the March assets report to allotment some tips for monetizing a aliment blog and advance her appropriately called e-book, How to Monetize Your Aliment Blog.

I had apprehend the e-book and admired that it was abounding of simple, powerful, and actionable advice. It’s a absolute e-book for what I declared beforehand as Akin 1 and Akin 2 bloggers.

A lot has afflicted (all acceptable things!) for Kiersten lately, which resulted in her advancing to us and allurement if we’d be absorbed in demography things over the e-book. We said yes!

I’m activity to canyon it off to Kiersten who is activity to allotment a bit more.

Kiersten Frase from Oh My Veggies

About a year ago, I popped in to allocution a little about my e-book and how I monetized Oh My Veggies. And now I’m back! The accomplished year has been a cyclone for me alone (moving cross-country, renovating a house, accepting a baby—yikes!) and professionally. Area do I start?

Last fall, I fabricated the accommodation to advertise Oh My Veggies. It was article I had been gearing up for a while and back I begin out I was pregnant, the timing seemed right. Afterwards a lot of discussions with abeyant buyers and acutely amaranthine arrangement negotiations, the auction bankrupt at the end of February. I wrote about all of this in a little added detail, but the abbreviate adaptation is that I’m still alive on Oh My Veggies part-time as an editor, but marketing, managing ads, and the business ancillary of things are all off my bowl now.

Which is why I’m actuality today! Back I’m no best complex in the monetization of Oh My Veggies, I started to apprehend that I wasn’t absolutely adequate affairs the How to Monetize Your Aliment Blog e-book anymore. I get questions about the book and blog monetization consistently and because agenda announcement changes so quickly, it’s adamantine for me to accord authentic answers. Aloof as the time was appropriate for me to advertise Oh My Veggies, I accomplished that it was time for me to move on from the accomplished aliment blog monetization advice-giver affair I had activity too; I don’t accept all the answers and alike if I did, I’m absorption on my ancestors and career appropriate now and abacus my absorption by abacus a third affair to the mix aloof wasn’t alive out.

When I fabricated this decision, I didn’t appetite to aloof draw the e-book from my armpit and alarm it a day, so I asked Bjork and Lindsay if they’d be absorbed in demography it over for me. I knew that if anyone could advance it, add added amount to it, and get it out there to the aliment blogging world, it was them. (In fact, abundant of the e-book’s success is due to Compression of Yum’s support.) And luckily, they agreed! I can’t brainstorm anyone added absolute to administer this e-book and I’m aflame to see area they booty it—because let’s be real, they apperceive their being back it comes to the business ancillary of aliment blogging.

Pinterest: The After-effects Are In!

Lindsay Ostrom

Back in January, I alien a new activity accompanying to Pinterest angel appearance and engagement. I kept seeing these continued pins on Pinterest, but I capital to apperceive FOR ABIDING – is authoritative these added images account my time? Are these continued collage-style pins absolutely any added able than acceptable “short” images?

Long Pinterest Images.

We created an agreement that would advice us acknowledgment these questions. Here’s a breakdown of what we did.

  1. January 2015: We articular the top 100 recipes from Compression of Yum and created a continued collage-style pin for anniversary of those posts.
  2. January, February, Advance 2015: We appointed a continued pin AND a abbreviate pin for anniversary of those top 100 recipes. We affianced anniversary appearance already on assorted boards on the Compression of Yum Pinterest annual to see which would accomplish better.
  3. March, April 2015: We analyzed the achievement of anniversary of those pins application TailWind (a Pinterest scheduling apparatus with abundant analytics) and compared the continued pin achievement with the abbreviate pin performance, with the achievement of award out which appearance was repinned added frequently.
  4. April 2015: We analyzed the achievement of a accidental accumulation of continued and abbreviate pins from assorted accepted aliment accounts on Pinterest. We did this to get abstracts from alfresco of the Compression of Yum afterward AND to get added cogent numbers back best of those aliment accounts accept a abundant beyond afterward than we do.

The aboriginal time I appear aback (in the February assets report) with basic allegation from a baby sample accumulation in February, we had begin that the continued pins got added repins 87% of the time, and on average, the continued pins got 37% added repins than the abbreviate pins.

So now it’s May.

Have the aforementioned after-effects captivated accurate as we’ve looked at added pins beyond added Pinterest aliment accounts?

Short answer: yes. Actual big yes.

  • Pinterest Account: Compression of Yum
  • Total Followers: 40,000
  • Pinterest Boards: all
  • Pin Sample Size: 200
  • Average: Continued pins accustomed 25% added repins than abbreviate images.
  • Pinterest Account: SkinnyTaste
  • Total Followers: 700,000
  • Pinterest Board: Best Accessible Recipes
  • Pin Sample Size: 100
  • Average: Continued pins accustomed 64% added repins than abbreviate images.
  • Pinterest Account: Jane Wang
  • Total Followers: 8,000,000
  • Pinterest Board: Delicious
  • Pin Sample Size: 100
  • Average: Continued pins accustomed 118% added repins than abbreviate images.
  • Pinterest Account: Abuse Delicious
  • Total Followers: 200,000
  • Pinterest Board: Accessible Recipes
  • Pin Sample Size: 100
  • Average: Continued pins accustomed 71% added repins than abbreviate images.

So let’s boilerplate all those out. Looking at 500 continued and abbreviate pins on four different Pinterest accounts… 

Long Pins Accustomed 70% Added Repins Than Abbreviate Pins.

My aperture is actually hitting the attic as I address that.

I’m really, absolutely animated we took time to assay the added college cartage Pinterest boards because this is cool admired advice that absolutely afflicted our abstracts (mine was 25% added repins for continued images – endemic averaged us out to 70%). However, there are a few things to accede with this action and how we set up our experiment.

  • When we analyzed the pins from the college cartage boards, we DID NOT abstract pin appearance as the alone variable. Altered recipes were actuality compared to anniversary added (for example, we’d almanac the continued pin abstracts for Crockpot Carnitas and abbreviate pin abstracts for Broiled Cheese) – not to acknowledgment we were comparing agreeable from altered contributors on accumulation boards. It was a actual accidental sampling area repin numbers could accept been impacted by abounding altered factors.
  • When we analyzed the pins on Compression of Yum, we DID abstract pin appearance as the alone variable. And that’s area we saw far beneath cogent after-effects from the continued pin style. For example, we compared a continued pin of Crockpot Carnitas to a abbreviate pin of Crockpot Carnitas.
  • When we analyzed the pins on Compression of Yum, we did pin all of these pins to altered boards, so that is potentially article that could accept been a agency in our after-effects (but absurd back best boards accept the aforementioned cardinal of followers).

Okay, so basal line.

I’m a bottom-line affectionate of babe and this column is accepting continued and boring. Aloof accord me the accordant info, right? Actuality are some final takeaways.

(Keep in apperception that these 7 statements are based on me synthesizing the after-effects of this academic experiment, acknowledgment from breezy clairvoyant surveys, and my own claimed experience!)

  1. Long pins are more effective at accepting repinned on Pinterest.
  2. Long pins can be a abundant way to create a branded look and feel.
  3. Long pins are more acceptable to angle out and grab a user’s absorption in the augment and in chase results.
  4. On the added hand, continued pins are generally appear by readers to be annoying and difficult to consume on mobile.
  5. Also, Pinterest is consistently alteration and we don’t consistently apperceive what’s coming. Continued pins may not be advantageous anymore if and back Pinterest makes its abutting algorithm or affectation change.
  6. Long pins take extra work to create and they don’t consistently attending acceptable back put in posts.
  7. Long pins are not abracadabra Pinterest fairies. There were affluence of occasions that we would acquisition abbreviate pins accepting bags of repins and continued pins accepting around none because VALUABLE AGREEABLE WINS.

You guys, what a ride. If annihilation throughout these aftermost few months, I’ve abstruse these things: that Abby (our intern) is incredible, that Pinterest is a barbarian that is absolutely adamantine to study, and that bodies on Pinterest are attractive for good, accessible stuff.

So let’s go actualize good, accessible stuff! And accept a above bite while we’re at it.

And that brings us to the End of The Pinterest Novel. Tadahhh!

Food Blogger Pro Update

Bjork Ostrom

It’s been a while back we’ve adapted anybody on Aliment Blogger Pro. It’s not technically allotment of Compression of Yum (hence our acumen for not including it in these reports), but it’s a absolutely important allotment of what we do and Lindsay and I both absorb absolutely a bit of time alive on it.

Here are a few quick updates and some highlights of things we’re alive on:

  • Food Blogger Pro is currently sitting at 957 members. 678 account and 279 annual members.
  • We’ve chip with Intercom, which will acquiesce us to alpha to action added alone messaging to associates (and non-members).
  • We’re starting to appoint on some awesome aggregation members. You can chase forth and apprentice added about the association we’re hiring on the FBP blog to apprentice added about that.
  • We accept a abundant band up of courses queued up for May and June. The best afresh appear advance is alleged Composition for Aliment Photography on Aliment Blogger Pro.

Quick Reminder: If you’re absorbed in signing up for Aliment Blogger Pro accomplish abiding you do so afore May 22nd so you can get your chargeless download of How to Monetize Your Aliment and the DIY Media Kit.

Beyond the Blog

Three a Day

Lindsay Ostrom

One convenance I’ve been accomplishing every morning for a while now is recording these three things: three things I’m beholden for, three bodies I appetite to adjure for, and three things I’m absolution go of. So I assumption it could be Nine a Day, if you’re acceptable at math, but whatever, Smartie.

This convenance is so admired for me because it armament me to apathetic bottomward and absolutely booty an alive role in gluttonous and creating some of the things that I accumulate adage I appetite added of in my life: gratitude, love, and peace.


Okay but seriously.

Even admitting it’s so simple and obvious, it’s been the best way for me to booty authority of my consistently abnormality apperception and array of force it, er, added like nudge it, into the appropriate places anniversary morning. Because starting your day with your apperception in the appropriate abode is everything, right? And to be honest, I’m usually cerebration about amusing media, posts, emails, and aggregate abroad meh if I don’t adviser my apperception to these bigger places.

Never belittle the ability of autograph things down! Three a day. Try it.

Also, PS. I accept this beautiful anthology (gold and white polka dots! acknowledge you, Home Goods), which helps the account x100.

Life Plan Afore Business Plan

Street Smarts

I aloof accomplished account the book Street Smarts.

One of my admired concepts from the book was “life plan afore business plan”. The abstraction is that you should put calm a activity plan and again anatomy your business plan about that. Oftentimes we accept absolutely bright account of what we appetite from a business, but we don’t absolutely anticipate about what that agency for our life.

It affected me to ask myself: “Why did you set that business goal, and why does it absolutely matter?”

Sometimes I had a bright answer, but added times I accomplished I had set a appetite for the account of ambience a goal, and I accomplished that my appetite to ability a assertive appetite was confusing me from things that absolutely matter. Activity things.

Don’t get me amiss – you accept to assignment absolutely adamantine to body a acknowledged business (whether it be a blog, non-profit, or brick and adhesive store). This is abnormally accurate back you’re aboriginal accepting started. But it’s accessible to lose yourself in the process. Anon the alone affair you’re cerebration about is the business plan, not your activity plan.

The basal line: Be acquainted of the goals you’re ambience with your blog or business, and accomplish abiding that they adjust with your activity plans. Activity plan afore business plan.

Because Of You

Lindsay Ostrom

It’s because of you that this affair we alarm Compression of Yum can abide as it does today. Acknowledge you so abundant for authoritative these recipes, abrogation comments with your adulation and feedback, and administration this aliment about the table with your families and friends.

Every ages we use a allocation of the assets from the blog to abutment a special activity at The Children’s Apartment of Cebu. This ages we’re acknowledging CSC by altruistic to CSC’s summer activities fund. Summer breach in the Philippines goes from mid-April to aboriginal June, back the hot division bliss in. Anniversary summer the earlier accouchement get the befalling to baddest an activity, like badminton, swimming, or guitar, for their time off school.

Children playing games outside.

Thanks so abundant for afterward forth with Compression of Yum. We absolutely appreciate you.

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  1. Pinch of Yum Logo

    So abundant abundant advice in this one! I’m absorbed to apprehend how you like AdThrive. And, it was abundant to apprehend the after-effects of the Pinterest agreement (Pinterexperiment?). I anticipate I ability accord continued pins a try!

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      Yes! And to clarify, we counted any array of collage angel in that stat, so it doesn’t aloof accept to be the two tiered version. 🙂

  2. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I adulation these letters – they’re like a blink into the awesome, funny and cool acknowledged POY family! Acknowledgment for announcement so candidly and accouterment SO abundant value! I attending advanced to acquirements added from you.

  3. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Well one affair I am absolutely beholden for today is this admired advice that Pinchofyum shares anniversary month. Lindsay, Bjork, acknowledge you so abundant for administration this, it’s absolutely so accessible (even if I’m boilerplate abutting to akin 2, even!).

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      Thanks Sam! Absolutely fun to apprehend that – and accumulate on befitting on! Akin 1 is still so abundant fun… additional so abounding milestones ahead!

  4. Pinch of Yum Logo


    With the daisy alternation or Ad avalanche strategy, what do you do to action the balloon that occurs on amount time for the site?

    Do you accept a ambition amount time in adjustment to accumulate the user acquaintance high?

    It ability be my blog setup, but I noticed that back I had 4 ad slots on my blog home folio that I had article like 400 server calls. Back I took all the ads off my server calls were alone 36. So my armpit went from loading from 8 abnormal to beneath than a additional in best cases.

    The set up was 2 adsense units and 2 SOVRN units. One of the SOVRN units was a video ad with a passback to adsense if SOVRN couldn’t ample it with a video or banderole ad.

    However afterwards testing I was not actual blessed with the amount time. So for now I took the home folio bottomward to one ad. And anniversary blog column has three (only adsense at the moment).



    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      Great ascertainment Dominic. Yeah – the amount acceleration being is a huge affliction with ads. We haven’t absolutely begin a abundant way to action that yet. :/ We’ll be abiding to let association apperceive if we do!


  5. Pinch of Yum Logo

    These posts are amazing! Back I aboriginal begin them about 2 months ago I was announcement sporadically and accepting maybe 2 admirers a day, but these assets address accept aggressive me! Back again I’ve apprehend through every distinct one, demography your tips and applying them to my armpit and putting added accomplishment into my pictures and armpit architecture and announcement on a schedule. Now I’m up to amid 20 and 100 readers a day! You guys are amazing, the both of you, and I aloof capital to acknowledge you for these posts, you’re my better inspiration!

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      I adulation this Tori! I actually bethink the exact day that I aboriginal got 100 visitors from FoodGawker. I was SO EXCITED. 🙂 Acceptable times ahead!

  6. Pinch of Yum Logo

    How do you actualize continued pinterest images that articulation to your column if those exact images are not already on your post?

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      Hi Dahn! We upload them anon to ViralTag (you can additionally do this on Pinterest) as alone pins and put the URL administering aback to the accordant post.

      We additionally bury the images in the column from time to time and “hide” them application a allotment of HTML code.

      There are additionally plugins that accredit you to bury “hidden” images as well. I anticipate Jaden and Scott of Mild Kitchen accept one that you can buy or download.

  7. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I’ve been application Adthrive for about a ages now and am absolutely digging their method, openness, help, and reports. Plus, I’m authoritative added money with actual little added assignment so… YES.

  8. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Bjork/Lindsay, it’s amazing how I apprentice so abounding new things from every distinct assets report! Never heard of AdThrive afore – acquisitive I’ll breach the 100,000 account pageviews in a few months so I can focus on ad optimization!

    p.s. so animated that you guys will be in allegation to the how to monetize your aliment blog ebook – I anticipate Kiersten fabricated the appropriate best is handing it over to you guys!! Can’t anticipate of anyone bigger to do it!

    Thanks so abundant already afresh for all your tips

  9. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I love, ADULATION account these assets reports. My blog is new (Level 1), but I abide to be so aggressive by these posts and hopeful that it will anytime become a akin 2, or alike 3! You guys accept additionally aggressive me to address my aboriginal assets column as well- You’ve been such a abundant advice to me and endless added bloggers, and I capital to pay it forward, abnormally for added Akin 1-ers 🙂 I was able to accomplish over $1000 in the aboriginal division of this year! Yay! https://www.bowlofdelicious.com/first-quarterly-food-blog-income-report-how-i-made-1000-in-three-months/

  10. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I am so animated that I am bent up on these assets reports. Aback I apparent them I went through and apprehend every one and it absolutely took me awhile. Additionally admitting I am sad because I am bent up on them because aback I was account them it acquainted like there was so abundant advice and I had all kinds of BEWITCHED GOALS to strive for. I am still alive on them, but I acquisition myself accident beef sometimes bc I don’t accept that connected push. Maybe I’ll go aback and apprehend them afresh haha. Or accompany Aliment Blogger Pro!

    Anyway, acknowledgment so abundant for these. They are so accessible and I started autograph them myself aftermost month. Accumulate up the abundant assignment guys!

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      Haha – the bewitched goals fabricated me laugh. 🙂 I get it, for sure. We’d adulation to accept you on FBP, Erin!! 🙂

    2. Pinch of Yum Logo

      I’m a bit ashamed to anticipate about the things I ability accept said three years ago!

      So fun to see you on FBP. 🙂

  11. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Abby and I adulation AdThrive! Aftermost summer I was tasked with ambience up DFP to administer our ads. A ages after with no advance fabricated we contacted AdThrive. I couldn’t be happier with our decision. I absolutely anticipate it will chargeless up a lot of time for you Bjork.

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      Awesome. Absolutely blessed to apprehend that Donnie.

      BTW – You guys are crushing it! Accumulate up the acceptable assignment over there.

  12. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Dear Bjork,

    I absolutely like your posts and its were best admired assets on my blogging beginning.

    I accept one question. About 65% of my blog cartage was from adaptable visitors but 60% balance are from desktop. I artlessly haven’t accomplished how to monetize my adaptable cartage yet. Do you accept any advice?

    Thanks & All the best


    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      If you are with adthrive they action a adaptable ad set up. I’ve additionally heard Padsquad is one to attending into. Achievement that helps you a bit. 🙂

    2. Pinch of Yum Logo

      Hi Vera! Adaptable announcement is absolutely catchy because usually the acceptable ads get pushed to the basal of the adaptable armpit area they don’t get beheld and you don’t get paid. Sad face. We struggled with that for a continued time, as added and added cartage is now advancing from mobile, and our plan is to get started with AdThrive’s adaptable arrangement ASAP.

      1. Pinch of Yum Logo

        Dear Lindsey,

        thank you for the answer! I’ve not advised AdTrive yet but I anticipate I’ll apprehend added about this service.

        All the best


  13. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Since you’ve hit on ads, I was apprehensive area you are agreement your ads exactly? I’ve alone been afterward a abbreviate time, and I can’t anamnesis anytime acquainted any ads on this site.

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      WHAT! That’s awesome. 🙂 There are absolutely ads actuality – I’m so animated you’re not acquainted them. Bjork will get aback to you – he knows added about our ad placements than I do.

    2. Pinch of Yum Logo

      Hey Derek – to appointment on an iPad or adaptable device? That’s apparently why you don’t see them. We’re authoritative some changes anon so you’ll apparently end acquainted them added often.

  14. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I confused to adthrive 3 months ago and accept acquainted a huge relief. I had a acceptable avalanche set up afore acknowledgment to a acceptable acute friend, but I absolutely didn’t accept a thing. So application beneath academician amplitude to amount out ads is a actual acceptable – and assisting – thing.
    Love picturing the accouchement with their summer activities, acknowledge you for continuing to abutment them in the way you do. And for continuing to allotment your knowledge! You consistently actuate me 🙂

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      I’m so animated to apprehend that about AdThive, Aggie! I accede 100% – time to accord up that academician amplitude and canyon it on to addition else. Acknowledgment for the candied words!

  15. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Oh! And I forgot to acknowledgment the capital acumen for my comment….Lindsay, your 3 things! Adulation this simple able way to alpha the day. I accept a anthology cat-and-mouse for aloof this 🙂

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      Wow. That aloof fabricated my day. I achievement you acquisition that convenance as alarming and absorption as I do! I’m starting to alike attending advanced to it every morning. 🙂

  16. Pinch of Yum Logo

    have you guys approved the hidding the collage aural the HTML yet? I apperceive a lot of bodies are accomplishing it for pinterest. Abuse Adorable does. But i can’t assume to get my cipher to assignment in wordpress back the update.

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      Yes! We are. But every time I try to address the cipher in a comment, it won’t appearance (I anticipate because it’s a affectation none code.. lol).

      If you email me, I’ll accelerate you the atom we’re using.

  17. Pinch of Yum Logo

    You guys are SO alarming for administration all of this admired advice with ambitious aliment bloggers like me! You are the “Pat Flynn’s” of the aliment blogossphere! Wising you the ultimate in connected success 🙂

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      I charge that admonition taped on my forehead or something. It’s so accessible to balloon but so important to break present to absolute life. 🙂

  18. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I aloof started with AdThrive and I am aflame to see area it takes me. I didn’t accept any waterfalls set up….not alike a babbling brook! There was a abbreviate delay account to get on, about a month. I would brainstorm afterwards Bjorks post, that the delay account is growing. AdThrive may be hiring 🙂
    Tons of abundant advice as usual. Acknowledge you for sharing!!!!

  19. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Hey guys! Lots of agitative being actuality 🙂 It’s absorbing that you begin that continued collage pins got added repins than alone photos – but I’m apprehensive whether you can acquaint whether that led to added clickthroughs or not? I’ve heard from added bodies (purely anecdotally) that best images get added repins, but that it doesn’t absolutely advance to any added cartage – which is ultimately what we’re all after! Any thoughts?

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      That is absolutely interesting! I accept no abstraction – we didn’t assay those pins for clicks at all. I would accept college repins are activated with college bang throughs, but I’ll booty a attending at our top 100 pins with the allusive continued and abbreviate pins to see if we apprehension a aberration in clickthrough. I’ll try to bastard that into abutting month’s assets report. 🙂

  20. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Thank you guys for yet addition cool accessible report! I’m wondering, does your RPM alone includes your ad acquirement or all the added sources as well?
    I’m in the akin 2, aggravating to bedrock it but not absolutely there yet haha. I begin ad optimizing cool absorbing (I anticipate there’s a beatnik ambuscade central me) but absolutely not accessible and actual time consuming. But I assumption it’s absolutely account it because in aloof a few weeks I can already see the results. Anyway! What ad arrangement do you guys use for your Bank 1? Is it Chicken Hammer? Acknowledge you!!

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      Hey Marie – it includes everything. Our bank one is altered depending on the ad unit, but YHM, sovrn, and ZipList all accept spots at cardinal one throughout.